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Edit: I'm moving at the beginning of next year, so the deadline for requesting books is 21 December.

I have a whole bunch of Animorphs books that I snagged at a library book sale a few years ago. I will soon be moving across country and need to reduce my shipping weight, but thought some people on the community would be interested in completing analog collections.

They are all paperbacks in decent shape – slightly worn sides and spines, but none are falling apart. If anyone lives in the DC area and is able to meet to pick them up, that’s fine; otherwise, I’m happy to mail them if you cover shipping.

The books available are numbers: 2 (torn cover), 3 (bend in cover), 4, 7 to 27 (26 has more worn spine than the others), and Hork-Bajir Chronicles (hardback, no paper cover).

Comment on this post or send me a message if you're interested.

List of claimed books:
4, 7-12, 14-17, 19, 23, 24, 26, 27, HBC

List of available books:
2, 3, 13, 18, 20-22 (David trilogy), 25
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Hey guys!

The Animorphs community on tumblr has been working on getting an audiobook project off the ground for a couple months, and auditions opened back up today.

So if this is something you're interested in being a part of, click on through the jump!

Read more... )
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I found a few used copies of Animorphs books today, and I wanted to offer them up to any fans who want them. They're all in pretty good condition. No tears or anything, just normal wear from age. I'll charge exactly book cost + shipping. All the books were less than $1.75 so It should cost less than $5 USD. I'm also willing to trade for books 1, 2, or 3 (I need the originals; I already have the reprints). I'm in the US and can ship internationally if needed.

I have:

#9: The Secret
#10: The Android
#11: The Forgotten
#23: The Pretender (2 copies)

If you really can't afford to buy them, we can work something out, so just ask. :)

First come first serve, yo.
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Hi everyone.

I'm desperately seeking 3 volumes I'm missing to complete my Animorphs set. This includes all the side books, too.

#46 The Deception
#47 The Resistance
#50 The Ultimate Thanks!
#51 The Absolute

If you can find these / have these to sell, please let me know. I am willing to pay up to $6 before shipping for each volume, but ideally I'd prefer the $3 range. I know most of the ones I need are rare-er ones, though.

To a lesser extent, I would like to own the rerelease volumes... I have up to 3, so I'm looking for volume #4 + to when they discountinued it. :) I don't mind retail price on these.

Payment can be made with Paypal or PBS Credits. I have feedback for Livejournal, GameTZ, and Ebay.

Thank you so much!!
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If there are any fans in the Boston area (or willing to pay postage elsewhere) who would like to restart their collections, I have okay-condition first-run Animorphs books for sale.  I have 1-27 + 30 and the Hork Bajir Chronicles (hardcover, no dust jacket).  Price is negotiable, but I'd really rather sell the whole lot at once than individually.
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Hi all, I'm desperately seeking about 10 books to finish my collection, all in the main series. I have to check for sure, but I think they are #s 42 - 51.

On a side note, looking for a CIB Gameboy game, too, of Animorphs. Complete only please.

I've tried Goodwills in my area with no luck.

I have feedback and spare books/figures for sale in my journal and can pay with Paypal.

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Hi guys,
I'm selling the some Animorphs books over at [ profile] shindkrow in the sales section.

I have plenty of feedback and these are doubles that need a good home for $1 each!

I also have figures of Rachel and Marco FS really cheap.

Please take a look!

If anyone knows where I can find the GB game for Animorphs at a reasonable price, complete, let me know. I'm dying to get it!
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Okay, so over a year ago, I posted here about finding Animorphs bookmarks for sale at a local bookstore. I now work part-time at said bookstore and it is, sadly, closing its doors next week. So, I figured it was high time I offered some of the old merchandise to you guys. I didn't realize on my initial visit last year, but the bookmarks weren't the only Animorphs items. There were magnets and journals too. So, I'll list the stuff for you here and the prices and it'll be first-come-first-served.
(Edit: Bookmarks are taken! All that's left are used copies of books.)

Clearance! )
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you know what this group of yours seems so big and extensive I'm slightly kind of simply afraid if i ask a question it would have been asked like a hundred times years ago, i suppose that's the point of all the recent tagging?

Well anyway, Animorph  E-books, I'm a bit low on $ i would not continue to buy my missing books (quite a lot) but i wonder if there's anywhere the entire series is electronically available as a package deal. would be good to own in any form.


Jul. 6th, 2010 03:16 pm
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Hello everyone! I have recently been trying to build up my collection (blame my donation-happy mother), and after giving in and grabbing one of those big lots on ebay, I find myself with several doubles. If anyone would like to make a trade, that would be awesome, just let me know!

ps: I'd be happy to trade 2-for-1 on Chronicles and Megamorphs. Condition doesn't matter much to me, as long as the book is readable.

doubles i have, condition details if necessary )

books i need )Thanks for your time, guys!
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I know that through the wonders of Amazon you can get anything for dirt cheap but I was recently at a local trade in book store and there were a ton of Animorphs in great condition. If you need any or what not I can check and set up a way for payment and all that stuff. Everyone should have a full set...... or three... maybe even five of each, it's a nice round number.
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I've put this on a few sales/ trade posts with no avail, so maybe a post about it will generate some interest. I am one book shy of my full collection. I need # 51. I have an extra #1, #5, # 11 and # 34 I can trade. So if you see 51 in a library or book bin or anything, please let me know!

Alternately in the spirit of the Holidays, if someone needs 
#1, #5, # 11 and # 34 please note me and I can see about sending it out to you for shipping or no cost so as long as you are willing to wait until after the Jan 2nd

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Selling almost an entire Animorphs set. Message me here or on eBay with any questions - and I'm fine taking Money Orders/Cash, despite what eBay will let me write :]
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So I have a set of Animorphs books 1-22, plus Alternamorphs #1... Is anybody interested? I'm in the San Diego area if you want to do a hand-off. Or if somebody is willing to pay for shipping, I will gladly send them your way (I've got PayPal! Also a mailing address if you want to do check/cash.)

Why am I giving these precious books away? Because I already have another set, and these were duplicates that were sent to me in middle school when I was part of the Animorphs book/fan club through Scholastic. At book 22, my dad caught on that I had these books already and canceled the club membership. XD

Sorry if this is spam-y. I'm in the process of moving (UGH) and trying to get rid of extra stuff. I should have started doing this a month ago instead of the week that I'm moving.
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'Kay, so I was reading the past post about peeps trying to complete their collections and figured I'd throw out that I have a few extra books. A friend of mine bought me (almost) the whole series as a present and I'd already had copies of a couple of the books. ^^()

I have extras of #11 The Forgotten, #24 The Suspicion, #33 The Illusion, #35 The Proposal, #37 The Weakness, #41 The Familiar, #46 The Deception, and a paperback HBC that I don't need 'cause I have the oldschool hardcover.

Condition-wise, #11 is the only... strongly-loved one; the spine's pretty weathered and the inside cover is gone, but it's functional as a book. #24, #35 and #37 are a bit worn, especially on the spine. The rest are in freakishly good condition- I have no clue where my buddy got these, but they're glossy and nice and some of the others still had bookmarks and stuff inside...

If anyone wants 'em and can pay for the shipping... they're products of gifts so I don't really need to sell 'em. ^^() I would really like to trade them, if anyone happens to need one of these and has one of the books I need: to finish my collection, I need #44 The Unexpected, Megamorphs #3, and Visser. Especially Visser. ^^()

Okies, and some new doodles, 'cause I can:
Rachel sketches 'cause she's rad~
Esplin tauntin' Elfangor, now in color!
Our Only Weapon 1, 'cause I wanted to draw Jake morphing tiger.
Our Only Weapon 2
Cover-art for a friend's fanfic. Pictured: human!Tobias, hawk!Tobias, Marco, Santorelli, Jake, Cassie, Jeanne, Menderash, Drode, Crayak, #54-version Ax.
It is likely that this won't go anywhere, but I like toying with little project ideas. Featuring pre-Invasaion Tobias and a wild redtail.
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I now have extra copies of a few books

The Invasion 1
The Alien 8
The Exposed
The Solution
The Pretender
The Suspicion
Last minute Edit: I also have The Departure, which is 18 I think.

Large print of The Conspiracy

I can't remember all the numbers, sorry. I know some people don't like library copies so if nothing else I'll switch and keep those copies while sending the non-library ones. They are all in good shape though. I'm not going to ask money for them because I'm sick of annoying family members yelling at me for sending for stuff in the first's one reason I'll be soooo glad to get my own place. I know they think they're guarding against unsavory internet types but it gets annoying after a while.

Ack I don't know what to do about the two copies of The Alien. I'm getting attached to mine with the bookmarks still in it. I don't know if I should punch them out or find someone who wants a library

Anyway, if anyone's interested, let me know. I just hate to see good books thrown out. I'll pass them to a thrift store as a last resort, maybe someone will buy them.

Oh, and any of our Chicago 'burbs area members might want to check Exchange a Book in Burnham pretty soon, there may still be a few copies of early books around and they're closing the end of April *sniff*
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Hello :]
I'm Jossette, I'm pretty new here. Or... new again, rather; I was a member a very long time ago!

Since I started re-reading a few weeks ago, I kept being stuck when I got to books I didn't have. So I bought a copy of the whole series on ebay.....

I'm keeping my copies that say "JOSSETTE'S BOOK!!!!!" etc. on the inside covers, but will be giving the pretty good condition duplicates away for $3 each in the US (not sure about elsewhere) to cover shipping.

Some of them may have writing on the mail-in page in the back, some won't.

To sum it up, $3 books, shipping included. If you get more than one I'll check out how much shipping would be and will adjust higher/lower accordingly! If you're out of the US, we'll figure something out!

The books with a pretty picture )

Please don't just buy them to re-sell, I am doing this because I know how much it sucks to be on #16 and you don't have it so you have to read the PDF with the weird line breaks.. haha.


Jan. 9th, 2009 01:02 pm
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Found a copy of The Alien at a secondhand shop today. What's really interesting is, the bookmarks are actually still there. I don't know how well things like that stay in outside of a library but I'd bet not long when there are kids involved.

I'm still hoping to get to one other secondhand store sometime soon. I love it when I make finds.
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Hello! new here but it's very nice to meet you all! :)

I am currently chasing down a few missing books from my set. Here's hoping any one has very good or like new copies of the books they want to get rid of! The ones that I am missing are:
#1 Invasion
#2 Visitor
#30 Reunion
#32 Separation
#34 Prophecy
#35 Proposal
#36 Mutation
#41 Familiar
#46 Deception
#47 Resistance
#49 Diversion
#50 Ultimate
#51 Absolute
Andalite Chronicles (1 volume copy OR books 1 or 2)
Alternamorphs #2 - The Next Passage

Thanks bunches to anyone who can help me out! :)
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Hello everyone =) New to the comm, not new to the series. I started reading the Animorphs books in middle school (#8 and #9 were my first ones-- I loved the wolf picture lol) and well, going through my stacks of books I realized I'm missing some.

I was wondering if anyone here had any doubles to spare? I know the later ones are kinda rare, but I'm willing to pay extra to complete my set. Aside #38-#52, I had a complete set at one point, but now I can't find them.

I know I could just browse Ebay or Amazon, but I prefer to buy stuff like this person-to-person since the #s are hard to find together and I know that places near me don't carry them-- not even used ones.

Animorphs Books I'm Missing:
#38 - #52
The Ellimist Chronicles
The Hork Bajir Chronicles (I think I have this one lying around, though.)
Megamorphs #3

Thank you =)


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