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Recently I've been thinking about those two.
Their relationship was a bit underdevelopled, wasn't it? They did have some funny scenes together, but did they have serious moments together too? I can't quite figure out what to make of their relationship. Did they see each other merely as comrade-in-arms or would you say they did become real friends over time?

And do you have any favourite Marco/Tobias moments?

One of my favs is in The Absolute when they steal the tank together. That was hilarious. So, yeah, that was funny, but not really deep. Why can't I remember any deep and serious moments between those two?
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"An Andalite may think that humans are simple, open, trusting creatures. But they are more subtle than they seem to be at first. Possibly this is because of their spoken language, where no one word ever means just one thing."
From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

It occurred to me that due to the advent of real life, etc etc etc, we haven't had a mad discussion post in awhile. So, for anyone in the mood, I ask you to forgive me the following 1990's PBS kids show reference and consider the following:

Five most difficult conflicts between characters that you like.

Major characters, minor characters, brothers, friends, enemies, cross-species conflicts, whatever. What always stuck out for you the most as a conflict that was in introduced between characters within this series, and then was either resolved (or not) to your satisfaction but struck a chord with you either way? (Reasons, quotes, theories, head canon, whatever.)

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I am sorry for the confusion, I really thought Edriss was Visser One. Who was he then? And this forces me to alter my Bones cross, because I thought I was making up Essam(though spelled Essom) for one of my Yeerks. Darn.

anyway, onto this week.

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Sorry, I can't get tags to work. Not the brackets, the actual tags. LJ wasn't fully recovered yet last week.


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