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Hello again everyone! I am very pleased to announce that [ profile] frenchroast has volunteered to take over the modding of the community. I am confident that she is going to do an awesome job, and so I now take off my modhat and pass it on to [ profile] frenchroast. Thanks everyone!
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Hi everyone! So, I've been mod of this community for over two years now - and you've all been a fantastic comm to moderate, I have to say - but I think it's time for let someone new take charge of the community. I am getting a bit tired, and while I wouldn't call moderating the community at all difficult, I don't have as much energy to put into it as I used to. I'm also no longer up to date with LJ at all, so if they make any changes that might affect the comm I'm likely to completely miss them. As such, I'd like to pass on the modship to someone new.

If you are interested in taking over, please either PM me or send me an email (blue[dot]rampion[at]gmail[dot]com), and tell me how you'd intend to mod the community.
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Hey everyone! As you might have noticed, LJ is getting hit with quite a bit of spam lately, and this comm's no exception. I've been deleting all of the ones that have appeared on posts that I've got tracked, but since I don't track all of the comm's posts there might be some that I've missed. So if you see any around, just comment with a link to them here and I'll make sure they're deleted and marked as spam.
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Hey everyone! I held a poll not long ago asking how often people would like to see the series re-reads go up, and since "once a month" was the pretty clear winner, they will now be monthly! I'm going to be posting them at the start of each month as that's easier for me to remember (although since I'm actually about to move, this month might not be able to go up on the first - I'll have to see what my access to net is like). So, the next re-read will (hopefully) be on the 1st of October.

[ profile] anijen21 also made the great suggestion of linking to Cinnamon Bunzuh reviews as a dicussion starter, so that'll be appearing as well (I may also link the Opinionated Animorphs reviews too). Which does bring me to one quick question - since that will mean doing the re-reads in a slightly new way, do you guys want to start afresh with #1 or keep going on with #9? (or more likely Megamorphs #1 since that with it not being re-released we haven't had a discussion for it.) Is there any interest in starting over, or does everyone want to just keep moving on?
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Hi everyone! So, with the recent news that the republishing of the Animorphs books is likely to be cancelled, this leaves us with a quandary in regards to the series re-reads. Namely, that currently I've been posting them a week after each book is officially republished, which will be kinda hard to do if they're not being republished at all. I'd like to know how often you guys would like to see the series re-reads go up, so let me know what you think.

[Poll #1865111]

And on a semi-related note: We also used to have regular Discussion Posts each week, taken from this list of topics. They were posted by [ profile] buffyangellvr23 though, and since I haven't seen her around for a while we haven't been having them anymore. Is this something that people would like to see start up again? And if so, is there anyone who particularly wants to volunteer to put up the posts?

New Layout

Dec. 24th, 2011 09:57 pm
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As the majority of voters in the recent poll voted to use a custom comment page rather than LJ's new default comment page, I have now updated the community's layout. It's not as pretty as our previous layout, but it's functional.

This should be temporary - LJ has stated that they do plan to make an S2 layout that mimics the functionality of the old comment pages. Unless the layout we have now turns out to be better, most likely I'll be switching the community over to that once it's available.
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Okay, so as you guys may have noticed, LJ just made a new update that makes considerable changes to the default comment page. Changes include the removal of subject lines, parent links, and the drop-down icon keyword menu. Also the expand thread option appears to be broken (although I'm not sure if that was intentional or not), and there are a number of design changes.

Since [ profile] animorphs uses the default comment page, this means our custom comment pages have been affected by this update. S2 styles are unaffected by this update, so custom comment pages are unaffected. As this update affects functionality, I would like to know whether you would like to stick with the default and LJ's changes, or change to a custom comment page. Changing to custom comment pages would require finding a new layout, as our current one does not handle custom comment pages well, as seen on anicomp. The minimalist style works pretty good, and most likely that is the style I will use if we change. You can see an example of it here (apologies for the image-heavy post, but I'm using my graphics journal to test this and everything is image heavy there).

Some people are having difficulty commenting at the moment, so if you have trouble responding here or in voting for the poll please send me a PM.

[Poll #1804622]

Edit: Please keep all discussions of topic to how these changes will affect the community, rather than LJ as a whole. If you wish to discuss these changes in relation to all of LJ, please visit the LJ release post instead.
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Hey guys! So, last month when we had the series re-read post for #3, it didn't end up getting any comments. Since the responses have been so quiet on the series re-reads, I'd like to have a poll to see whether you guys are still interested in the re-reads, and if you are, whether you'd like to see the regularity of the re-reads change (since having them after each book is republished does make them rather irregular, which might be hard for people to keep up with).

If you have any other thoughts about what we could do with the re-reads, please comment!

[Poll #1769679]

Edit: Just a note for those who might not know the schedule for the republications - the books are currently being released every two months. The series re-reads are also currently being posted at the same time.
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Okay, since #3's official re-release is about 5 days away, I just want to do a quick poll on exactly when would be the best time to put up the series re-reads. Last time I had #1's a week or two after the official release, and #2 a few weeks after that, so I'd just like to see if people would prefer for me to keep giving people time to get the books, or if you guys would prefer them sooner. So - the poll!

[Poll #1756201]
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Alright guys - we've had the spoiler policy in place for a while now, and recently just had a review of the rules. After having seen them in action and getting some feedback from the community though, I've decided that with the introduction of a spoiler-free sister community ([ profile] reanimorphs), that the rules on spoilers will be significantly scaled back.

You can see the current rules on the community profile, but in practice the rules on spoilers are pretty much the same as what they used to be before the policy was put into place. There is no no need to mark spoilers, unless they are major spoilers (i.e. the really big stuff), in which case you just need to put it behind a cut. The !spoiler free zone and !spoiler zone tags will also be removed, since they're now defunct.

But, I'd like to encourage people to cross-post non-spoilery stuff to both communities to help get [ profile] reanimorphs off the ground! (I'll be putting up the series re-read discussion posts on both communities myself).

And on that note - I'm considering putting up The Invasion's re-read posts either this weekend or the next. That sound like a good time frame for you guys?
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So, we've had the new Spoiler Policy in place for a while now, so I think it's a good time to review how it's going now that we've seen it in practice and now that the official date for the re-release is just around the corner.

One thing I'd particularly like to know is whether you guys think the current level of strictness regarding what is and isn't a spoiler is appropriate, and whether this needs to be changed. I don't plan to put in place any changes to this at the moment (I'd prefer to wait a couple of weeks until after the re-release, and then hold a poll) but I'd like to get an idea of what people are thinking on this nonetheless.

I'd also like to note that after seeing how the spoiler policy works in reality, I am considering simplifying the process of how spoilers are dealt with. I've noticed that no one uses spoiler text for comments at all (or indeed marks spoilers in commends at all), and for the most part posts tend to either be marked as a !spoiler zone or have no spoilers mentioned in the post or comments at all. As such, I am considering changing the rules so that all posts need either the !spoiler zone or !spoiler free zone tags, and so posts can either have no references to future books at all or have whatever references people want to use. Basically, this will just mean that people will need to decide which one they want whenever they make a post.

I'd appreciate hearing what people think about this proposed change, as well as any other comments you may have on how the spoiler policy has been working.
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Hey everyone! Okay, so a while back I asked to see if anyone wanted to submit any headers to go up at the top of the community. Since I haven't had anyone submit a header (and a few people expressed the desire to see the winning art entry from Round One of the fanworks competition as the header), I asked [ profile] amusesme if I could use her art as the community header. She said yes, and so you can now see it up at the top of the comm!
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Since the re-release is in just over a month (squeeeeeeeeee!), and I think [ profile] buffyangellvr23 may be in imminent danger of running out of characters, I thought it might be a good idea to have a little brainstorming for ideas how to how to do the series-re-read/weekly discussion post! I've chatted a bit with [ profile] buffyangellvr23 about this already, and the current idea we've got it both! Since the books aren't going to be coming out each week (oh, if only they were), obviously we're not going to be able to have the re-read each week, and it'll just coincide with the release dates. But since it's also a lot of fun to have a discussion each week, we're going to keep having them too - but instead of just characters, we can also have discussions for things like say, themes.

So, I'll be putting up the series re-reads, and [ profile] buffyangellvr23 will continue to post the weekly discussions (possibly taking a break for the weeks when we have the re-read posts). And to that end, some suggestions from you guys would be really helpful!

Some initial suggestions... )
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The community has a new layout! The reason for this change is because the old one wouldn't allow a sticky entry at the top of the comm - this one does, and is nice and shiny to boot.

But to fully complete the layout, it needs a header! You can see an example of what the header would look like on [ profile] anicomp, which has the same style layout and a placeholder header up at the moment. Ideally, I'd like to have a new header up before the official re-release date. Alas, I'm afraid I cannot offer any prizes apart from the bragging rights of having your header up on the top of the comm, because all my cool prizes went into the [ profile] anicomp.

The guidelines for the header are:
  • it needs to be 960 pixels in length, but the height is flexible
  • it should fit well with the layout, and ideally represent the series's main themes/characters/ideas in some way
  • fan art is allowed, both previously-published and published. But if you are using fan art that is not your own, you must obtain permission from the original artist first
  • official images are also allowed! (However, I'm afraid I have to exclude the recently released images of Marco's model. I hate to make exceptions, but since I personally do not feel comfortable having a whitewashed version of Marco on the top of the community, I can't accept any entries that include it.)
  • any other images that relate to Animorphs - whales animals, space, random blue boxes, whatever fits with the series and it's themes - are also allowed.

If you want to submit a header, you can just PM me with a link to it or email it to me at blue[dot]rampion[at]gmail[dot]com.

And while I'm here - a reminder that in just over a month, entries for Round Two of the Fan Art & Fiction Competition are due, at 10AM April 25, UTC. (And, fan art drawn for this competition may also be used for the header competition.)
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Okay, I'd intended to officially bring in the rules on spoilers at the beginning of April, but since people are already getting pre-orders (/takes the mod-hat off momentarily to flail about with extreme jealousy), I've decided to bring the policy in earlier.

Some people have already been using the !spoiler zone and !spoiler free tags, which is awesome! But what'll happen now, is basically when people forget to mark spoilers I'll give you a reminder, and ask you to edit your post or resubmit your comment with the spoilers marked. Generally I'll try to avoid outright deleting a post or comment, but if a particularly large spoiler is unmarked then I may do so.

I have also updated the spoiler policy, to state that spoilers should be marked for each book until one month after their official release date. And, any changes between old versions and the re-released books should also be marked as spoilers. Some people will want to wait to read the books themselves to find out what's different, so please let us know before you start talking about changes.

On a final note: I'm not policing spoilers on the first book, or the existence of Ax.
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Just a note guys - I've changed the settings on who can create new tags for the community. Previously all members could create tags - now only maintainers can. This is because we pretty much have all the tags we need, and this way we won't end up with people accidentally spelling a tag wrong and making a new one or creating completely redundant tags. Course, this doesn't mean that we can't have any new tags ever - just pm me if you think there's a new tag the comm should have.

This does mean that now only maintainers can delete tags from entries as well, since LJ lumps those two things together. I'll still be checking the tags on posts as they come in, so if you put a wrong tag on I'll probably catch it (and if I don't, you can just pm me).

On another note - I'm looking to change the layout for the community. The current layout doesn't allow sticky posts, which means I can't put a spoiler warning at the top of the comm. Therefore, we need a new layout. I'll be doing some searching myself, but if anyone knows of any layouts that they think would be great for the comm (or is generous enough to make one), I'd love to hear about them. The kind of things we'll need in a layout include the ability to have a sticky post, a space for links and tags to be displayed (preferably in a list, not a cloud), and a nice colour scheme that is readable and does not kill anyone's eyes. Bonus points if the design fits with the book's themes as well. (Edit: I've found this layout, which allows sticky entries and would work pretty well, I think. If no one else finds a better one, I'll probably use a variation of this)
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The recent poll on whether to remove the ban on swearing and the PG-13 rating has had a pretty clear result, and as such the profile has not been updated to reflect this:

  • Respect the other members of the community
  • Lively discussions and intelligent arguments are encouraged, as long as they are related to Animorphs and don't get too aggressive
  • Always use an lj-cut to hide posts which are long, contain images, or potentially offensive material. For any explicit or adult material, please also lock the post and include clear warnings
  • As a courtesy, include a rating for all fan fiction
  • Please use good spelling and punctuation (But, be respectful of people who have problems with spelling)

The rating and rule against swearing has been removed, and the words in bold have been added. So, as for what this will mean in practical terms...

In terms of swearing: not much, since this was a rule that's rarely been enforced anyway. But in regards to the rating, it has now been lifted completely - which basically means that you can discuss explicit or adult concepts, and post or link to explicit and adult fan fiction, if you lock the post and include warnings as well as lj-cutting it. Of course, we also need to abide by LJ's TOS - any illegal material is still going to be disallowed completely.

If anything about these changes or the profile is unclear or ambiguous, please let me know and I'll clarify them.
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Since it has come up recently, [ profile] animorphs actually has a rule that, for the most part, has been rarely enforced in the past. This rule has been around since before I became a mod here - I'm not sure if it's been in place since the community's creation, but it's possible that it has - but it's time for a review of it.

For reference, this is the rule in question:

"Since Animorphs is a children's series, please keep the discussions here PG-13 rated. A good rule to go by is whether it's safe to view at work or school - if it's not, then this community probably isn't the place for it. So don't post any explicit material, and please tone down the swearing."

More information on some of the original reasoning behind this rule can be found here.

Now, since having a rule in place that either not enforced or only enforced sometimes is rather vague and arbitrary, I'd like to have some discussion on this. Either we keep the rule and I start enforcing it, or we remove all (or part) of the rule. Below is also a poll for everyone to vote in regarding this.

[Poll #1708836]
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As a few people have mentioned recently in regards to the proposed Spoiler Policy, currently Ax's existence counts as a spoiler and thus would need to be marked (at least until #4 is reprinted). Since Ax is a main character and a very significant part of the entire series, spoilering away his entire existence is rather difficult and potentially unweildy. So, I'd just like to have a quick poll to see if the comm thinks Ax's existence should be marked as a spoiler or not.

[Poll #1681286]
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Back in January, we had a Poll on what people wanted to have in terms of a spoiler policy. Basically, what you guys voted for is for all unreleased books to have spoilers marked, and for only significant character revelations and plots. After this, I'm going to put up a post where we can make a list of things that would count, just to help people get into the mindset of what will need to be spoilered once the policy is brought in. I'm also putting up a short guide to how to mark spoilers, just in case people aren't quite sure how to do it.

We also had a suggestion of putting a warning post at the top of the comm. I've looked into this, and while it is possible...our current layout doesn't allow it. So later on I'll look into finding a layout that will, or perhaps see about having one made.

Now! The important part - the policy itself. At this stage, I'm planning to bring it into effect around April, so that we can have a few weeks to get used to it before the re-release. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it - whether there anything that you think isn't clear enough, could use some tweaking, or could be added.

Proposed Spoiler Policy )

EDIT: The List of Spoilers | A Short Guide to Marking Spoilers


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