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Hey Animorph fans, I'm looking for some rough, probably unscientific demographic information for the final episode of the Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide. If you could fill out the linked survey that'd be awesome. Also, share with any Ani-fans who might not come here? Thank you very much.

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Hi everyone! So, with the recent news that the republishing of the Animorphs books is likely to be cancelled, this leaves us with a quandary in regards to the series re-reads. Namely, that currently I've been posting them a week after each book is officially republished, which will be kinda hard to do if they're not being republished at all. I'd like to know how often you guys would like to see the series re-reads go up, so let me know what you think.

[Poll #1865111]

And on a semi-related note: We also used to have regular Discussion Posts each week, taken from this list of topics. They were posted by [livejournal.com profile] buffyangellvr23 though, and since I haven't seen her around for a while we haven't been having them anymore. Is this something that people would like to see start up again? And if so, is there anyone who particularly wants to volunteer to put up the posts?
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Hey guys! So, last month when we had the series re-read post for #3, it didn't end up getting any comments. Since the responses have been so quiet on the series re-reads, I'd like to have a poll to see whether you guys are still interested in the re-reads, and if you are, whether you'd like to see the regularity of the re-reads change (since having them after each book is republished does make them rather irregular, which might be hard for people to keep up with).

If you have any other thoughts about what we could do with the re-reads, please comment!

[Poll #1769679]

Edit: Just a note for those who might not know the schedule for the republications - the books are currently being released every two months. The series re-reads are also currently being posted at the same time.
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Okay, since #3's official re-release is about 5 days away, I just want to do a quick poll on exactly when would be the best time to put up the series re-reads. Last time I had #1's a week or two after the official release, and #2 a few weeks after that, so I'd just like to see if people would prefer for me to keep giving people time to get the books, or if you guys would prefer them sooner. So - the poll!

[Poll #1756201]
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Since it has come up recently, [livejournal.com profile] animorphs actually has a rule that, for the most part, has been rarely enforced in the past. This rule has been around since before I became a mod here - I'm not sure if it's been in place since the community's creation, but it's possible that it has - but it's time for a review of it.

For reference, this is the rule in question:

"Since Animorphs is a children's series, please keep the discussions here PG-13 rated. A good rule to go by is whether it's safe to view at work or school - if it's not, then this community probably isn't the place for it. So don't post any explicit material, and please tone down the swearing."

More information on some of the original reasoning behind this rule can be found here.

Now, since having a rule in place that either not enforced or only enforced sometimes is rather vague and arbitrary, I'd like to have some discussion on this. Either we keep the rule and I start enforcing it, or we remove all (or part) of the rule. Below is also a poll for everyone to vote in regarding this.

[Poll #1708836]
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As a few people have mentioned recently in regards to the proposed Spoiler Policy, currently Ax's existence counts as a spoiler and thus would need to be marked (at least until #4 is reprinted). Since Ax is a main character and a very significant part of the entire series, spoilering away his entire existence is rather difficult and potentially unweildy. So, I'd just like to have a quick poll to see if the comm thinks Ax's existence should be marked as a spoiler or not.

[Poll #1681286]
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The entries are all in, so it is finally time to vote! The winners of each category will receive a personalised banner, 500 LJ Tokens, and of course eternal Animorphs fame and glory!

Entrants may not vote for their own entries, but they may vote for any other entry. Polls will remain open for a week, and the winners will be announced on January 12. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fan Art Entry #5 has been disqualified, as this entry has been published elsewhere. Votes for this entry will not be counted. If you do end up voting for this entry, you may comment to this post and tell me your alternate vote, and I'll count it manually.

[Poll #1664832]
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As there were quite a few differing opinions in our earlier discussion on implementing a spoiler policy, I'm holding this poll to help decide what should and should not be marked as spoilers. Please keep in mind that I'm intending to use the results of this to formulate our spoiler policy, so consider your choices carefully!

Also, even if you vote "no" for the first question, please answer all questions in the poll.

[Poll #1662227]

Edit: By "unreleased books", I mean any book which hasn't been reprinted yet. Currently, that's all of them, but when #1 & #2 are reprinted, that will just be #3 and beyond, etc
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Hey everyone! As you might know, we currently have a fan art and fiction competition going on. It's still early days, but I'd like to see what people would prefer in terms of how we put up the entries. Since they're anonymous (at least until voting), I'm going to be reposting them here in the comm myself. But! There are two ways we can go about this:

Option One: I post the entries as they come in. This has the advantage of them being spread out over time, and potentially inspiring other works. However, this also means some entries would have had more time for people to view them than others.

Option Two: I post all of the entries at once, after the due date. This has the advantage of putting everyone on equal footing, but also means that we could potentially have a gazillion posts all on one day.

So! Which one would you guys prefer?

[Poll #1644351]
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In a recent post, some people here said they wanted to see the [livejournal.com profile] animorphs layout changed. What do you think?

[Poll #880404]
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With 399 members, I thought it would be fun to take a poll. I'm pretty sure this is within the community rules, but if not, just let me know and I'll take it down. It's only twelve questions, so please take a couple minutes to fill it out! I'd love to get a better idea of where the Animorphs fandom is right now.

Cut for length. )
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Just to get a general idea about Ani fans..

EDIT: Please resubmit your answers!

Please select two answers so it reads "Senior, in highschool." or "Sophomore, in college."

[Poll #471416]

As [livejournal.com profile] janinedog pointed out, for those not in the US:

Freshman: 1st year
Sophomore: 2nd year
Junior: 3rd year
Senior: 4th year


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