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"An Andalite may think that humans are simple, open, trusting creatures. But they are more subtle than they seem to be at first. Possibly this is because of their spoken language, where no one word ever means just one thing."
From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

It occurred to me that due to the advent of real life, etc etc etc, we haven't had a mad discussion post in awhile. So, for anyone in the mood, I ask you to forgive me the following 1990's PBS kids show reference and consider the following:

Five most difficult conflicts between characters that you like.

Major characters, minor characters, brothers, friends, enemies, cross-species conflicts, whatever. What always stuck out for you the most as a conflict that was in introduced between characters within this series, and then was either resolved (or not) to your satisfaction but struck a chord with you either way? (Reasons, quotes, theories, head canon, whatever.)

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Just kinda curious what sorts of AUs people are interested in seeing these days. I mean, over here we've got HP, pirates, werepoodles... I myself may have a secret stack of Rachel Shepard drabbles somewhere on my computer.  So I ask, lovely comm, What do you all want to see? Then make someone write it!
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Let's share some of our unpopular opinions regarding Animorphs.

I'll start:

I really like book 34: The Prophecy.

What are you unpopular Ani-pinions?
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So [livejournal.com profile] julygreen asked this in 2008, but I wanted to bring it back because of the re-release. :)

How did you get into Animorphs, and what is your personal history as a fan of the series?
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So! As some of you might have noticed, we have a re-release coming in May. You also might have noticed that there's a nice empty space on the profile titled "Spoiler Policy". Since we are hoping that the re-release will introduce the books to new fans and all, this does mean that we're going to need to decide how we're going to deal with spoilers.

Seeing as we could have people who have only read books 1 and 2 alongside people who have read book 54...well, this could be a little tricky to work out. I do already have a few thoughts on how we could approach this, which I'll detail below. But, we won't be deciding the new spoiler policy just yet - that'll be voted on by the community at a later date, and if need be we'll have multiple discussions before it comes to a vote.

For today, what I'd really like to hear is ideas and possible approaches. I'd also like to hear about your experiences in other fandoms, and how they've dealt with spoilers - what worked, what didn't.

Now, for some initial thoughts: )
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Before we get into the minor character discussions, there is a topic I've been wanting to bring up here - discrimination and how they are dealt with and portrayed in the books. We see examples of racism, speciesism, sexism, and discrimination against the disabled, but they're all examined to different degrees and in different ways.

With racism, we see that most prominently with Cassie ("I can turn white" indeed). Marco gets all of one line about being followed by mall security, but they're both characters that would have both dealt with racism in their lives. But overall, while it's brought up on occasion we don't really go too heavily into this issue.

Now, speciesism - that we see a ton of, and I'd argue that a lot of the issues that usually come up in a discussion of racism are in fact explored through speciesism. All of the various aliens have opinions and stereotypes of the other aliens - the Andalites are 'arrogant', the humans are just meat to the Yeerks, the Yeerks are all 'evil', and Hork-Bajir and all nice and sweet and stupid. They've all got preconceived notions of each other, some of them good but a lot of them not good.

Sexism isn't gone into too much, but the series touches on it every now and then - Rachel's got some strong feminist leanings, and we have the Axis of Awesome assuming that the Governor is a man.

And as for discrimination against the disabled...well, we definitely go into that, and this is definitely one of the major failings of Andalite culture.

There's probably also other forms of discrimination in the books that I can't think of, but my questions to you are: Do you think the series do a good job of depicting these issues? Could it (and should it) have gone into more detail on any of them?
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Here goes...the character who often seems to get the most negativity, and sometimes it's for good reason. I know my LJ folder is gonna be swamped this week, but I'll turn you loose anyway LOL

I do like the animal loving part myself...but there are things that some of you say about her that I can see as well...both positive and negative.
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I think Ax is my second fave, after Tobias. I love the total difference in human form vs his natural body. He's total warrior in his normal form, but so very funny as a human. He's also interesting because he presents a view of humanity from the outside, a non-human creature observing humans and giving some observations in some books. I really like that idea.
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Now this guy had a lot of complications all the way through...mostly it was the "my mom is Visser One" stuff, but then toward the end there was the whole love triangle thing. I wish they had explored it more in the last book.

I do like how he always coped with humor...even if not all the jokes were funny lol
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[livejournal.com profile] heureviolet suggested it, so I decided to give it a go. Everyone can use a little bit more Animorphs love on their friends lists, so comment and friend away!
Feel free to pimp as you see fit. You can even hotlink the banner.


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