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So, I didn't actually find any of these funny, but I was like "OMG! ANIMORPHS!"

Best of Animorphs Meme - CollegeHumor Picture Gallery
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In case you ever wondered what it must be like in bird morph, here's a glimpse!

Silly Game

Jan. 12th, 2013 02:29 pm
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At the moment I'm having waaay to much fun playing that silly akinator game over here.  You have to think of a famous person (real or fictional) and then answer some questions and in the end the "Akinator" tries to guess who you've been thinking about according to your answers. And it is so much fun because it really works. He even knows Animorphs characters.
However the game has its limits. I couldn't believe that the system didn't know Eion Bailey. Anyway, it's quite entertaining!
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Given a lot of the darker elements in the books, I sometimes crack myself up imagining conversations between Applegrant and their marketing/editing department (This obviously just for fun, not reflective of reality, long live Scholastic for bringing us this awesome series). For example:

-Applegrant: "...And then the teenager snaps and starts systematically hunting down and murdering the main characters in cold blood. Oh, and he kills someone and throws his body down an elevator shaft in order to steal his identity."

E/MD: "You know who this book would be good for?  Eight year-olds!"

-Applegrant: "So, the book starts in an alternate universe where all the main characters are either dead/imprisoned or facists and their country is leading a racist genocidal war. We play this totally straight for like 20 pages."

Editor: "There's no sex, right?"

Applegrant: "No."

Editor: "Okay, good."

-Applegrant: "...and then the main character is tortured with alternating pleasure and pain and relives his emotional abusive childhood as a result, forcing him to soil himself and almost go insane. And the person torturing him is a deranged, captive teenage girl who reminds him of his girlfriend."

Editor: "There's no teen drinking here, right? If there is, we need a PSA somewhere about the dangers of teen drinking,.."

Have fun! :)
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This is making the rounds on Facebook, and I thought, how has no one posted this to Livejournal yet?
The Transformizzle it bad I want to read this?
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Anyone who hasn't seen Texts From the Animorphs on tumblr - which included me until today - you are missing out on laughing yourself sick over the twisted image/text mash-ups they've come up with on this delightfully irreverent blog.

Some personal favorites include:

It's CANON I tell you - it just happened off page screen.

All the dead trash cans = explained.
More behind cut... )
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Now that the polar bear who my money is on as Marco has your attention, someone passed on this wonderful, quick, insane crack!fic spewing Mad Libs maker on [ profile] fandomsecrets today, and since we've been a bit quiet around here lately (and there seems to be a generally appreciation for occasional silliness here), I just had to pay this forward..

Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to go forth and make every (intentionally cracky) crack pairing tangent we've ever had at this comm look sane and well thought through, and then come back and post the results below in the comments for the amusement of all.

Go! :D
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I know I haven't been around in ages, but:

My moms is the best moms. )


also haha supposedly I am still working on Anific someone send the memo to my brain okay
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...because this is either Rachel snarking at Marco or Marco snarking at Rachel. I can't decide which.

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i'm really sorry if this was discussed before, as i'm sure it's come up somewhere at some point :) what houses do you think the animorphs would be in? i would say the following:

rachel: gryffindor
cassie: hufflepuff
marco: slytherin (or possibly ravenclaw)
ax: ravenclaw

i'm a little up in the air with jake and tobias though. jake for example is very brave but not reckless the way rachel is. i feel like he's a bit of a gryffindor/ravenclaw in the beginning and then turns more towards slytherin towards the end as the decisions he has to make have bigger consequences. as for tobias, possibly hufflepuff as he's extremely loyal but then i also sense ravenclaw from him too. what do you guys think?
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...and we all have our own 'pet' favorite characters, be they extended family members of the Animorphs or the less utilized Villains/Monsters of the Week, and I'm curious to (hopefully) see some discussion over which 'minor' players everyone had they relate to/stuck with them/think deserved their own spin-off or Chronicles/etc.

Five minor or one-off characters that you wish could have gotten more face time. (Or would show up again)

(Originally posted by [ profile] iceshade at [ profile] fannish5 here.)
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Judging by the comments, some of you lovely Ani-fans have already seen this-- but as it's been mentioned before that not everyone follows [ profile] fandomsecrets, the Ani-love must be passed on back to the comm. ^_^

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Nov. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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I am not sure how relevant to people's interests this is, but (besides being a fan of Animorphs, of course) I am a HUGE fan of the webcomic Homestuck, which is about a bunch of thirteen year old kids, aliens, self-discovery, war and death and justice and heroism, time travel, and a giant complex chess game between the forces of creation and destruction that the kids are unwittingly drawn into.

So, basically, it was pretty much begging to get mixed up with Animorphs, and I drew a bunch of doodles to that effect. :P Mild spoilers for Homestuck behind the cut, in the "this is a thing that exists as a concept/game mechanic in Homestuck" sort of sense.

Thumbnails link to larger resolutions. )


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