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apologies if there's already a post like this but i didn't see one :)

i just finished another re-read of the books and as usual, i'm reeling. as most of us are 20somethings now most likely with a taste for science fiction thanks to these books i was wondering if any of you could recommend a book or series that an adult might like if they enjoyed animorphs? what i'm looking for is something that captures the emotion that animorphs did - which is why i figured i'd ask here rather than consult google since the rest of the world doesn't realize how much of a gutwrenching punch these books pack and to them it's just a goofy series with goofy covers :P any recs are appreciated!
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i was scrolling through the animorphs tag on tumblr and saw someone pasted an excerpt from an article someone posted only five days ago here. i was excited at first to see it mentioned in something so recently but i disagreed with most of the article - i personally didn't think what the kids were going through was a metaphor for anything - it was just a straight telling of the effects of war, if not in a larger than life, sci-fi setting. also i really didn't like how the article ended - these books have enough of a reputation as being stupid (granted yes there ARE a lot of questionable installments in the series but..!) without someone re-affirming that belief in an article. what do you guys make of it?
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I'm re-reading the Animorphs series for the fourth time in my life and just finished #23 The Pretender. There's something that's been bothering as I've been reading these again and I wanted to get your thoughts on it. I'm putting this below a cut just in case of spoilers for any books past #20, especially the David trilogy.

Possible Spoilers Below )
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"Things fall to Earth because of the law of gravity."
"What did we do before the law was passed?"
Hey everyone! This is Ember Nickel (primeideal), longtime fan and occasional author of fanfic. A few months ago, I completed a long series reread of Animorphs, jotting down things that caught my eye along the way. Starting around book 9 (and Megamorphs 1), I noticed a couple patterns of things I'd like to discuss further. Here, I'll be talking about more of the "science" side of "science fiction." So the intro-y stuff will be a biology refresher course, and then it'll be onto the fandom aspects! (Feel free to skim.)
For those of you who do know more about biology than me, I'm sorry if I've egregiously misrepresented any of the details. I'm also sorry if I'm quibbling about something that annoys me more than it annoys you, but I had to get this out there.

Read all the ramble on Dreamwidth.
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I recently stumbled across that open letter that Katherine Applegate wrote to the Ani-fans after #54. In that letter she explained why she ended the series that way and that life isn't full of happy endings either. And I totally get that. But I gotta say I STILL don't like the ending. And it's not the fact that Jake got serious PTSD that bothers me. Or that Rachel died. Or that Jake and Cassie broke up. Or that Tobias turned away from humanity completely. I was more or less okay with all those things. I liked that the aftermath of the war was palpable through the different ways the characters dealt with what had happened. It was painful but it was... real.

But what I have a serious problem with, is the whole "The One" business and the open ending. A completely new and unknown villain and a sucicidal mission? Was that really necessary? And what exactly had happened to Ax? That was so bizarre. If I remember correctly he got swallowed by something?

Another thing that didn't make sense to me was the total lack of Loren. Why didn't they at least mention her? That seemed odd to me. First they make a big deal out of her reunion with Tobias and then she isn't even mentioned in the last book? That's sad. And it's not like she was only Tobias's mother. She was also Elfangor's One True Love. She shouldn't have just disappeared. Or at least they should have given us an explanation for her disappearance.

Anyways, I'd much rather the last book ended after we found out how everyone was doing, several years after the war. That would have been enough for me. This whole "The One" stuff kinda ruined the ending for me.
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So, what happened in the timeline Elfangor created by breaking time accidentally? There is no Aximili. Why not? Why wouldn't their parents have been more inclined to produce more offspring, rather than less? Were they no longer allowed because Elfangor had gone missing and the Andalite government thought he was somehow defective? Did Elfangor's parents give up after losing their first son?

What is the actual sequence of events? Elfangor is born; Elfangor is the equivalent a young teen when his parents decide to make like Sims and Try For Baby; Elfangor shows up out of nowhere shortly thereafter, full-grown?

What is the sequence of events in the fixed timeline? The fixed version of the timeline makes much less sense than the so-called broken one. We know that fixed-timeline!Elfangor sired a child in human morph, and wrote a will under the name Alan Fangor. And yet the person copulating with the child's mother is not Elfangor. I... don't understand this bit at all. Did Loren never actually have an alternate husband? And when was Elfangor an aristh? Did he visit the Taxxon Homeworld with Arbron? Was he the same age as he was when it happened in The Andalite Chronicles? Judging by the Yeerk records of events, my current theory is that the sequence of events is thus: first, Elfangor is born, grows up, and becomes an aristh as a young teen; second, time dissolves into a fuzzy-wuzzy timey-wimey ball; third, Arbron is trapped in morph, Tobias exists, and Elfangor is an adult. I doubt any cause and effect links these events at all.

What would have happened in a timeline that was never fixed because it wasn't broken? What if there had been no Time Matrix, or what if it had not been uncovered by the Skrit Na? Would Elfangor and Loren have died in space? What about Esplin and Alloran? Presumably, Tobias would not exist; would the Animorphs have come together? Would Aximili have been born? Would he have been on the ship and found himself on Earth? Would Earth have simply been lost?

I would love to read AU fanfiction about this.
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They can be your favourites or the ones you felt were best/worst even though they weren't the ones you gushed over. It'll be interesting to see what people come up with.

Bottom Five

The Hidden
The Mutation
The Weakness
The Unexpected, which wasn't as bad as you'd think because of Caftran for an Ani book.
I can't think of a fifth one that's totally unsalvageable. I'll go with The Suspicion, since I've thankfully never had the misfortune of reading #42.

Top Five

The Ellimist Chronicles, no question about it
The Illusion
The Sacrifice because of Auxsomeness
The Alien had me in stitches.
And, of course, last but not least is The Familiar, because it showed a really interesting if slightly WTF-y future. A bit of an odd choice, I guess, but it's one of my favourites because of the Bad Future.
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So I've been trying to piece together Loren's timeline for a fic I'm working on, and I've realized it's ridiculously complicated and self-contradictory. I've done my level best to string it together, and I've decided to share it with all of you so you can comment with any corrections, or use it for your own Loren fics (because there is never enough Loren fic.)

Loren's Objective Timeline (as it actually happened):

1969: The Andalite-Yeerk war begins (according to dates in The Hork-Bajir Chronicles)

1974: Loren is abducted by Skrit Na and has adventures with Elfangor (5 years after the beginning of the war according to Elfangor in the Andalite Chronicles)

1979: Through the handwavium of the Time Matrix, Elfangor and Loren appear on Earth. Loren appears eighteen as she should be, because of weird aging effects of the Time Matrix mini-universe, but no one remembers she was gone. (The Andalite Chronicles)*

1982: Tobias is conceived. Elfangor is whisked away from Earth and Loren's memories and timeline are altered.

1985: Loren gets in a car accident and loses her vision and her memory. Tobias goes to live with his aunt and uncle. (Estimated based on Loren's memory of Tobias: "They brought a little boy to me after the accident. A baby really." To be described that way - first as a little boy, then corrected to baby - indicates developmentally that Tobias was somewhere between 2 and a half and 3. This fits Tobias having no memory of her, as most people remember nothing before age 4.)

2000: Tobias gives Loren the morphing power and whisks her away to the Hork-Bajir valley (year estimated in this Wiki article)

Loren's Subjective Timeline (as she knows it):

1979 - 1982: Loren marries Tobias' fake dad, who Tobias believes to be his dad until #23, though on second thought they may not have been married (Tobias' fake dad is discussed at the end of the Andalite Chronicles and in #23 by DeGroot)

1982: Tobias is conceived. Presumably according to Loren's memory and everyone else's, fake dad is the father, but via Ellimist timey-wimeyness and laser-guided amnesia, Elfangor is the father.

1982 - 1985: Tobias' fake dad dies. No indication of whether this was in the same accident that disabled Loren or if it happened earlier than that. (Tobias says his fake dad is dead in #23 The Pretender, and Loren's story in #49 indicates that Tobias' dad was dead by the time she was recovered enough from the accident to form memories)

1985: Car accident

2000: Loren meets Tobias

*Thanks to everyone in this comment thread for clarifying this point
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What is whitewashing?

Whitewashing is when a character of color is depicted as white, or has their physical features changed to more closely resemble Western white beauty standards. This can occur in a variety of media. It can happen in theater, film, or television when a white actor is cast to play a character of color. It can happen in fanart, when a character who is canonically a person of color is represented as white. It can also happen in fanfiction, if a character of color is described as white.

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If you had to choose at least one sentence/phrase/paragraph to represent the entire series, which would you choose? I'm not talking about your favourite sentence, just a few that you think capture the essence of Animorphs.

 "Be happy for me, and for all who fly free" - #3
This one is so beautiful. To me it says that freedom is a precious thing in itself and ought to be appreciated rather than being a given.
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Note: this post mentions triggery things and comments will almost certainly contain spoilers.

On rereading or rediscovering Animorphs as an adult, how has your perception of characters (major and/or minor) changed from when you were a kid? Since I haven't read the series again, I'm not going to go too in-depth (I'll leave that to you awesome people!).
If you have too many feelings - because I suspect most of us weren't exactly philosophers at nine years old, yes? -  just pick the most important ones. XD

Rambling under the cut )

And this comm helps too, because I pretty much read the books piecemeal, and I was too immature to really do them justice. They were really more of an entertaining escape for me (hey, I read all kinds of crap at ten - hello, Goosebumps), and none of the characters really grabbed me even then because I didn't think about them too deeply. But now I'd really love to rediscover them from a new angle. :)
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"An Andalite may think that humans are simple, open, trusting creatures. But they are more subtle than they seem to be at first. Possibly this is because of their spoken language, where no one word ever means just one thing."
From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

It occurred to me that due to the advent of real life, etc etc etc, we haven't had a mad discussion post in awhile. So, for anyone in the mood, I ask you to forgive me the following 1990's PBS kids show reference and consider the following:

Five most difficult conflicts between characters that you like.

Major characters, minor characters, brothers, friends, enemies, cross-species conflicts, whatever. What always stuck out for you the most as a conflict that was in introduced between characters within this series, and then was either resolved (or not) to your satisfaction but struck a chord with you either way? (Reasons, quotes, theories, head canon, whatever.)

Originally posted by [info]semielliptical at Fannish Friday 5 on Feb. 3rd, 2012
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Okay, I'm rediscovering my Ani-love at the moment and have to post here more often to satisfy it :)
I have another question for my fellow community members and Animorphs lovers:

If you had to name three of the most intense/emotional moments in the books, which ones would you pick and why?

3 of my favourites are:

The Rachel/Jake talk in the hospital in book #22
Okay, I don't even know why I picked this particular scene, because the whole book was pretty intense. But it was the first time someone put in words how Rachel got affected by the war and I liked the way Rachel reacted to what Jake had to say. I mean, she could have cried or something like that, but that's just not Rachel. Also I liked how she pointed out that Jake wouldn't have been able to go back to his old self either. Obviously we saw that in the last book, but I think even if Rachel and Tom had survived he would have been severely damaged (like everyone in a way), because he was a leader in a war at such young age and had to make so many life-and-death decisions.

The Tobias/Rachel talk in her room in book #23
There's so much emotion in this scene. And it shows so nicely how much Rachel cares about Tobias and how important she and the whole group are for him. Although he is a bird and thus isolated from his species, he had a feeling of belonging for the first time in his life ever. And of course he was afraid he would lose his friends if he became permanently human again.
I still wish he would have returned to being human at the end of the war, though. I never fully understood his decision to stay a bird. Okay, so he lost Rachel which was the worst that could happen to him and it probably ripped his heart out. But with the introduction of Loren, who really seemed to care about him, it just didn't make that much sense. (I hate that she was completely abandoned in the last book.) On the other hand I'm also having a hard time imagining birdboy without his wings. So maybe it was for the best. Sorry for rambling, but I wanted to get that off my chest.

The Cassie/Jake kiss in #26.
I liked how it was described (at least we got more than "She kissed me") and how it basically led to the success of the whole mission because the kiss was then stored in the minds of the howlers, who thus found out what love is.

Okay, that's just three of the moments that come to my mind. Feel free to share yours.

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I'm not very big on comics, except for the comic-ization of The Stand that I'm nearly done getting, but has anyone checked out the Power Pack series? It's not a regular one now, but was for a while in the 80s...the origin story has some familiar parts to it...group of kids, dying alien, gives them powers. In this case, they're four kids from the same family, and along with getting tangled in the superhero storylines of the rest of the Marvel world, they fight alien lizards called Snarks.

That would have been a really funny thing to put into one of the books, given Marco's comic affinity. I can imagine Jake reacting like he did in The Extreme..."Why read it when you're living it?" lol

I'd love to fanfic it, but it'd need a AU or portal thingy or something, since we know the comics are fiction in the ani-world.

Ugh, not sure what tags to use.
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Anifans, lend me your recommendations!

After many years of (not so) subtle hints, I've finally gotten my boyfriend slightly interested in reading Animorphs. However, he definitely doesn't have time to read the entire series all the way through (and I don't blame him, I'm not sure I would even recommend the entire series to someone our age).

So, I want to recommend to him a handful of specific books that he'd especially like. However, I already have a pretty good sense of which ones are really important to the story overall (the Chronicles, the non-filler books, the books with really central character development and plot points) so I wanted to ask something a little different.

The thing he's most interested in about this series is how the Animorphs handle the animal brain while in morph, and the conflicts that arise from that. So far his favorite character is Tobias, because he appreciates the struggle that Tobias has in reconciling his predatory animal instincts with his human side. I've already recommended #3 and #13 to him, and he was very interested in the way that Tobias finally accepted his existence as a hawk. Do you guys have any other recommendations of specific books that do this kind of thing a lot, especially with predatory animals? It doesn't have to just involve Tobias, but any really interesting human brain-animal brain conflict is what I'm looking for here.

Bonus points, of course, for books that have a lot of this AND are good and important to the plot for unrelated reasons.

Thanks in advance!
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Hey, it's been a while since I posted to this community. I'm still a regular observer, though.

I'd like to start a little questionnaire. The questions are basically the same [livejournal.com profile] schizoscribe used a few years ago, so credits to her. But I thought it would be fun to do it again.
Here are the questions:

Animorphs could have used more __________________
Animorphs could have used less ___________________

Animorphs could have used a lot more __________________
Animorphs could have used a lot less ___________________

Animorphs really made me happy when I read _________________
Animorphs confused me to no end when I read _________________

Animorphs still makes laugh when I read ___________________
Animorphs still makes me cry when I read __________________
Animorphs still makes me sad when I read __________________

If there were one thing I could change about Animorphs it would be ________________

My answers... )


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