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Hey, guys! I threw together a little graphic on tumblr, here Just thought I'd share. If you feel like it, let me know your thoughts, and like/reblog if the spirit moves you. ;) My cast is as follows:

Note: This is not me saying, "I wish there was a movie/show and that these were the actors." I don't really ask, "Could they play the part?" when fancasting - for me, it's just, "Are there good shots of them looking like the character?" that I can use to create Thus all of the actors I've chosen are actually too old now to play the Animorphs (and Irma Pany* doesn't actually do any acting, as far as I know - she's a musician - and I got the idea to use Irma Pany from [livejournal.com profile] charreed -- thanks!)
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Hi, everyone. brief introductory spiel )

As an offering, I bring you this fanvid I made, a montage of clips from various movies thrown together, using actors that come pretty close to my mental images of these characters. Read more... )
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If I were casting for an Animorphs movie, I'd have to pick Cameroonian pop singer Irma for Cassie:

Dead ringer, no? :D

Who'd you pick for the cast if a live action Animorphs movie was being made?
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so the bookstore that i used to buy all my animorphs books at when i was a little kid is closing this month and so naturally i've been feeling super nostalgic about the books. i decided to do some graphics for a dream cast (i knowww these have been done like a thousand times but they're always so fun) and i posted these over at my blog but i thought i'd share them with you all too :) my choices are a little on the older side but i honestly had a hard time seeing them as SUCH little kids when i read them simply because of everything they go through but anyway~

let's do it! )
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which actors would you cast as the 6 Animorphs, Visser 3 (human morph) David, human Elfangor, Loren, ...?

I'm bringing this topic up again because I was watching the Casper movie from 1994 recently and Devon Sawa kind of reminded me of Tobias in the last scene.

For me he really had this "sad, gentle .... blabla eyes"- thing to him in that movie.

This made me think of other actors I could imagine playing the Animorphs (and other Characters).

My suggestions )I would cast William Moseley as Jake. He would pass as a good leader. (He would have to dye his hair, though).

If Amanda Seyfired were taller I think she'd make a good Rachel.

Kevin Spacy would be my Visser 3

Kyle Gallner as David

Peter Facinelli as Elfangor

I don't know about Marco and Cassie and Loren though....
And I know they are all too old anyway, because if they are making it into a movie, they should stick to the facts of the books and that means they should be kids around the age of 13 rather than 16 year olds (which bugged me about the TV-show).

Still I wish they would make an Animorphs movie, it would make the Anis much more recognized here in Central Europe. And with all these CGI and special effects of today, I'm convinced it could be amazing.

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Hi! This is my first post! =)

Okay so obviously we know who the official actors and actresses who play the Animorphs are, due to the Nickelodeon show. But I think it'd be cool to make a brand new cast list!

It's just like how [livejournal.com profile] seeyouupside suggested Alicia Silverstone as Rachel. Just name the person, include a picture, and explain why. Y/n?

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Well I just re watched some of the old episodes and wow the suckyness but I still remember getting hyped on that stupid song when they aired the piolit and we just watched in aw as the books burst into flames. So I was thinking and idk if it has been talked about before but could you see it as an hour long TV Drama today?? and who would you cast? Open the imagination and stretch the casting doesn't have to be true to the book.

I could seriously see and keep Shawn Ashmore as Jake, he fit's the boy next door look and has that leadership act down.

And I know it's kinda hoaky but I'm a huge fan and could see her in another powerful role. I would put Sarah Michelle Geller as Rachel. Like I said cheesy but we have all seen her kick ass, now lets see her kick ass in morph, and a grizzly not a lion.

And just to fit the personality but not the look. I could either see Seth Green or Ryan Cooley as Marco. The personality and humor fit very well but like I said the look could easily be changed by hairdye and make up.

Really don't know about Cassie, I don't think Nadia did a horrible job, they just messed up the story.

Ax is kinda tough but bare with me, I could see a young Jonathan Rhys Meyers playing him, smart but funny with a very good arrogance.

Tobias I could see as a Val Kilmer, if you ever saw Real Genius you could see the thin good looking guy and we all know he play secluded just look at his Bruce Wayne.

The thought speak voice of Visser Three is could hear as Robert Axelrod, which many people didn't know his name but he was the voice of Lord Zedd in the Power Ranger Series and I can just hear Zedd saying "I morphed and lifted him up and ate him" like the visser so elegantly put in "Visser"

So what about you guys?? I know there are some great ideas, lets get some stuff going.

And I posted it as a comment earlier but was anyone else really megalomatic and wanted the Yeerks to win or even actually help them?? Everyone says I'm screwed in the head because I wanted them to win, someone help me out on this one.
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I remember being so excited when I found out that Animorphs was going to be a TV series.....and then I was so let down when it finally came out. Shawn Ashmore, while I love him, just wasn't how I picture Jake to be at all. Brooke Nevin looked like Rachel, but I didn't think she was a very good actress. Boris and Nadia were fine but not very memorable. I did love Christopher Ralph and Paulo Asdlkajdlasjd i can't remember how to spell his last name lol. But anyway, what I originally started off meaning to say was that I think that the series was a bit of a failure, even though it was a valiant effort :)

If they were ever to try again, who would you cast as the different characters??

i'm sorry if this sort of entry has already been posted, I'm new and ignorant.


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