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Does anyone enjoy assigning personality types to fictional characters? As in the Enneagram/9 Types and/or the Jungian/MBTI? Because I know I do.

Here's how I would type our five idiot teens, but I'd be curious to hear differing interpretations.

Tobias: Type Four (with a 5 "wing type") - The Individualist/Bohemian SxSoSp and INFP (description 1) (description 2) - The Idealist
Rachel: Type Eight (with a 7 wing, I'd say) - The Challenger/Maverick SxSpSo and ESTP (1) (2) - The Doer
Marco: Type Six (7 wing?) - The Loyalist SpSoSx and ENTP (1) (2) - The Visionary
Cassie: Type One (with a 9 wing) - The Reformer/Idealist (Nah, probably a 9w1 -- I mean, it's called The Peacemaker!) SoSpSx and INFJ (1) (2) - The Protector
Jake: Type Nine (8 wing?) - The Peacemaker/Referee Actually, he's probably a Type Six, too, like Marco and Ax. (Could he be a Three? The descriptions of healthy 3s at their best sort of sounds like him at his best, aka toward the beginning of the series. ) SoSxSp and ... ENTJ? * (1) (2) - The Executive
Ax: Type Six (5wing) SoSpSx and ISTJ (1) (2) - The Duty Fulfiller

In italics, I've given what I think are the stacking orders of the three instincts in the Enneagram model for the characters (SP=Self-Preservation, Sx=Sexual, So=Social). Here's a link that describes what those mean.

*Jake is giving me a surprisingly difficult time. I'm not sure he is naturally an ENTJ at all, but he certainly "puts on" that personality, at the very least, as the leader of the Animorphs. Maybe it was always who he was and it just becomes more defined through the role he plays. I kind of also see him as an ENFJ or ENFP, maybe even INFJ. Just don't know. Marco, too, I am struggling with. I settled on ENTP eventually because it captures some of the contradictory elements of his character in one cohesive profile, but a part of me sees him as an INTJ who just loves masquerading around as an ESFP. :/ Thoughts?
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Note: this post mentions triggery things and comments will almost certainly contain spoilers.

On rereading or rediscovering Animorphs as an adult, how has your perception of characters (major and/or minor) changed from when you were a kid? Since I haven't read the series again, I'm not going to go too in-depth (I'll leave that to you awesome people!).
If you have too many feelings - because I suspect most of us weren't exactly philosophers at nine years old, yes? -  just pick the most important ones. XD

Rambling under the cut )

And this comm helps too, because I pretty much read the books piecemeal, and I was too immature to really do them justice. They were really more of an entertaining escape for me (hey, I read all kinds of crap at ten - hello, Goosebumps), and none of the characters really grabbed me even then because I didn't think about them too deeply. But now I'd really love to rediscover them from a new angle. :)
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"An Andalite may think that humans are simple, open, trusting creatures. But they are more subtle than they seem to be at first. Possibly this is because of their spoken language, where no one word ever means just one thing."
From the Earth Diary of Aximili-Esgarrouth-Isthill

It occurred to me that due to the advent of real life, etc etc etc, we haven't had a mad discussion post in awhile. So, for anyone in the mood, I ask you to forgive me the following 1990's PBS kids show reference and consider the following:

Five most difficult conflicts between characters that you like.

Major characters, minor characters, brothers, friends, enemies, cross-species conflicts, whatever. What always stuck out for you the most as a conflict that was in introduced between characters within this series, and then was either resolved (or not) to your satisfaction but struck a chord with you either way? (Reasons, quotes, theories, head canon, whatever.)

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Early postage because tomorrow's going to be a bit busy and I'm afraid I'll be too tired by nighttime. I'm just going to start at the top...can I collaborate with someone on a list, so I can keep everything straight? I'd appreciate it.

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I'm assuming these are Cassie's parents, correct?

I do love how they were all intrigued by Ax and the butt-touching scene was funny. I also would love to be around someone with jobs like theirs...that kind of thing is so cool to me. Anyway, I remember they also liked the Hork-Bajir once they were in the valley. Another nice scene was when Erek showed the home movie, and then Michelle hugged Cassie. They were probably the most accepting of all the parents when you think about it.

I have one or two more of these and then the list is finished.
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So...Mary Sue or not Mary Sue, that is the question. I have seen a lot of different reactions to her, although I didn't have any sort of really strong one. I do think a case could be made for the writers going overboard a bit, but IDK one way or the other.
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I felt bad for them near the end, with getting infested and all...it had to be quite a shock though when the whole thing broke loose and they realized they didn't have ordinary kids lol
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I thought I did her, but I guess not. I found her rather interesting, the way you couldn't tell where she ended and the yeerk began. She did have some psycho tendancies, the way she tortured Tobias without remorse. She was a person who was willing to do whatever it took to get ahead, no matter who it hurt. And her accident probably pushed her over the edge, when everyone started making fun of her.
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Part 2 of the 'Ellmist, Crayak and Drode' stuff. The Ellimist's opposite. And his minion, apparently. (has anyone ever drawn Drode? I'd love to see a fanart.) And if you want, the Howlers are in the mix too. I like how Jake first sees the eye in The Capture, but it's not all explained until a few books later.

I can't help but think of Stephen King too...Randal Flagg had an eye thing going on too. IDK about Dark Tower but it was in The Stand.

Wow, in six weeks, I'll be done, unless I can think of anyone else. That ought to work out good, so as not to spoiler the new peeps after May.
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Going through what's left on the list, but I'll give him his own, and do Crayak and Drode next week. My brain is too tired to come up with much, but he did definately add some interesting things to the series. I am very curious to see what is said about him.
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I don't think I've done them yet. But could someone do me a favor and update the list, please, so my most recent ones are crossed off? I do think this was one of the most complex problems of the family situations, at least after Nora came into the picture. I loved it when they finally freed Eva, but it can't be denied that Peter seemed to love both of them. I often wonder if Marco should have revealed something earlier, but I guess it was too risky. And then we have Marco lying about Nora being infested, to try and help his dad not feel as sad and hurt. I can see why Marco'd feel bad, and I wonder if the truth ever came out.
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This could prove interesting. I do like how it got Ax to rethink his dislike of 'vecols', and it was definately an ethical issue, even though it was logical why they chose disabled kids. I was sad that they all apparently died before the end myself. I do wonder what it would have been like if they'd recruited more animorphs earlier on in the timeline, or whether they were better off waiting so long. I know they were afraid of another David, that was understandable.
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My brain is dead tired tonight but I got the thing up at least. She was a real interesting case given the amnesia thing...but I'm one of those who asks what went on with her and TObias at the end that he didn't stick with her.


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