Mar. 26th, 2011

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Okay, for those of you who follow Michael Grant's twitter, this conversation just went down.

HPC = HotPinkCoffee/[ profile] lisacharly

HPC: MG has someone contacted you about the whitewashing of the models for the Animorphs rerelease? There's movement in Ani fandom over it
HPC: petitions and letters to scholastic and all
MG: I haven't heard anything about this. We haven't seen a Cassie cover yet. Do you have a link?
MG: I just saw. Marco does look a wee bit anglo, doesn't he? Sigh. They don't really clear stuff with us. They barely talk to us.
HPC: Fans have a petition going here (linked) and sending emails to Mr/Mrs Van Stratten
MG: Who is Van Stratten?
HPC: Levithan and Sinek. Editors of mkting, publishing and in charge of rerelease IIRC
HPC: If you know any other avenues we could explore it'd be much appreciated. Either way good luck with the rerelease. :)
MG: I see it now. Don't know him/her. KA is out of town will discuss when she gets home. We do NOT approva (sic) of whitewashing
MG: But to be honest they may have showed us &we may not have clicked. Don't think so. But maybe. Honestly we're buried in work
MG: Related example: on GONE I have acharacter described as overweight. Cover model not so much. Let me talk to KA. Tweet me again.
HPC: Will do, thanks for communicating with the fans regarding this
MG: We love the anifans. When Scholastic didn't care, you guys still did. We don't forget that. Good night.

So basically, MG and KA don't approve of whitewashing and see our issues with the new model for Marco, and also they still love us. It's sad to see that they don't have much input with the marketing, but it's nice to see that they continue to communicate with fans. Quite encouraging, overall!

As of last count, the petition has 119 signatures.
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Hey guys, just wanted to update y'all on my Animorphs comic's progress because I'm ridonk excited about this latest page. So far, I'm 25 pages into drawing the comic and the nightmare sequence is easily the thing I'm most proud of. Besides, it's the first page I mix the media, I think.

Louder, Marco, I can't hear you.

Comments always appreciated! I'm just getting started on drawing the capture scene 2/3rds of the way through the book, by the way.


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