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Welcome to the Animorphs Gift Exchange!

Do you write fanfic or create fanart? Do you like Animorphs? Then this is the exchange for you!

Everyone will give one gift, be it fanfic or fanart, that fits with one of three prompt words chosen by the recipient. Everyone will receive one gift, be it fanfic or fanart that fits with one of 3 prompt words they choose. Pairings and other details may be suggested, but givers are not required to adhere to requests beyond the prompts. The only guarantee participants get is that their gift will focus on one of their chosen prompts, though every effort will be made to ensure that everyone will be pleased with their gift (the more info you give in your sign-up as to your preferences both for giving and getting, the better we'll be able to match you).


1) All work created for this exchange must be new, Animorphs-centric, and created with your recipient in mind, using one of the 3 prompt words chosen by your recipient. You may use 2 or all of the prompt words if you wish, but are only required to use one of them.
2) None of the work created may be posted anywhere until your posting day. Please do not reveal who your recipient is until then! Gifts should be posted to this community (links to AO3, LJ, or Tumblr also okay, but you must post your link with title/rating/recipient). A template will be posted in October to make this easier for anyone new to the exchange.
3) If you sign up for the exchange and DO NOT complete your assignment, you CANNOT participate next time around. If you find you will be unable to complete your assignment, PM [livejournal.com profile] frenchroast immediately so an alternate giver can be found.
4) Again, givers are only required to create a gift that fits with one of the prompts requested by the recipient; givers are not bound by other requests by the receiver. It is up to the giver to decide whether to gift fanfic or fanart.
5) Other-fandom-specific Alternate Universes and/or Crossovers are allowed IF requested by the recipient, but not otherwise.
6)FanFic: 1000 words minimum (may be divided into more than one story/multiple drabbles, but must be complete)
   FanArt: 20 icons minimum, OR 1 detailed drawing/sketch/wallpaper/gif set


Everyone should choose 3 words as prompts for your giver. At least 2 should come from the list below.

Parasite         Blade                  Illusion              Reunion           Ocean              Battle               Silly                Mother          Nightmare

Insane           Hope                  Cage                 Six                     Prince              Home               Diversion       Gift                Change

Predator        Revenge            Sky                   Secret               Escape             Tiny                 Sister             Trust             Chronicles

Bun                Rip                     Capture            Red                  Broccoli             Curse              Race              Wild              Dream

Tentative Schedule:
August 11, 2015 - Sign-Ups Close
August 18, 2015 - Assignments will be sent out through Private Messages
End of September - Check in
Approximately October 15, 2015 - A sign-up list for posting dates will go up.
November 1, 2015 - Posting starts! Posting will be spread out over a week or so depending on the number of entrants.

Please complete the sign-up information below and post it as a comment to this entry! Comments will be screened.

I Can Create --Answer all that apply and be as detailed as possible; if you can only write fic or create art, that is okay; leave the other blank!

Fic: Highest rating you’re comfortable writing? Characters/pairings/tropes you love to write/don’t write? Alternate Universes/Crossovers you’d love to create? Books you haven’t read? Angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Access to images? Which mediums (icons, sketch, paint, etc.)? Species you prefer/refuse to illustrate? Quotes or textless icons? Favorite scenes? Etc?

For the gift I receive I would love/hate to see --Please give a response for both categories—remember, your giver chooses whether you get fic or art!

Fic: Highest rating you can handle? Other characters/pairings/tropes? Squicks? A particular chronological point or relationship in the series you’d love to read more about? AUs/Crossovers you'd like? Prefer angst/humor/fluff/smut? Etc?
Art: Specific scenes/moments from the series? Colours? Personalization, quotes, or lyrics? Quotes or textless icons preferred? Pairings you like/hate? Etc?

Your 3 Prompt Words:

Would you be willing to create an extra gift if someone fails to complete their assigned gift? Yes/No/Maybe

Any questions, feel free to ask or send me a PM! Have fun!

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Hey, guys! I threw together a little graphic on tumblr, here Just thought I'd share. If you feel like it, let me know your thoughts, and like/reblog if the spirit moves you. ;) My cast is as follows:

Note: This is not me saying, "I wish there was a movie/show and that these were the actors." I don't really ask, "Could they play the part?" when fancasting - for me, it's just, "Are there good shots of them looking like the character?" that I can use to create Thus all of the actors I've chosen are actually too old now to play the Animorphs (and Irma Pany* doesn't actually do any acting, as far as I know - she's a musician - and I got the idea to use Irma Pany from [livejournal.com profile] charreed -- thanks!)
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big bang

The first-ever Animorphs Big Bang Challenge

What is a Big Bang? It's a fanworks challenge where fandom communities encourage their writers to write long-form fan fiction, which is then given to an artist who will provide art based on the fic.

Author Sign-Ups: Until March 1
Artist Sign-Ups: Until April 1
Author Check In/Official Summaries Due/Last Chance To Back Out: May 1
Artist Claims: May 1-May 7
Matching Reveal: May 10ish
Rough Drafts Due (to Artists): June 1
Author/Artist Check In (Posting Signups): June 15
Posting Begins: July 1

FAQ CliffNotes: 10,000 words miniumum; no content restrictions; everybody be cool; you need to have a livejournal account to participate and it's easy to sign up but e-mail me at wordplaysam[at]gmail if you have some big moral issue with briefly joining livejournal and we'll see what we can do; bad Animorphs jokes.


Author Sign-Ups / Artist Sign-Ups / Editor Sign-Ups
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So, I didn't actually find any of these funny, but I was like "OMG! ANIMORPHS!"

Best of Animorphs Meme - CollegeHumor Picture Gallery
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Hi everyone!

So I've updated the hosting and website of my comic. (As well, I've updated my router which fixed my OSX Lion internet issues and now I can stream regularly!)

I'm streaming now if you'd like to come in and be around Ani-fans!

You can check for future streaming times via Twitter @AnimorphsComic

See ya there!
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Anyone who hasn't seen Texts From the Animorphs on tumblr - which included me until today - you are missing out on laughing yourself sick over the twisted image/text mash-ups they've come up with on this delightfully irreverent blog.

Some personal favorites include:

It's CANON I tell you - it just happened off page screen.

All the dead trash cans = explained.
More behind cut... )
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Judging by the comments, some of you lovely Ani-fans have already seen this-- but as it's been mentioned before that not everyone follows [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets, the Ani-love must be passed on back to the comm. ^_^

Image cut to not disturb anyone's feed... )
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...I thought we would all enjoy this. Anyone who doesn't watch/follow [livejournal.com profile] fandomsecrets and missed this nostalgia kick on Monday's batch...

 (PIcture behind cut) )

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So, as people may or may not have noticed, I've changed one of my icons. It used to be Elfangor in a Santa hat. Now it's Elfangor in a top hat. Naturally, this involved a complex and laborious decision making process of photoshopping lots of various and amusing hats onto Elfangor's head.

I will now present to you...what could have been.

Cut to protect your virgin eyes from the Pure Awesomeness of Elfangor's hats )
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For those of us with Personas on our Firefox, I created this


It's not perfect by any means, and it's a little smaller than I'd wanted, but it came out okay considering my being restricted to online photo editors. I will do a larger one but I have to decide how, since they don't like duplicates...maybe if it's bigger, they won't fight me, though.
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When 'Animorphs' was first coming out, I remember being so fascinated by the covers. Before I even opened to the first page of each new release, I studied the cover morph very carefully, seeing how the two bodies blended together so perfectly. Back then, the technology to make the morphs was far beyond our reach but now people can easily do it in their own homes, with their own computer programs. I've seen pictures on the Net of the end result of people making their own.

Has anyone here ever given this a shot? Care to share your secrets and the program you use? I'd love to try my hand at it. 


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Today, me and the Elfangor-mun from one of my RP games had a discussion lamenting the lack of "Elfangor-wearing a Santa hat" fanart. Because clearly, if "Visser Three pulling Santa's sleigh" fanart exists, this should too. Alas, since neither of us could draw, my hasty photoshopping skills will have to suffice:

Elfangor Clause! )
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A fellow Animorphs fan showed me this website:

And of course being the huge Animorphs nerds that we are, we decided it was just BEGGING to be used to create all the kids... (warning: they're kind of big)

here )

Needless to say, Ax was a little difficult... no blue skin tone :)

How would you guys create the Animorphs? Or what would you want to morph yourself into?

My spore.

Oct. 23rd, 2008 12:52 am
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I was supposed to write a Paper.

I did this instead.

Also, I have this strange urge to do a Ben 10/Animorphs Crossover. Anyone willing to do it with me? Lol.

then there's his Multifandom RPG I'm in that's been craving the animorphs forever.

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this might be a longshot, but does anyone know where i can find this rachel/tobias wallpaper -- it's very pretty, golden, with blends of rachel and tobias from the TV show, with a large picture of a hawk taking up most of the right side? there are also ripped pages with words on them around the wallpaper. if anyone can help, it would be really appreciated!
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So, the Spore Creature Creator demo recently came out, and I've been going nuts with it. For those of you who don't know, this demo allows you to create different kinds of creatures from basic templates. There's a lot of variety in what you can create, though it's not infinite.

One of the many things I've done with it recently was to try and make some Animorphs aliens.

Spore versions of an Andalite and a Hork-Bajir )

Anything else I should try making? I was thinking of attempting a Gedd or a Ketran next.


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