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One of the many, many things that 54 never got into was what really happened to the Yeerks at the end of the war.
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So that's my take on what happens after the war ends and I've yet to find someone who agrees with it but that's okay. I'm used to having strange opinions.

Other thoughts on the future of the Yeerks?
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I know it's been a lot of weeks by now, but I'm going to throw out the Orff anyway
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I'm sorry I went MIA for like three weeks now...it was half being sick and half not remembering where I was at. What species aside from humans haven't been done yet? Did I do the Orff?
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I think I'll also do Humans before this is over...when I type in the subject box, the list of what I've done pops up, and I don't see them. Anyway...

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I thought I did the Helmacrons, but I could have thought wrong. Thanks for the list, I appreciate it :) And since someone wants Anati, we'll do them. Probably also throw the Nartec in there in addition to the others, much as I am unimpressed with that book.
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I think I have about 3 more of these. Garatrons, Howlers, Mercora/Nesk...I forget, do we know much about the Kelbrids?
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Sorry, Ive been shopping all day, and my brain's too tired to come up with some decent questions...gotta go sleep.


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