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Here is a cool link to a red-tailed hawk webcam maintained by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They just had three chicks fledge, so you might get a chance to see baby hawks flying!
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I'm the co-creator of a new podcast called Thought-Speak; it focuses on the discussion and review of the entire Animorphs book series. Whether you read them as a kid, or found them later on, this is a series that has had a lot of staying power and really resonates with a certain generation. We're hoping that we can entertain them and promote to new readers as well.

Appreciate any feedback or sharing. Listen in at our website (http://thoughtspeakcast.com/[1] ) or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher. Thanks for your time.
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Marco gets caught up in the self-help industry, UPN and Hanson. I don't know, it probably made sense at the time.

Watch on Blip:

or watch the Youtube version below the cut!

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So, I didn't actually find any of these funny, but I was like "OMG! ANIMORPHS!"

Best of Animorphs Meme - CollegeHumor Picture Gallery

Fic Reccom

Jul. 30th, 2013 06:14 pm
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While browsing through AO3's directory, I came across this little wonderful treat. Not sure if it's been posted here before, but I thought I'd share it with you guys anyways. Because it was a really good crossover concept and idea, and we all like to believe that at least some fraction of the team still lives on after the last page has been turned:

Title: The Archer with the Eyes of a Hawk
Author: Lia
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/series/21398
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We have a comm here?? I come with humble offerings. :) Super glad I've found this place; I know there are Animorphs fans on Tumblr but I never gelled with that site.

Everything is hosted on AO3, my primary fic archive (I hope linking is okay).

Old Man's War
<For freedom.>
<Well earned,> and Arbron's voice held as much longing as it did Andalite pride.

Alloran-Semitur-Corrass, and coming home.

Five lessons they learned that will never make it into Jake’s memoir.

Oath and Judgement
Even if I don't make it out alive, I want Pedro to have at least two hours of freedom.

Maybe one day I'll get around to writing about Erek, after the war...or that idea about putting the voluntary Controllers on trial for (literally) crimes against humanity...
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"Things fall to Earth because of the law of gravity."
"What did we do before the law was passed?"
Hey everyone! This is Ember Nickel (primeideal), longtime fan and occasional author of fanfic. A few months ago, I completed a long series reread of Animorphs, jotting down things that caught my eye along the way. Starting around book 9 (and Megamorphs 1), I noticed a couple patterns of things I'd like to discuss further. Here, I'll be talking about more of the "science" side of "science fiction." So the intro-y stuff will be a biology refresher course, and then it'll be onto the fandom aspects! (Feel free to skim.)
For those of you who do know more about biology than me, I'm sorry if I've egregiously misrepresented any of the details. I'm also sorry if I'm quibbling about something that annoys me more than it annoys you, but I had to get this out there.

Read all the ramble on Dreamwidth.
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Hi everyone!

So I've updated the hosting and website of my comic. (As well, I've updated my router which fixed my OSX Lion internet issues and now I can stream regularly!)

I'm streaming now if you'd like to come in and be around Ani-fans!

You can check for future streaming times via Twitter @AnimorphsComic

See ya there!

XKCD Comic

Mar. 18th, 2013 01:25 pm
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XKCD's comic had a fun alt-text today. Fellow Anifans might want to check it out.

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On tumblr I discovered an awesome new Animorphs comic. The artist made only 3 pages thus far, but I always get so enthusiastic when I see great art in the Animorphs fandom.

So here's the link to her deviantART.

I really hope the girl continues to do the comic, because I really like her style.

And while we're at it, does anybody know more links to other Animorphs comic artists? There used to be a few people around who started doing one, but I lost track of them.
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Anyone ever do a search for "Animorphs" on Twitter?


Do it, it's hilarious.

The funniest thing are people using "Animorphs" as a verb. I mean... "animorphs into a pygmy goat". Wut. Everyone should post the funniest ones from Twitter XD There are some real gems you can't even MAKE up!

PS: The comic is back! :)
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I see from recent entries that I'm not the only one to do a let's-read of these books. :P But still, through the month of November, I'm taking a critical look at the first five books of the series over here on my blog. I usually review books that I hate, but I decided to do something that I love this month.
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Hello my lovely Ani-people,

I've just created [livejournal.com profile] kamg_weekly_100, a drabble comm for works by Michael Grant and K.A. Applegate. One prompt will be posted per week; the next post will be up Friday 24 August AEST. Come and join, and recruit all your LJ friends who aren't in this comm! :)

(ETA in case people are confused by the name - it's not an RPF comm. :D)

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Hey guys! So, since [livejournal.com profile] natural_blue_26 shared that "Texts from the Animorphs" tumblr a few days ago, it's occurred to me that our Animorphs Links & Communities page could use updating to include some tumblrs.

Problem is, I don't use tumblr so I have no idea where all the fun Animorphs tumblrs are. So! In the interest of having more than one tumblr on the links page, what Animorphs tumblrs do you guys know of that should go on the list?
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Anyone who hasn't seen Texts From the Animorphs on tumblr - which included me until today - you are missing out on laughing yourself sick over the twisted image/text mash-ups they've come up with on this delightfully irreverent blog.

Some personal favorites include:

It's CANON I tell you - it just happened off page screen.

All the dead trash cans = explained.
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Title: Yellow
Characters: David, Marco, Rachel
Rating: Mature for implied actions between a threesome of minors
Beta: Quick Pitch-hit from [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol
Summary: Um, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol, [livejournal.com profile] with_rainfall and I somehow ended up on the topic of whether or not David/Marco/Rachel could work as a OT3 here on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. This happened. As the prompt had to be filled in a 'three sentence long fic' format beware of abused, over-stuffed run-on sentences, and every grammatical trick I could whip out of my sleeves because these are a LONG assortment of nine sentences. Haven't actually written anything in forever (let alone David!) and is this too weird, or is this a way that this OT3 might actually work/happen? (As this is a fledgling pairing, any and all comments and ideas are especially appreciated!)
Notes: Please pretend that David possibly wasn't just a three four book character, and that Rachel/Tobias is more of an emotional possibility than a confirmed canon at this point. What actually happened entirely up to everyone's own dirty mind, but I would love to know what your think. ;) (Additionally we're going with stereotypically yellow pencils here so the prompt can actually APPLY to the first one.)

Crossposted here, here, and here at my journal.

-/- Rachel -/-

Her hand grips steadily tighter around the pencil she's supposed to be using to bubble in the answers on the scan-tron test, and she feels the wood creak just barely perceptively between her fingers; it's close to breaking, but not quite there, which is remarkably close to how she feels at the moment - squeezed, bending away from how (who) she's supposed to be, unable to fulfill or focus on her proper function in school, the war, or her own life.

They're both in the same class with her now; one two rows ahead of her to the left and the other directly behind her and to the right, and she can practically feel the latter one breathing even though he's not technically close enough for the warmed air coming from his wicked, sarcastic mouth to actually be touching her, and there's no literal way the air from his lungs is carving a glistening ruby red A in the back of her head where everyone can see and know-
He may have been ten paces more cautious than her and two strides less publicly selfish than David, but he was no yellow-blooded, lily-liveried coward, either. )
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Now that the polar bear who my money is on as Marco has your attention, someone passed on this wonderful, quick, insane crack!fic spewing Mad Libs maker on [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets today, and since we've been a bit quiet around here lately (and there seems to be a generally appreciation for occasional silliness here), I just had to pay this forward..

Your challenge, should you choose to accept, is to go forth and make every (intentionally cracky) crack pairing tangent we've ever had at this comm look sane and well thought through, and then come back and post the results below in the comments for the amusement of all.

Go! :D


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