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I was thinking about In the Time of the Dinosaurs, when they cook and eat the T-Rex meat. Jake reports it tasted like a mild fish, like swordfish. I got curious, so I googled it to see if anybody had actually thought about it. This speculates it would taste more like a carnivorous bird such as a hawk. Like...well...Tobias.
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So, what happened in the timeline Elfangor created by breaking time accidentally? There is no Aximili. Why not? Why wouldn't their parents have been more inclined to produce more offspring, rather than less? Were they no longer allowed because Elfangor had gone missing and the Andalite government thought he was somehow defective? Did Elfangor's parents give up after losing their first son?

What is the actual sequence of events? Elfangor is born; Elfangor is the equivalent a young teen when his parents decide to make like Sims and Try For Baby; Elfangor shows up out of nowhere shortly thereafter, full-grown?

What is the sequence of events in the fixed timeline? The fixed version of the timeline makes much less sense than the so-called broken one. We know that fixed-timeline!Elfangor sired a child in human morph, and wrote a will under the name Alan Fangor. And yet the person copulating with the child's mother is not Elfangor. I... don't understand this bit at all. Did Loren never actually have an alternate husband? And when was Elfangor an aristh? Did he visit the Taxxon Homeworld with Arbron? Was he the same age as he was when it happened in The Andalite Chronicles? Judging by the Yeerk records of events, my current theory is that the sequence of events is thus: first, Elfangor is born, grows up, and becomes an aristh as a young teen; second, time dissolves into a fuzzy-wuzzy timey-wimey ball; third, Arbron is trapped in morph, Tobias exists, and Elfangor is an adult. I doubt any cause and effect links these events at all.

What would have happened in a timeline that was never fixed because it wasn't broken? What if there had been no Time Matrix, or what if it had not been uncovered by the Skrit Na? Would Elfangor and Loren have died in space? What about Esplin and Alloran? Presumably, Tobias would not exist; would the Animorphs have come together? Would Aximili have been born? Would he have been on the ship and found himself on Earth? Would Earth have simply been lost?

I would love to read AU fanfiction about this.
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Title: Yellow
Characters: David, Marco, Rachel
Rating: Mature for implied actions between a threesome of minors
Beta: Quick Pitch-hit from [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol
Summary: Um, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol, [livejournal.com profile] with_rainfall and I somehow ended up on the topic of whether or not David/Marco/Rachel could work as a OT3 here on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. This happened. As the prompt had to be filled in a 'three sentence long fic' format beware of abused, over-stuffed run-on sentences, and every grammatical trick I could whip out of my sleeves because these are a LONG assortment of nine sentences. Haven't actually written anything in forever (let alone David!) and is this too weird, or is this a way that this OT3 might actually work/happen? (As this is a fledgling pairing, any and all comments and ideas are especially appreciated!)
Notes: Please pretend that David possibly wasn't just a three four book character, and that Rachel/Tobias is more of an emotional possibility than a confirmed canon at this point. What actually happened entirely up to everyone's own dirty mind, but I would love to know what your think. ;) (Additionally we're going with stereotypically yellow pencils here so the prompt can actually APPLY to the first one.)

Crossposted here, here, and here at my journal.

-/- Rachel -/-

Her hand grips steadily tighter around the pencil she's supposed to be using to bubble in the answers on the scan-tron test, and she feels the wood creak just barely perceptively between her fingers; it's close to breaking, but not quite there, which is remarkably close to how she feels at the moment - squeezed, bending away from how (who) she's supposed to be, unable to fulfill or focus on her proper function in school, the war, or her own life.

They're both in the same class with her now; one two rows ahead of her to the left and the other directly behind her and to the right, and she can practically feel the latter one breathing even though he's not technically close enough for the warmed air coming from his wicked, sarcastic mouth to actually be touching her, and there's no literal way the air from his lungs is carving a glistening ruby red A in the back of her head where everyone can see and know-
He may have been ten paces more cautious than her and two strides less publicly selfish than David, but he was no yellow-blooded, lily-liveried coward, either. )
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Just kinda curious what sorts of AUs people are interested in seeing these days. I mean, over here we've got HP, pirates, werepoodles... I myself may have a secret stack of Rachel Shepard drabbles somewhere on my computer.  So I ask, lovely comm, What do you all want to see? Then make someone write it!
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So I was reading this article on how movies rip off other stuff (beware, the link goes to Cracked.com and it's one of those websites where you'll lose a few hours easily), and they linked to an article on how Avatar might've easily been based on this one short story (I've also heard it's basically Disney's Pocahontas, but that's beside the point).

But go look at the cover for that short story and then try to tell me that you see anything other than an Andalite. =)

(Granted, I see the differences--that creature is built, and has clawed feet instead of hooves, and no tail blade, but...still. Lol.)
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I was randomly wondering today – who among the Animorphs would you say is the best fighter? I don't mean in terms of tactics and strategy, just raw kickassery. 

I would say it's either Rachel or Ax, but I can't decide which. But you may disagree with me. You could even make a case for David being the best fighter, since none of the Animorphs were able to defeat him in single combat.
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What do you think the Andalite equivalent of a guy sucking in his gut and standing up straighter, or a girl playing with her hair, or any of the other myriad unconcious social cues we give out when we're worried about being around someone we admire, would be? I'm not really talking about sexual attraction or flirting, just wanting to look your best in front of the great Prince you've heard so much about.

Of course, if this was ever mentioned in the books and I missed it, that would be even better.

I'm working on some fanfic right now, and experiencing major block at this point. Any and all opinions are vigorously welcome, but please keep in mind that I'm really looking for some decidedly alien behaviors, not just human behavior transplanted to an Andalite body.

Thank you all so much!
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(Warning for new readers that there might be spoilers in the comments of this post)

With the relaunch starting really soon, I've been getting really excited, like any other fan who read the books as they were getting released long ago in the 90's. But then I came across this post on Racebending.com about getting the Marco model changed. On the post, they say that the two changes being made to the series are the updated covers and "the book series' trademark pop culture  references will be changed to appeal to young readers". 

Are they really doing that? It seems like a massive job and could greatly affect the story. It shocked me because I hadn't considered the fact that the story might be changing; I thought the relaunch was strictly reprinting the old books with new covers.  

And then it got me thinking as to if they were making any other changes to the story. Certainly nothing major (otherwise whole books would have to be rewritten) but is there anything else being changed? Do we know how drastic the changes are? And how do you feel about the changes that might be made? 

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I want to start off by saying that Tobias is my favorite character. We have a lot in common (except for the hawk thing, of course). I have a little crush on him and R/T has ruined me for normal ships in other fandoms.

Cut for length and disillusionment )
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...and how their homework was suffering as a result...when exactly did they write down their stories?

I think we've touched on this topic before, in one of the character discussions or something, but it's something that's irked me again as I'm rereading the ending arc and I thought perhaps we could go a bit deeper.

So let's get all Inception up in here.... )
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I've just been out shoveling another 14in of snow for the last few hours (can't even tell now because it's still snowing ergo the universe HATES me), and since the weather was too bad to safely have music playing I had *lots* of time to let my mind wander while my back and arm started cramping.

The Animorphs lived (and the Yeerk invasion is set) somewhere in California- something about Hollywood/celebrities being on the news so much the Yeerka figured they were the most important people in the country, yes? However, once they had made multiple intellegent people controllers, why didn't the Yeerks focus on, say, New York City or Washington DC? Their both much more populated, financial and political powerhouses, etc.

Soooo anyone see the series playing completely differently if our human heroes had lived on the east coast? Aside from the fact the wouldn't have lived in near perpetual warm weather an KAA would have had to work seasons into the series *somewhere*. And it would have taken LOTS more misdirection to get Cassie over the outback ;).
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So I'm in a Fantasy/SciFi themed Lit class this semester, and we had to read Ender's Game for it. For anyone who hasn't read it, the summary is over here on Wiki, and it's about a little boy whose entire purpose of existence is to be trained to hopefully be able to lead a defense against an alien race. He ends up in Battle School, where by the time he's 11 he's been leading armies in simulated battles where the deck is entirely stacked against him, been taught to kill if it meant he'd survive, and to make the same sort of choices Jake's making by the end of Animorphs, but Jake had the benefit of being nearly 16 (or already 16? I don't remember anymore D:) by the time he made them (not that it's much of a benefit, but 16 versus 11 is at least something). The plot deals just as much with Ender dealing with the effects of being a child weapon, just like Animorphs does - in Ender's Game, they're intentionally breaking him down and rebuilding him to be what they want, which if you go back through cause and effect far enough, I think it's arguable that the Ellimist did the same thing to the kids. Or, for that matter, that the Ellimist and Crayak's games are equally comparable to the battle simulators they put Ender through.

I looked through the back posts in the comm, and the closest thing I can find is this post that includes a quote from an interview with KAA and Michael saying that their influences are more philosophical than science fiction, but with Ender's Game being released originally in 1985 (and that quote admitting that Michael's a scifi fan), I can't help wondering if Ender's Game had any influence on the series. Do any of you know anything, or have any thoughts on the matter?

On a smaller note, if you haven't read Ender's Game before, I'm 90% that any of you who enjoyed Animorphs would also enjoy Ender's Game as well. I highly recommend it, if you haven't already read it, and if you have, I'm very interested in your thoughts.
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It's said they evolved from prey animals. I do remember that.

Which leads me to wonder--Could Andalites spook like horses do? I mean they won't flip out the way a horse does. Andalitse have the brain to assess what they see and realize it's not a threat. But still, they'd have that moment of "gasp OHSH-- oh, it's just a plastic bag in the wind." Especially if only one stalk eye is focused on something and the other has to whirl around to grant depth perception.

Baby Andalites would probably be the ones who would take off running in full flip-out freak mode.

And poor Gafinilan. His eyesight was going bad because of the Soola's disease. Can you imagine if his instincts to spook were triggered worse by his failing vision?* Poor guy.

*Horses can sometimes spook if they see something, but just don't see it CLEARLY because they're using their monocular side vision. Same as when you see something in the corner of your eye that can look distorted, like a shadow, so you jerk your head to look. A horse's instinct is to just GTFO. My mom rode and lived around horses a lot when she was young.

Gaffy probably couldn't see too well in the final stages of his sickness, so just a person walking into the house without identifying themselves could send him scurrying or whipping his tail. O_O Depends on how sick he is and if he can still use his tail by that point. That has to suck so bad for him.

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This quote from #54 just got me thinking:

"I wasn't just Cassie the Animorph anymore. I had been moved out of the Interior Department when the new President was elected. She had appointed me instead to the new position of Special Assistant to the President for Resident Aliens."

I find the use of the word 'she' to describe the President interesting. Since the US hasn't had a female president, I imagine this would have been a big deal in the Aniverse. But more importantly, it makes me wonder - what if the President is actually a female politician that we've met before? What if she's the Governor?

We never do find out the Governor's fate - and while it's likely that the Yeerks killed her, it is also possible that she managed to go into hiding and survive. If she did survive, well...being the person who warned the world of the Yeerk invasion? That's some serious political credibility there. (And personally, I think the Governor as the President would be awesome)

Of course, this would also mean that Marco would now be able to morph the President.
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I'm new to this comm, but not to Animorphs. You might remember me back when Yahoo chat still worked in 1998 and 1999--I used to RP my Andalite OC by the name of Semeir-Cooraf-Armaheen. LONG ago...I'm aging myself, aren't I?

Anyhow, I've found that when I read the books, I gave some of the main Andalite characters the voices of actors I'm familiar with. Do you do this, too? Here's my cast:

Elfangor - Christopher Reeve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkcLRL9cBtk
Aximili - Elijah Wood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrIMKROmGSA
Aldrea - Willow Johnson (Kikyou in Inuyasha) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED0jdh3X3_Q
Alloran/Visser 3 - Christopher Lloyd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_dkpgrMKw
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Been around the fandom (mainly observing) since back in the day, but this comm is so much fun (and active for an older series ♥) that I haven't been able to stay away- or avoid drabbling in fanfiction. :shameless plug:

HOWEVER, I'm stuck on one issue for a Rachel's family-centric series I'm working on. Rachel's mother, Naomi, isn't listed anywhere I can find with a last name... And I cannot see her AT ALL keeping her ex-husband's, or using his professionally (given their head butting marital history) before the divorce.

I've wiki-ed (all I learned there was that Naomi means "enjoyment, pleasure, or gratification" - ha, irony you win again) and I've googled and I've got NOTHING concise. A little help from the fandom?

Thank you!
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When I first read about how Andalites eat, I thought it sounded plausible. (For anybody passing by who somehow missed this bit of trivia: Andalites eat by walking on grass. This pulverizes the grass enough that juice comes out, and they absorb the grass-juice through their hooves. It sounds pretty convenient... they don't even have to stop what they're doing to eat. They just walk around.) Some things I learned recently made me think more about how this would work. Read more... )
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I've been doing a mass reread in the last while, and I've been thinking about #41, with its extremely ambiguous ending.
Obviously, it's very much left open to interpretation what Jake decided ... the way he calls Cassie at the end could play into either scenario.

My personal opinion is that Jake chose to sacrifice Cassie.  To me, this book marks a turning point in his character, and the events here set the stage for him to make the decision that he did in 53.  In light of how he acts later, I think it seems inevitable that he did choose to sacrifice her here.

What do you guys think Jake chose to do?

Also, what do you think of the theory that the being at the end is The One?  To me, it doesn't seem like it.  The way it spoke was rather dissimilar to The One.  But another high-up omnipotent being is hard to swallow - unless it's some kind of Ellimist squared, on a par with The One (who I always thought of  as basically Crayak2).  (Ooh, fanfic idea ...)

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What would you like to see if there was a new Animorphs series? I'm not sure how good it'd be with the original team, much as I like them...but would you like a scenerio with a new group of kids? Maybe a different species invading? Or a Yeerk return and a setting like The Familiar would be fun. It'd be interesting just for things like more Andalite-human cooperation. What're some of your ideas?


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