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Since someone here posted a while ago that K.A. Applegate had ghostwritten a few of the Sweet Valley Twins books, I decided to see if I could find out which ones. I couldn't, but I did find out that before she wrote YA fiction, she wrote Harlequin romance novels under the name Katherine Kendall. So I bought them both on ebay.


The back cover starts out, "Whales were dying mysteriously". SOLD! Whales are magic. Save the whales.

Also, that horrible mustachioed hero's name is Jake.

Would anyone be interested in a review? This book has some similarities to Animorphs, to the point that it almost reads as Rachel/Marco AU fic. Or Cassie/Marco. Or Cassie/Tobias.

The other book, First and Forever, hasn't arrived yet and I have no idea what it's about. Here's hoping it's another practice Animorphs book!
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I have the first 10 books of the Remnants series I am looking to get rid of. They are all in very good to like new condition. I'd prefer to ship off the whole set for price of shipping but will split up books if anyone is looking for one or two for their collection.

Comment or PM me :)
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How cool is that? Does anyone else feel weirdly validated but also wrong for feeling that way for some reason?

Also has anyone else read The One and Only Ivan? What did you guys think?

Gone again

Oct. 18th, 2012 03:31 pm
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Is anybody still reading the Gone Series by Michael Grant? Anybody like to discuss them?

I'm currently reading 04 "Plague" and I have to say, although they are anything but perfect, and although they are pretty distubing, I still like them a lot. Michael Grant has such a compelling way to write, that I couldn't put them away once I started to read.
What I don't like is that that the books focus on far to many different characters. I get that Drake is the big bad but his scenes are often the ones I'm least interested in (like the part where he went into the mine to find the Gaiaphage). Also some of their relationships and developments come off badly. e.g: I totally didn't realize that Sam and Dekka were such close friends until Sam said "I love you" in Plague. That came out of the blue for me, but I liked it anyway.
I also hate that some of the characters get neglected because of the sheer amount of main characters. Like Quinn. He was a big part of Gone but was barely in Hunger and Lies. Then he was sort of important in Plague again. I also would like to see more of Edilio. Although he is one of the more normal people in the FAYZ, he' s still one of my favorite characters. I did read an interesting spoiler that he turns out to be gay in book 5 and that he even has a boyfriend. I think it's great that he finally is getting some love, but it totally came out of nowhere. I get that he didn't want to tell anyone but to make it credible there should have been some hints for the readers. (Didn't he even have a little crush on Lana in Gone?) But that's just me being pedantic - I hate inconsistency in book series (and in TV shows for that matter).

What do you guys like and hate about these books?
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This is a follow-up post to my previous one announcing Michael Grant's appearance at the National Book Festival in DC this upcoming Sunday. I know that he helped write the Animorphs series, but does anyone know if there's anything out there about which books he might have more specifically helped to write or create within the series? (I'm assuming all the KA ones only for starters). Same with Everworld.

I'm just trying to figure out which ones to bring for him to sign....
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Eve and Adam

It's so exciting to see both of those names on there (rather than "K.A. Applegate").

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Shameless self-promotion time!

A new page of the Animorphs #5 comic is up. Ax gets an entire panel full of angst! Also I drew a high school. And a beat panel, and I hate drawing beat panels, errg. Comments always welcome.

Also, do any of you fine folks know if there's an active Gone community on LJ? I'm desperate to babble about Plague with people. Feel free to babble about Plague in this post, too.
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And I liked it a lot, but (as you've already told me a few months ago) it's no Animorphs. The story is gripping (at times also shocking) and it really is a page-turner but none of the characters is as half as interesting as the characters in Animorphs were. I don't know, maybe that'll change in later books, because as for now I've only read Gone and Hunger.

I don't want to say that none of the characters are interesting, I do like some of them. I like Lana, because she is twisted and for some reason I like Edilio a lot. I know he is a rather boring character but I like the simple fact that he isn't involved in any trouble and that he is so loyal and that he is the one person Sam can always rely on. Diana is interesting too and I like Brianna because she is so brave and so committed in the fight.

And for sure I like the story: A town of children but no parents, I know we had that before, but Grant does it well. He knows how to build up tension and the there is a lot of action but still the story makes the readers think, too.
So maybe I should just stop comparing the two book series for I enjoyed both of them in different ways.
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Okay! So it seems like infographics are all the rage! And as I mentioned in that topic, I would really, really love to see some kind of graph charting all of the wonderful 90's references present throughout Animorphs.

I think it'd be a nice community project if we split up all the books between members and had everyone hunt for a list of references, plus anything that might be unique to one book they think is awesome or hilarious. Then we can use all the data to make one awesome pop culture ref chart. :D What do you say?

Book Assignments~ )

References to Find )

Only final tallies are required, but if you find an especially awesome example of a reference or reoccuring gag, feel free to make note of it and email them to me at kiriska (uses) gmail.com with a subject line of "ANINFOGRAPHIC: Book ##". If you find an example of a 90's reference that ISN'T on the list, but is still awesome, take note of that, and email it to me too. :)


Deadline: 26th February, 2011.


Oct. 3rd, 2010 03:27 pm
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I'm thinking about reading the Gone novels by Michael Grant and I would be grateful if some of you guys could share their opinion on them.

I know that Michael Grant was co-writing Animorphs with his wife and that is why I wonder whether the Gone characters are in any way similar to the Animorphs characters? Because, you know, one of the most important reasons I liked Animorphs so much was that it had strong and interesting characters. So are there any similarities between them?

And how did you like the story in general?
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Okay, not Animorphs, but Everworld and Gone. Because you totally wanted to see my Everworld and Gone art. And some of you have already seen this Gone art but please just humor me I really love Howard and Orc. The Everworld piece is some of the most intense coloring work I've ever done.

Anyway, no Anis stuff in this post, but I'll have you know I'm working on a huge Anis art project that I hope you'll all love, and a Thanksgiving Anis cartoon doodle.

Photobucket Photobucket

The Everworld art looks a lot better than the preview, I promise. )
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Anyone ever read K.A's teen series Making Out? I saw it mentioned how a lot of Everworld characters were foils for the Animorphs characters, and from what I remember of reading a couple of the Making Out books, quite a few of the characters were a lot like those from Animorphs.

ETA: Oh man, I saw she also wrote some Harlequin romance novels, as Katherine Kendall. I can't even imagine reading sex scenes by her, that's like imagining your kindergarten teacher naked. Ugh.


Jun. 29th, 2008 03:05 am
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Did anyone read it yet?

How come all of their protagonists are Jewish?

There's some definite character patterns going on, but I like how they can take something like 'the leader' or 'the funny guy' and 'the smart one' are all played off just a little differently. It almost feels like they started with a standard five-man Saturday-morning-cartoon-hero-team in the Animorphs and then said 'so how can we mess with this' just a little more and more with each series. And why does the person in the 'peacemaker' role always annoy me? Although Edilio was much cooler than both Cassie and April, he was still my least favorite FAYZ kid.

I think I still liked the Everworld team better. Though I only vaguely remember Remnants.

But what a place to leave us hanging, eh? I hope the next one comes out pretty quick. I think he said that the second one was already written and is now being edited, but I am woefully lacking in knowledge about how long the editing process takes.

Also? Awesome for having a longer book this time. The hardcover of GONE is actually big enough to smack someone with.

I think it's late and I'm getting a little punchy.
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I just read the first book in the series that KAA ABANDONED us for...

...and I must say, I'm really impressed. Once again, there's no way this should be marketed to the 9-12 crowd (suicides, murders, extra-marital affairs and heavy philosophical sentiments like "life never had a purpose in the first place" abound), but man, this is great sci-fi!

It reminded me a lot of the Ellimist Chronicles (somehow I never read that until this year either. It blew me away. What an amazing book). Superficially, they both feature a small group of refugees running like hell as their home planet is annihilated and then having to deal with being all that remains of their civilizations.

More importantly, though, both books convey that no matter how advanced technology becomes or how much culture changes, the emotional experience is identical. People will still have the same eternal needs and insecurities and joys and problems. I mean, the subjects of these books range from brilliant, futuristic tech-whiz kids to ultra-advanced godlike aliens, and what are they still angsting about? Loneliness, protecting their families, wondering whether the objects of their affections reciprocate, struggling  with  impossible choices about whether to do the kind thing or the necessary thing, and despair over the possibility that either way their efforts might be completely futile.

... anyway, I can't wait to read the next one. Does anyone else have opinions to share about KAA's non-Animorphs books?

New Books

Apr. 19th, 2008 03:27 pm
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Was browsing today and found this:

Gone, by Michael Grant

I know, not Animorphs and not KAA. Technically. But Michael was part enough of writing the Animorphs books and, trust me, these new ones sound like they're going to be in the same vein. No morphing, sure, but all the delightful, intangible voice and talent that makes Animorphs great instead of the flop that it easily could have been.

Gone comes out June 24th! I'm all kinds of excited.

Is it June yet?

Katherine's new books are already out, too. Has anyone posted those links here? They're for a younger audience than Animorphs, Everworld, Gone, ect, whatever. But it's still Katherine.
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Hey everyone.  I'm sure most of you are fans of not just genre books like Animorphs, but also good books in general.  Just thought I'd share that Katherine Applegate has a new book out called Home of the Brave.  It has no aliens, no morphing, no battle scenes, and is written in verse.  But it's a beautiful book I think some of you might like.  She has a new series coming out before too long called Time Out Tales and a picture book called Buffalo Storm, but those are aimed more for young readers, so I don't expect many of you will want to read them . . . unless you have kids of your own, which by now is certainly possible.

For those of you who do just like genre, I hear the other half of the K.A. Applegate team, Katherine's husband Michael Reynolds, is writing either a mid-grade or YA sci-fi series.  I have no idea what it's about, when it's coming out, or even what name it'll be published under, but I'll be sure to come post here when more is known since I'm positive these books will have some of the Animorphs flair we all came to love.

Oh, and since I'm here, how about a little self-promotion -- I'm not K.A. Applegate, but I did work with her on Remnants.  I just finished up a trilogy set in the Dragonlance world (called the Suncatcher Trilogy) and am (potentially) going to have my very own YA sci-fi/horror/paranormal series coming out in 2009 that some of you might dig.  Whenever I have details I'll be posting them on my own journal, so if you're interested feel free to friend me!

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Does anyone remember those interviews KAA had on the official Animorphs site, complete with very Animorphs-type-humor? Currently there's only one, but I know that there used to be quite a few! I really wish I had them saved, but I guess way back then I never saw any reason to save them. Would any one happen to have any of those, or know if they're posted online elsewhere? I found one, actually, in the back of one of the books (31, I think. I was so happy when I saw it!). Not a whole lot seems to pop up when I search for KA or Katherine Applegate :(

ALSO: It's almost June, which I've noted for myself because it'll be 11 years since The Invasion was published. I feel like we should do something to commemorate, especially since a lot of people who join this community are surprised that there is still an active place online! Any ideas?

Making Out

Feb. 4th, 2007 11:49 pm
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A series I never see mentioned here associated with KA (and also another victim of her start-ditch-ghostwriter-itis) is the Making Out series, which she published before Animorphs under the penname Katherine Applegate.

A lot of the R/T and C/J interactions can be seen in that series as well. A lot of the making out characters could easily be foils for the Animorphs and vice-versa. I remember thinking so when I read the first couple of Making Out books. Heck, there's even a Jake.

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I know that this is an Animorphs group, but I also know that there were a lot of fans who crossed over back in the day, so it's worth the shot.

I've been collecting the Everworld books, and now I've got them all but #9 and #12. I've thought about buying them used, but for some reason those two are much more expensive than the rest, so I thought I'd try here first. Does anyone have a copy of either of these books sitting on the back of a bookshelf or in a box somewhere that you never read any more and might be willing to sell fairly cheaply? I'm especially looking for #12 because I can fill in the holes about what happened in #9, but I just got and read #11 yesterday, and now I'm desperate to know how it ends!

For any other EW collectors out there, I highly recommend paperbackswap.com. Most of my collection has been built using their search engine. :)
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Hows the other Applegate series, Remnants and Everworld?

I wanna read other stuff from her when Im done re-reading the Animorphs but I wanted to hear other people's opinions on it.


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