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Just stumbled in on this one. I guess I saw it right when they uploaded it, lol. ;P

Also, for a clear screenshot of the new Rachel, check out our full post: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=2214

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Here we are again!

Hopefully this will be a nice improvement for anyone (everyone?) who did not approve of the previous model.

The NEW Rachel cover model. The NEW Rachel cover model.

Full Post: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=2197

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Thought the folks who work in book stores might especially be interested in this. ;)

Scholastic Summer 2011 Floor Display. (Page 1) Scholastic Summer 2011 Catalogue. (Page 2)

Full post: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=2158

Higher-Res photos/downloads are also available on our new relaunch book pages.

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Am I amazing or what? Nearly had a heart attack when I found this:

Full video and post at: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=1563

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I wasn't sure whether to make an entirely new post about this, but here's a clear shot for those that wanted a closer look at the new Jake. Also, I did a frame by frame slide for the entire morphing process:

Full Post and larger versions at: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=1393

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This is a trade sort of thing, a lot of libraries get it and I'd assume bookstores too. I get the e-newsletter because I sometimes find good new books in there-although I'd really like to get to read the print version more often, it's good.


It has a link to a gif of the lenticular cover for book one so you can see the morph between human and lizard.

(shouldn't there be a re-release tag?)
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Hi everyone,

Thought I'd keep you all updated. Amazon has posted new versions of the lenticular covers we posted about previously. I've put them in side-to-side comparisons that you can look at.

See the full post here: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=1304
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In case anyone hasn't seen this yet, I found the lenticular cover for Animorphs #2.

Full post: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=1238



Oct. 19th, 2010 01:53 pm
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everyone is aware that scholastic is finally *unveiling* all the rerelease stuff right?

I'm just going to post this link since Issam's doing all the work anyway and I don't mean to steal his thunder I just want to talk about it okay! THANKS FOR COMPILING IT BRO:


so just a quick rundown:

the marketing campaign sounds pretty insane, in-theater advertising (???) and outreach to Animorphs fan sites (!!!). Books 1 and 2 are available for presale on Amazon.com for $6.99 (which is like my "ugh" price but I guess that's *ECONOMICS*), and the *lenticular* cover has been unveiled, but click the third link up there so Issam gets the traffic.

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For those that don't know yet, a new letter from K.A. & Michael has been posted online via RAF, where they are asking fans for their help in promoting Animorphs to the sales staff at Scholastic. The meeting is in August, and there isn't much time left (maybe 2 weeks?), so I've made a full post outlining the entire thing at the Hirac Delest Blog. Please have a look and participate if you can!

Hirac Delest Link: http://www.hiracdelest.com/blog/?p=589
RAF Link: http://animorphsforum.com/forum/index.php?topic=5362.0

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Dunno if you guys have seen yet, but the Hirac Delest blog updated with info from Grant yesterday - information we already pretty much assumed, but basically: We are getting the lenticular covers (the ones you move and they change omg so much fun) and the first two books are coming out Summer 2011

\O/ Commence your cheering, fellow Anifans
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As discussed earlier, Scholastic seems to be moving forward with their plans to re-release the Animorphs series, but they're not the only focus of the publisher's efforts to bring some older books to a younger generation.

On April 1, Scholastic will start reissuing the Baby-sitters Club series, including a new prequel and revised editions of the first books. This is good news, although not because of the books' (minimal) literary quality or sometimes brow-beating instructions on life. Hidden in the plots that show that friendship is good and that teasing, racism and bossy boyfriends are bad, Ms. Martin imparts two more important messages that modern readers need to hear: Teen girls are capable of handling far more responsibility than we give them credit for, and they, like the rest of us, can choose to make their own way in the world.


Frankly, I'm glad to see that Scholastic is tackling the re-release of another series before ours, if only to work out the kinks and marketing challenges before the new and improved Animorphs hits the markets. Can't wait till we see some new covers...
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From Hirac Delest and Michael Grant's Twitter

Read more... )

Not sure how I feel about the lenticular covers, but BOO-YAH for the thought these could be out this year.
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There's another appearance by Michael Grant (co-author/creator for Animorphs) coming up next week at NYC, where he will be signing books along with Scott Westerfeld and Carrie Ryan. Also, as a bonus, the first 20 people to get a book signing with him will also receive a flash drive with opening chapters to his upcoming book LIES (Gone 3) and to his new series MAGNIFICENT 12. Here's the info:

Barnes & Nobles
86th and Lexington, New York
October 15th, 2009
7:00 PM

Full story at Hirac Delest. For those that get to meet him, send along any pics you'd like to share. We'd love to post them up on the blog!
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Those of you at RAF have already seen this but for those who aren't


The current first entry should be very interesting to you.

Thoughts? I'd love it to be true, but I'm not getting excited either until something official comes out.
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Okay guys, I don't know how many people know about this but here on Hirac Delest they announced that here on RAF KAA announced that there is a serious bid in to make an Animorphs movie.

That's right. A movie. With a decent budget and everything. There is a producer who wants to pitch the idea to movie studios, but everything is currently hinging on the WGA strike to be over.

This is by no means a guarenteed thing. This is a producer who wants to pitch the idea. There might not be a studio willing to take it. I think anyone would be an idiot not to, but eh. I don't work in Hollywood.

Being the skeptical person I am, I e-mail KAA to confirm and she said that yes, she and Micheal really are on RAF and answering those questions, and everything is true.

If I get more details I'll pass them along.

OMG SQUEE *spins in circles and passes out so excited oh wouldn't this be great*

Edit of Funz: I have nothing new to report, but since someone mentioned that Paris Hilton =/= Rachel, who do you want to see cast?

I would go for Ricky Ullman for Jake, just based on looks. I haven't seen him since Disney Channel, though.

#55 FTW!

Jun. 1st, 2007 04:20 pm
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For those who mentioned writing Scholastic to appeal for new Animorphs books (or at least reissuing them), the address is below:

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway
New York, NY 10012-3999

And you can email them if you go here: http://scholastic.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/scholastic.cfg/php/enduser/ask.php

;) It's always easier to send letters when you've got the address handy.

The Reply

Jun. 1st, 2007 08:27 am
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To Everyone:

Wow. You made us cry. Even Michael and that's not easy.

This was incredibly moving for both of us. Humbling as well.

It is very weird to think of the fans being adults now. Fans with jobs, fans in college, Elizabeth in Iraq. (I knew Michael was getting older but I didn't
think I was. Damn.)

We had always hoped Animorphs would have an effect beyond the "aaargh" and the
"tseeew!" We tried not to think about those possibilities, of course, because
we both have a mortal fear of taking ourselves too seriously. Marco's theory
that you have to decide whether you're going to see life as tragedy or comedy is our philosophy as well, and we've always figured our first obligation -- before we started laughing at anyone else -- was to laugh at ourselves. So we'd know we were sneaking "big issues" into the books but we never wanted to really think too much about it. After all, we're just fiction writers not philosophers and if we ever started thinking we were having an effect that would carry over into adult lives we'd be paralyzed by the responsibility.

We'd love to do book #55. Or #55 through #60, even. But that's not our
decision to make. The publisher would have to make that call.

In the meantime we are both back at work. "Home of the Brave" and "The Buffalo Storm" both by "Katherine Applegate" are coming out this fall, starting I think in late August. Some of you guys might enjoy Home, but Buffalo is a picture book. I have a little kid series, "Roscoe Riley Rules" coming out next spring about the same time as Michael's "The FAYZ." Michael's going to be using the pseudonym "Michael Grant." As many of you know he's sensitive about blurring lines, especially on-line, where 11 and 12 year olds probably shouldn't be reading his more adult stuff, hence the pseudonym.

Again, we can't tell you how meaningful this was for us. We were really moved.


Katherine and Michael


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