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Was there a picture of Crayak in one of the books? I thought it might be the Ellimist Chronicles but I don't have my hardcover copy with me. If someone has a picture, would you maybe be able to scan it or even just take a quick phone picture or something? I don't need a high-res picture, I just want to see it. :)
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Title: Yellow
Characters: David, Marco, Rachel
Rating: Mature for implied actions between a threesome of minors
Beta: Quick Pitch-hit from [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol
Summary: Um, I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU GUYS. [livejournal.com profile] rattyjol, [livejournal.com profile] with_rainfall and I somehow ended up on the topic of whether or not David/Marco/Rachel could work as a OT3 here on [livejournal.com profile] comment_fic. This happened. As the prompt had to be filled in a 'three sentence long fic' format beware of abused, over-stuffed run-on sentences, and every grammatical trick I could whip out of my sleeves because these are a LONG assortment of nine sentences. Haven't actually written anything in forever (let alone David!) and is this too weird, or is this a way that this OT3 might actually work/happen? (As this is a fledgling pairing, any and all comments and ideas are especially appreciated!)
Notes: Please pretend that David possibly wasn't just a three four book character, and that Rachel/Tobias is more of an emotional possibility than a confirmed canon at this point. What actually happened entirely up to everyone's own dirty mind, but I would love to know what your think. ;) (Additionally we're going with stereotypically yellow pencils here so the prompt can actually APPLY to the first one.)

Crossposted here, here, and here at my journal.

-/- Rachel -/-

Her hand grips steadily tighter around the pencil she's supposed to be using to bubble in the answers on the scan-tron test, and she feels the wood creak just barely perceptively between her fingers; it's close to breaking, but not quite there, which is remarkably close to how she feels at the moment - squeezed, bending away from how (who) she's supposed to be, unable to fulfill or focus on her proper function in school, the war, or her own life.

They're both in the same class with her now; one two rows ahead of her to the left and the other directly behind her and to the right, and she can practically feel the latter one breathing even though he's not technically close enough for the warmed air coming from his wicked, sarcastic mouth to actually be touching her, and there's no literal way the air from his lungs is carving a glistening ruby red A in the back of her head where everyone can see and know-
He may have been ten paces more cautious than her and two strides less publicly selfish than David, but he was no yellow-blooded, lily-liveried coward, either. )
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The Problem with Victory - Esplin 9466, once Visser Three, has always been a creature of action and when there was a war to fight and an empire to build things were good. Now that that's over, now that there's victory and he's Emperor, now there are problems. AU where the Yeerks win.

So all of the Visser Three and Alloran discussion from years ago that I was reading inspired me to try to write for Visser Three who I believe to be incapable of being happy when he's not tormenting someone. And still obsessed with Elfangor no matter how much times passes. Because really, who wouldn't be? :P
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Whew. I just finished reading the last of the 62 Animorphs books in less than 2 months! I'd never read beyond possibly book 35 or 36. Now that I am finished, I can ask a question about The One. )

Anyways, I'm glad you guys have seemed to enjoy my posts in the last couple of days. I doubt I will post much after this, but thanks for welcoming me and participating in these discussion and keeping this fandom alive!
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I thought I did her, but I guess not. I found her rather interesting, the way you couldn't tell where she ended and the yeerk began. She did have some psycho tendancies, the way she tortured Tobias without remorse. She was a person who was willing to do whatever it took to get ahead, no matter who it hurt. And her accident probably pushed her over the edge, when everyone started making fun of her.
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Part 2 of the 'Ellmist, Crayak and Drode' stuff. The Ellimist's opposite. And his minion, apparently. (has anyone ever drawn Drode? I'd love to see a fanart.) And if you want, the Howlers are in the mix too. I like how Jake first sees the eye in The Capture, but it's not all explained until a few books later.

I can't help but think of Stephen King too...Randal Flagg had an eye thing going on too. IDK about Dark Tower but it was in The Stand.

Wow, in six weeks, I'll be done, unless I can think of anyone else. That ought to work out good, so as not to spoiler the new peeps after May.
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OK since I apparently missed him, and he's getting attention over at Trans, he's natural for this week.

We discussed him before during book talk...I think he did have a legitimate reason to be annoyed and upset, but he was still a loose canon and ultimately dangerous to the group. I wonder if his parents ever found out what happened, if they survived the war.
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I'm new to this comm, but not to Animorphs. You might remember me back when Yahoo chat still worked in 1998 and 1999--I used to RP my Andalite OC by the name of Semeir-Cooraf-Armaheen. LONG ago...I'm aging myself, aren't I?

Anyhow, I've found that when I read the books, I gave some of the main Andalite characters the voices of actors I'm familiar with. Do you do this, too? Here's my cast:

Elfangor - Christopher Reeve http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EkcLRL9cBtk
Aximili - Elijah Wood http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrIMKROmGSA
Aldrea - Willow Johnson (Kikyou in Inuyasha) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ED0jdh3X3_Q
Alloran/Visser 3 - Christopher Lloyd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_dkpgrMKw
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From main heroes to main villain. I catch how he's tough outwardly, but sends his minions to do a lot of his work at times lol

They did make him rather interesting when they built up his history over the chronicles books.
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Hey everyone - I'm new here.  I decided to reread the entire Animorphs series (I own them all...*sigh*... I'm hopeless) over the summer, before I went to college (I know, it just gets worse, doesn't it?).

Anyway, what did you guys 'n gals think about the way Edriss Five-Six-Two (ex Visser One) died?  I was shocked and grumpy.  Shocked and grumpy.

I mean, there was an entire book (Visser Chronicles) written about her conquest of earth, and how incredibly complex her personality was, and then....<b>splat.</b>  Unceremoniously squashed?  Lame.  How do you think she should have died/lived?

One more thing - is Edriss 562, in fact, male or female?  Or neither? Do Yeerks have a biological gender?   I've always though if him/her as a 'she.'
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I'd like to write "The Crayak Chronicles," or else brainstorm with someone else to write it, since I don't know if I can /stand/ to create the history someone as angsty and evil as Crayak. It just seems like it can/should be done. I'd be basing it mostly off what we know of Crayak from "The Ellimist Chronicles," and exploring his motives for why he wants to destroy all life in the universe, and why his avatar is that of a blazing red eye. (Probably yet another of KA Applegate's tributes to the LotR books, technically, but I'm going to come up with a reasonable fanfic history.)

Anyone think they can pitch in? Run with the idea and write it instead of me? Suggest references in other books where Crayak was described more?


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