Sep. 6th, 2014 12:17 pm
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Hi everyone! I'm new...and fairly surprised to find an active community for such an old(ish) series!

I remember reading the series when I was in Junior High School (loved Scholastic Book fairs!). I never finished the series, though I know how it ends. Guess I just grew out of it...which is sad.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I was house sitting and browsing their Netflix when I discovered the Animorphs TV show (which I loved when it first aired, even though I admit it is corny and not very good). That of course brought back all these nostalgia feelings and I wanted to re-read the series. And let me tell you, finding copies of those books is hard! I've got almost all of them now and am slowly making my way through them. I am way older than the intended audience, and occasionally I do wish the books were a bit longer, but they hold up really well. And I'm surprised how dark and kind of depressing they are. I don't remember feeling that way about them when I was younger...maybe I just missed it?

I am really enjoying my re-read, and I'm glad that I found this community! I look forward to reading what everyone has to say about the series!
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Hi. I'm new. I will probably never reread the books in full, which is why I wouldn't trust myself to write fic for them. That hasn't stopped me from writing meta about Animorphs, but fics are harder, and I wouldn't want to get something wrong.

So that's why I'm dumping my plotbunnies on you!

fairly minor spoilers )

Also, one of the posts I'm planning for [livejournal.com profile] month_of_meta should be partly about Animorphs, just to alert anyone who might be interested.

And, finally, hi, everyone. :) Nice to meet you.
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Hi, everyone. brief introductory spiel )

As an offering, I bring you this fanvid I made, a montage of clips from various movies thrown together, using actors that come pretty close to my mental images of these characters. Read more... )
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Well, hey. I've been lurking for a while but never got around to joining (which is the story on a couple other places as well, I'm not sure whether it's the timesink I'm afraid of or...what). Anyway, I'm here now.

I'm old enough to have been a fan for--gulp--a decade now, but not old enough to remember the books' release. I'm also one of, yes, those fans, who as a young first-time reader was too idealistic and shallow to appreciate the dark postmodern relevance of the finale, and as a less-young nth-time reader is...still too idealistic and shallow to appreciate the dark postmodern relevance of the finale. One change of tone (from hopeful to slap-happy ghostwritten repetition or to bleak darkness, say) is perhaps understandable over the evolution of the series. Two, for me, is just going a bit too far. So, sorry if I'm a little out of place here among the cool cats

I've been writing fanfic since before I knew there was an internet for it, and some of my recent/complete works are here and a more comprehensive (but lower quality) list is over here. Some of you might know me as Ember Nickel. I write less in the fandom these days but you never know, I might dip back in every now and then. So, see you around, I guess. :)
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Somehow I didn't realize that this existed until yesterday when I was looking for the quote in the Hork-Bajir Chronicles about Andalites being light sleepers and I wasn't at home so I couldn't manually look it up. I came across the Hork-Bajir Chronicles re-read from 2009 instead and have been obsessively reading going through this community ever since.

I usually go by Sarah1281 but when I joined livejournal that was taken.

I've written six stories for Animorphs and reading this has given me ideas for more.

In chronological order there's:

1. The Death and Rebirth of Hope - written three years ago (so beware) and has Tom's POV of the first book.
2. Just Missed the Call - Melissa Chapman declines Rachel's invitation to go to the mall that fateful night.
3. On Moving On - Cassie tries to justify to herself and deal with her decisions at the end (I think that's non-spoilery enough, someone correct me if I'm wrong)
4. Offer of a Lifetime - the Ellimist offers a random Animorphs' fan the opportunity to be a part of the series...and they realize that that would be a terrible idea.
5. An Animorphs Christmas Carol - I write a Christmas Carol fic every year and this past Christmas was Jake's turn.
6. Idyllic - my massive, half-posted series of same-universe canon-compliant one-shots about the Berenson family. It started off with me realizing how disturbing it was that Jake never learned the second Yeerk's name and kept calling him Tom and wanting to have some more Tom stories and believing that the best thing to do when you want to read a story is to write that story. It turns out I have a lot to say about Jean, Steve, Jake, and Tom. 57 chapters posted so far out of a total of 100, updated at least once a week.

So...yeah, that's my Animorphs contribution. I look forward to getting to take part in the discussions here.

Um.... Hi?

Jun. 21st, 2011 06:18 pm
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 Hi..... I'm HPMewmorpher. Some of you may know me from RAF or YAH (The Yeerks are Here) as Mewmorpher........ Um..... I don't know if I'm doing this right.... if you want to know about me, I got into Animorphs in 5th grade, my Dad told me about it....... um......Hi.


Jan. 21st, 2011 11:50 pm
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Okay, I have no idea whether I'm doing this right, but [livejournal.com profile] natural_blue_26 told me to post this here sooo.

Title: Horoscopes
Characters: Jake, James
Setting: mid-#50 (Ultimate)
Prompt: Animorphs, Jake/James, Between the lines of fear and blame, you begin to wonder why you came (anythingbutgrey.livejournal.com/760101.html)
Rating: PG(-13 if you count the two swearwords in the last line)

It isn't just the six of them anymore, he realizes. Things are changing. The war is growing. Bursting at the seams. How long till it explodes?

Also, hi. I'm Anita. I'm new here. -waves-
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I'm new to this comm, but not to Animorphs. You might remember me back when Yahoo chat still worked in 1998 and 1999--I used to RP my Andalite OC by the name of Semeir-Cooraf-Armaheen. LONG ago...I'm aging myself, aren't I?

Anyhow, I've found that when I read the books, I gave some of the main Andalite characters the voices of actors I'm familiar with. Do you do this, too? Here's my cast:

Elfangor - Christopher Reeve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkcLRL9cBtk
Aximili - Elijah Wood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrIMKROmGSA
Aldrea - Willow Johnson (Kikyou in Inuyasha) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED0jdh3X3_Q
Alloran/Visser 3 - Christopher Lloyd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_dkpgrMKw
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Hey wow.. animorphs is still goin strong eh? I remember that stuff back in high skewl :>

Just made an LJ looking for places to mingle and jingle and pringle and stuff.
This place sounds like a start.. read countless animorph books as a kid.  Always loved the covers of them with the really strange awkward transitions lol.

cheerio I'll keep tabs on this!

Found You!

Sep. 17th, 2010 02:47 pm
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Hello, fellow Animorphs fans!

I can't believe there is still an active group of Animorph fans out there! You have no idea how much finding this community made my day. I never had many friends who liked Animorphs when I was younger and, much older now but still with a complete collection, fans have been even hard for me to find.

I'm so excited to have found you guys! It really makes me want to dive back into my books. How ironic I want to relive my childhood when I should be working on my college thesis instead :P

I won't use a long introduction; I'll only say that I have been a fan of the books (and even the TV series) for years. I owe my love of reading and writing to Animorphs; it gave me my start in the world of literature. Thank you, Animorphs!

Out of curiosity, I saw the 'series re-read' tag. Are we allowed to just jump in whenever we want with a 'series re-read'? I've been dying to re-read the series from start to finish for a while now and it would be even more fun to write out my journey in posts. So is that an appropriate use of the tag or would I drive you all crazy with such posts? :)

Can't wait to talk more Animorphs with you guys!

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...Kinda D:

New member :) I loved this series as a little kid. I know I didn't finish it... I just kinda grabbed books from what animal was on the cover xD (ie, my first book was 14 because ZOMG HORSIEEEEEE). But I read a little over half of them I guess? As an 'adult' (I'm 21 now) I got the urge to reread them not to long ago... so I've been slowly working through them via my nook. I'm on up to 41 now : D I've been really enjoying them so far! I still don't know how I read this without scarring myself as a young kid, my lord. I don't really have a favorite character :/ I like the boys (and Alloran and Elfangor) a lot more then I like Rachel and Cassie... but I don't really hate the girls though. They don't annoy me as much when it's their perspective books- from the others they can come off a bit more stereotyped I guess :/ But I have mad love for Edriss/Eva so far : D

Andddd I just got my tablet back, and I've been wanting to doodle andalites for a while, soo I attempted one D: It started off as a random, then it kinda turned into Ax. Forgive the wonky anatomy, I'm horrible at horses and humans so one combined was... not fun :/

picture hereeee )

Soooo Hi :)

new here

Aug. 29th, 2010 06:15 pm
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Hi! I've been a lurker in this community for a looong time now and I thought I should finally join it. My name is Johanna and I live in a small country in Europe, called Austria (hope some of you know it). I'm a huge fan of the Animorphs since I was 11 or 12. My love for them never really died. I used to pick up a book and read my favourite parts/ chapters time and again but this summer is my big re-reading-them-all-summer (or at least reading up to # 30 because the stopped translating them into german after this one). And this brings back so many memories of the good old days, like when I used to look to the sky and watch for Tobias (even though we do not have red-tails around here) or tried to aquire my cat or refused to kill a fly because it could have been one of them. (Yeah, I really was that geeky). You see, I was really into them. They were and still are amazing.
And just as most of the members in this community I think they are so great not only because of this whole we-are-morphing-into-animals-to-save-the-world adventure aspect but mostly because there were so many deep and moral issues in the books. I guess this is the reason why I still love them, even at the age of 21.
Anyway, I'm just glad I found such an active community and I'm looking forward to participate here more often. And sorry for my bad english, I'll try my best to make myself clear but since it's not my mothertongue I might make some mistakes.

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Been around the fandom (mainly observing) since back in the day, but this comm is so much fun (and active for an older series ♥) that I haven't been able to stay away- or avoid drabbling in fanfiction. :shameless plug:

HOWEVER, I'm stuck on one issue for a Rachel's family-centric series I'm working on. Rachel's mother, Naomi, isn't listed anywhere I can find with a last name... And I cannot see her AT ALL keeping her ex-husband's, or using his professionally (given their head butting marital history) before the divorce.

I've wiki-ed (all I learned there was that Naomi means "enjoyment, pleasure, or gratification" - ha, irony you win again) and I've googled and I've got NOTHING concise. A little help from the fandom?

Thank you!

Hi, people

Jul. 25th, 2010 07:55 pm
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Hi! I've been lurking in this community for a while and finally decided to jump the gun and set up a livejournal so I could participate.

Now to the boring Story of My Life As An Animorphs Fans . . . I got into the series long after the series ended. When I was in third grade or so I always used to surreptitiously read the backs of the Animorphs books in the library but was too chicken to check them out for a long time; I was too embarassed to read books with such, um, garish covers. Anyway, I basically enjoyed them, forgot about them, and then went back through the series when I was older and grew to genuinely love them.

My favorite characters are probably Ax (I love the Andalites in all their arrogant, militaristic, f'ed-up glory) and Marco (both his silly and serious moments), but I like all the Animorphs about the same, honestly. Although I am rather curious to hear the story of why some people hate Cassie so much.

I also recently discovered Animorphs: The Radio Drama, which is great, and retriggered my interest in the series.

I've been rereading Remnants too (or what books the public library has of the series). I don't like it as much - I can't put my finger on exactly why. I like Jobs and Billy the best, I think; I want to strangle Yago but of course that was intended.

I've read some Everworld too and really, really liked it but my library's gone and gotten rid of all its copies for some idiot reason.

Anyway, a question: did the Yeerks have to possess sentient species? Or could they have taken over non-sentient ones?
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Hi guys I’m new! I don’t really use my lj that much but recently I got into my somewhat biennial habit of re-reading all my old Animorph books and found this community. Like a lot of fans of the books I was SUPER into them when they were first coming out and then sort of forgot about them and then later re-discovered them. I've been looking at some of the past entries here and I just keep getting more and more excited for finding a community to finally be able to discuss Animorphs with, since growing up none of my friends or family members (or pretty much anyone I knew) were into them. Also, just read the entry about Scholastic re-printing the series and it's so exciting that they'd be coming back! I've always hoped, and still hope, that someday the books could get re-printed as a single book. I know that it'd be huge (though I think they could make it work by having the book be slightly larger with smaller font size) but I've always liked the idea of having all the books together kind of like what they did with that one re-printed version of the Chronicles of Narnia series. Anyways, now that I'm re-reading the books I was interested in seeing other people's opinions on certain things :)

Discussion questions with possible spoilers if you haven't read The Beginning yet... )
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Hi, this is an intro post. =)

So let's see...I'm 24 years old, married, work a mundane job and my taste in books is kind of all over the map.

I discovered Animorphs when I was about 14 or 15. My friend had been trying to get me into them by quoting me the funny bits, but it didn't take. However, she went on a shopping trip and bought The Andalite Chronicles and one of the early books (I think #2, but I won't swear to it), and they got left at my house. I read TAC cover to cover in one sitting, after which I was so emotionally drained I could barely believe a book could have that much power--and I've been a voracious reader since I could read. It's hands-down the most amazing book in the whole series, and one of the most amazing books I've ever read, period.

This being back in the days before the interwebs (well, not really, but before I had regular access to them), I wasn't as deeply into it as I wanted to be--I'd borrow my friend's books when I could, and would buy the odd one that I'd find in the bookstore, but up until about a year ago I only ever had/read about ten of the books. (I managed to find #54 but never read it; I wanted to eventually read all the others first.) It was at that point that I joined bookmooch.com and while I was contemplating what I wanted to spend my points on, I either bought a new-to-me Animorphs book at a used bookstore, or pulled one out of my to-be-read pile of books, and a light went on--"I must have them all! I must read them!"

The closer I got to the end, the harder they were to track down (I'm sure you all know what I mean) and for the last few I actually broke down and paid money, lol, got them off eBay and Amazon. I was reading them all along, now I have them all and am reading my way to the end at about half a book per workday, lol (I get 2 15-minute breaks per workday and I spend them reading, plus whatever time I spend reading at night). I'm currently about halfway through #49.

I have some discussion topics I'd kind of like to bring up, but I'm going to refrain for the time being; I'm so ridiculously close to the end that if my questions are answered in the last book I'd really feel like an idiot. (Some things I've read make me think that they are going to be answered...the downside to the magical internet machine is that sometimes you can't help but read spoilers. I know who dies in the end and all.)

I've been lurking a bit, reading the comments on the series rereads. I'm sure I'll have something to say on the next one. =)

My husband keeps asking me what I'm going to do when I finally finish them. At this point I'm thinking a reread of TAC would be a nice, full-circle finish to the whole thing; it'd be my fifth time reading it and I don't often revisit books in full (I'll skim if I'm trying to remember a point but cover-to-cover is a bit daunting when I have so many NEW books to read). After that I'll probably need a shift in genre and move on to something else but I don't know what, I have a lot in the to-be-read pile to choose from. =)

Hey, y'all.

Mar. 2nd, 2010 09:47 pm
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*tentative waving* Hi there. Name's Alana, I've been reading Animorphs since I was nine or so. I'm fourteen now, so a lot younger than most of the rest of you - when I got into the series, it was completely finished already (thank god for my local used bookstore). I was cleaning out my bookshelves a week or so ago, and I found my old Animorphs - I remembered liking them, so I decided to reread the series for old time's sake...

...and there went any free time I was planning on having, ever again. I'd forgotten how good these books are. I occasionally write fic, so I'll maybe post some of that here, as well as drawing a lot - which brings me nicely to the question I wanted to ask. Does anyone here have any actors, actresses, etc. that they've always thought looked like a particular Animorph? I got nothing, and I've been drawing the Animorphs a lot lately, trying to figure out how they look in my style. Any help is greatly appreciated, especially with Jake, Marco, Cassie and human!Ax. Thanks.
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Hello, group of like-minded Animorphs enthusiasts! :D I can't even explain the nerdgasm I had when I realized "ah-durr, LJ has communities for the kind of nostalgic obsessions I have! Let's join one!" 

I am most gleeful to see this place being active and generally awesome, and come bearing a gift of a 3 AM doodle of everyone's favorite resident alien. When I was a kid, I thought Ax was the coolest thing since ANYTHING EVER... and now that I'm re-discovering the books, I found that I WAS RIGHT, DAMMIT. >D 

Enjoy. :3 And hooray! 

Do you desire the bun-zuh? )
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Hey everyone! I was a huge fan of Animorphs when I was in jr high and high school. I found book 11 The Forbidden in my cousin's room and asked if I could borrow it (ended up keeping it forever; I doubt he's noticed). I hadn't thought of Animorphs for years until I found this com and now I am filled with nostalgia. I gave my books to my little sister when I moved out of my parent's house, so I might just have to drop by and reborrow them!
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I've been in the comm for awhile but I've never said 'hi' so um, hi!
I will say now, that I haven't read the series since I was in sixth grade, but got rehooked because I own the Hork-Bajir and Andalite Chronicals which are both massive win, and am totally rereading the series out of order!
Because my library sucks and only has 29 of the books in the whole district. And their in the kid's section. I got stared at when I walked up there because when I say kid's section, I mean, with bees and flowers and pastel colors.
I still think they have Animorphs miscategorized.
And they were all large print. Which now makes me feel like a creepy old person who can't read 12 point font AND goes to the kid's section of the library for books! Anyone ever feel like that?
And I'm slow and totally just make the connection between Chapman in the Andalite Chronicals and the Vice Principal. I feel dumb.

Moving on...
Um, as far as character renderings go, are they any 'official' renderings beyond the vague book descriptions? Cuz I wanna do fanart and keep seeing human!Tobias as... kind of... pretty... not girly- but not masculine.
Nextly, any tips about drawing Andalites? Should I just look up horse anatomy tutorials and work with that?

And finally: I never saw the 'show' of Animorphs on Nickelodeon(though I've heard it was fail) and I'm curious as to how they made the Andalites look in that. And the Hork-Bajir.
They're badass aliens. They seem like they would be hard to make in live action stuff.
So... screencaps maybe?
And how do the tags work in this comm?
Okay- I am now done.
Thank you in advance!
And this comm is win.

Expect fanart.
EDIT: Fixed tags! 8D


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