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Title: Like Autumn Leaves
By: [ profile] ladysugarquill
For: [ profile] rideinthelimo
Medium: Digital art
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: They're enjoying a moment of peace, back when they still could...
Creator's Notes: ohi, I'm late, what else is new. I'm so sorry for the delay, for once it wasn't all my fault! My country had a dumb, and it messed up my schedule XD

Looks like the ansgtier the canon, the fluffier the fanworks I make. Your prompts were sacrifice, laughter, fall. Then Marco hijacked my brain and it all went down from there. A huge thank you to the mods - I know it mustn't been easy to fit someone who hasn't finished the series. You rock!

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It occurred to me that I haven't posted any of my recent(ish) Animorphs doodleys here. :o This first one is not-so-doodley, but I'm pretty pleased with it and the fact that most people would be all "oh look birds," but we know what's obvious. 8D

(Full view on deviantART / Tumblr)

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Medium: Books
Fandom: Animorphs
Rating: PG-13
Genre: gen, with some focus on Jake/Cassie, Rachel/Tobias, and Rachel/Marco if you squint
Warning: one swear word (in "Darwin") 
Note: This mix chronicles the development of each of the Animorphs, from the start to the end of the series.


Nov. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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I am not sure how relevant to people's interests this is, but (besides being a fan of Animorphs, of course) I am a HUGE fan of the webcomic Homestuck, which is about a bunch of thirteen year old kids, aliens, self-discovery, war and death and justice and heroism, time travel, and a giant complex chess game between the forces of creation and destruction that the kids are unwittingly drawn into.

So, basically, it was pretty much begging to get mixed up with Animorphs, and I drew a bunch of doodles to that effect. :P Mild spoilers for Homestuck behind the cut, in the "this is a thing that exists as a concept/game mechanic in Homestuck" sort of sense.

Thumbnails link to larger resolutions. )
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If I were casting for an Animorphs movie, I'd have to pick Cameroonian pop singer Irma for Cassie:

Dead ringer, no? :D

Who'd you pick for the cast if a live action Animorphs movie was being made?
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So, I was just watching the most recent Opinionated Animorphs video on #19, and one thing that particularly struck me was poparena's argument that Marco was the least selfish of the Animorphs, while Cassie is the most selfish. And thinking about it, I have to say that I agree. And yet if you just looked at both of them superficially, you'd think it was the other way around.

Marco constantly complains, and often suggests that they should all go an use their powers to get rich instead of fighting the war. He's usually the one saying that they shouldn't do a mission on account of it being insane and they may end up dead. Most people meeting someone like Marco would just assume that he's a self-absorbs selfish bastard. And yet he had a completely valid reason for not fighting in the beginning, one that was more about being concerned for someone else for himself, and unless I've missed something he never actually does back out of a mission. He always goes along.

Cassie, on the other hand, is someone you would assume is not selfish at all when you first meet her. She saves animals. She is concerned about right and wrong. She's compassionate and understanding. Normally all traits you would associate with someone who is not selfish. And yet under the surface, Cassie's actions are often concerned with what she wants for herself. She argues for the moral action not to protect others, but because she wants to be someone who does the right thing. cut for spoiler from book 22 ) And in book 19, she leaves the group not for other people, but because she doesn't want to become the person the war is making her into. It's an understandable reaction to have, but it is still one born of her being more concerned about herself than about the other Animorphs, or the rest of the world.

There's also a lot of other interesting thoughts on Cassie in #19's Opinionated Animorphs video, buuuuut if I started talking about them too this post would go on forever. So, thoughts?
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...Yes, it is. And gosh, darn it, all of my fanfiction for this series is so weird. Weird and angry.

Fun Fact: This is a sad, angry, emo fic about sad, angry people. About halfway through writing this fic, I decided I needed to write something fun and silly, so I started to write a new drabble set about ½ through the series about Marco helping Rachel cut class… aaaand it turned into some weird, poorly constructed diatribe about how Andalites don’t believe in God, which I hastily aborted out of fear of depressing myself further.
I’m not even kidding.

Before I started writing Anific, I used to be able to write happy things. x_____x

Title: Just Below the Surface
Rating: PG13 for bloody battle scenes and potty-mouthed superheroes. There is also some suggestion that somewhere, somehow, someone had sex with someone else.
And everything else is spoilers. )
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Early postage because tomorrow's going to be a bit busy and I'm afraid I'll be too tired by nighttime. I'm just going to start at the top...can I collaborate with someone on a list, so I can keep everything straight? I'd appreciate it.

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Fic dump

Feb. 14th, 2011 10:42 pm
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My recent Animorphs fics . . . The links lead to my journal.

Title: Fix You
Characters: Jake, Cassie, Tobias
Setting: #54
Lyrics: Fix You by Coldplay
Words: ~400
Rating: PG
Summary: When you try your best but you don’t succeed / When you get what you want but not what you need / When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep / Stuck in reverse
She was my best friend, she tells the cameras through her sobs. She was brave and beautiful and good, and now she’s gone.

Title: Hotels
Characters: Tobias/Rachel
Setting: Mid-to-late series (somewhere in the 40's-ish)
Words: ~630
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rachel spends the night in Tobias' meadow.

Rachel leaves, feeling no guilt for the lie. She's done it enough times that it's almost become a compuslive habit not to tell her mother where she's going when she leaves the house, even if it's for something as innocent as the mall or gymnastics. Not that she has much time for either of those things these days.

Title: To Move On
Characters: Cassie, Jake, the other Animorphs (briefly)
Setting: Near the beginning
Words: ~740
Rating: PG for some blood
Notes: I don't know who was the first one of the Animorphs to kill a human-Controller or whether it was shown in canon at all. So consider this slightly AU. Also Andrew Weber is not a canon character.
Summary: Cassie loses control.

I demorphed, my snout sucking back into my face and my fur disappearing into my skin, but the final scream of a dead man still rang in my ears as I stood.

Title: Please
Fandom: Animorphs/The Iliad
Character(s): Cassie, Cassandra
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: No one listens. No one will ever listen.

“They’ll destroy you, they’ll destroy us all!”

Title: If They Never Came
Fandom: Animorphs
Characters/Pairings: All mains and a few minors; brief Jake/Cassie
Notes/Spoilers: No spoilers except one family's name. AU.
Words: 635
Rating: PG
Summary: This is how their lives were meant to go. It was the Yeerks that destroyed them.

When he dies he receives a hero's send-off.
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Title: Go Now, You Are Forgiven
Subject: Jake/Cassie
Medium: Fanmix
Warnings: Spoilers up to and including #54, The Beginning

Intended as a companion to BirdBoyWarriorPrincess, my Rachel/Tobias mix.

( I have seen the others / and I have discovered / that this fight is not worth fighting. )

Download link here
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I knew this would be written as soon as I read book 40 for the first time.

TITLE: Weightless
SUMMARY: Mertil helps Gafinilan during his last days.
WARNINGS: MertilxGafinilan slash and character death.
OTHER NOTES: I'd like to dedicate this fic to anyone who has ever taken care of somebody with a terminal illness.

There is a light from a higher window shining down on you tonight... )
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Here goes...the character who often seems to get the most negativity, and sometimes it's for good reason. I know my LJ folder is gonna be swamped this week, but I'll turn you loose anyway LOL

I do like the animal loving part myself...but there are things that some of you say about her that I can see as well...both positive and negative.
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This is from that scene in The Extreme where they have to eat dead seals.

"Cassie?" Rachel said.

"What?" she replied, a hint of anger in her voice.

"What should we do?"

"Why are you asking me? ... It's obvious what we
have to do. And not just to the bear's leftovers, but to any live seal we can find. What I don't understand is why you're asking me for permission. Do you guys think I'd put an animal's life over yours? Or mine, come to think of it? ... When did you start thinking I was some kind of fanatic? We're freezing, we're starving, and I'm going to go all tree-hugging, never-eat-anything-with-a-face on you?"

"Well, I can never tell what you'll think," I whined, taken aback and feeling like I'd insulted Cassie.

"Here's a clue. Don't kill a sentient creature except in absolute self-defense, try not to wipe out endangered species, and if you're going to raise animals for food, treat them as well as you possibly can. But when you're a wolf, a starving wolf wandering around the frozen
Arctic, and you see a meal, eat it."

Or how about from The Solution:

David hadn't asked who the mastermind of the plan was. Who it was who
had so accurately appraised his emotions, his need to build his ego, the
fact that he would choose me to be his "companion." Cassie, of course.
Cassie had worked it out, step by step, after Jake and I failed to come
up with anything.

Megamorphs 2:

"We adapt," Cassie said grimly. "That's what animals have to do in order
to survive. Our environment is massively different. No civilization to rely on, surrounded by brutal predators. So we adapt. Or we get eaten."

"Great. Robinson Crusoe meets Jurassic Park. Look at us. We have nothing," Marco said. "No homes. No food. No tools. No weapons. We don't even have shoes!"

"Well, we're going to have to make all those things," Prince Jake said. "And we do have one big weapon: We can still morph. Maybe we can't fight a T-rex, but we can fly, and we can escape."

"We have food and shoes right here," Cassie said. She was looking at the dead Tyrannosaurus. "Ax has his tail. We can use the hide to make sandals. Skin from the lower leg there looks pretty tough and thick. We cut out some skin, remove the meat and eat it. Then we use ligaments and tendons to lace up the sandals."

I believe Prince Jake and Marco were shocked. Humans are strangely squeamish at times. I can never predict when.

"Wow," Marco said. "Wow. You're kind of getting into this, aren't you, Cassie?"

Cassie walked up to the dinosaur and placed one hand on its leg. She tested the skin with her fingertips. "Look, Marco, my best friend is gone. Tobias is gone. I don't want any more names added to that list. We need food. There's no Burger King anywhere nearby, okay? We're not big
or mean enough to be predators in this environment. We've moved way down on the food chain. The best we can be is scavengers. Here's thousands of pounds of protein. We eat some now, and we smoke some for jerky so we can eat later."

If anything, Prince Jake and Marco appeared even more shocked. And I felt the same. This was an aspect of Cassie I'd never seen. But then, Cassie is more involved than the others in the facts of environment. She had sized up the situation and realized that in this new world she and her fellow humans were no longer masters.

Finally, this is what happens when people don't like Cassie:

"How did you do that?" the man with the southern accent demanded. And then, like some vile punctuation, he added a word I won't repeat.

It was like a slap. I couldn't answer. I just gaped. ... This small battle was all mine. I didn't want any help.

"You don't like black people, Mr. Davis?" I said pleasantly. "No problem. I can turn white. Watch me."

Most of the time I'd probably have let it go. I'd been called names before. I'd run into racism before. Mostly I figured people like that were just sad, weakminded fools. So most of the time I just avoided people like that. But I had been in three wars since breakfast. I had seen Jake shot down. I'd just learned that Rachel, my best friend, was gone. I was sad and ashamed and filled with rage, all at once. So this wasn't "most of the time."

White fur began to grow from my face. Actually, it was clear fur, hollow needles of fur that were designed to keep the polar bear warm. But the fur looked white, taken altogether. My hands swelled, big as dinner plates. Long, raked claws extended from the fingertips. I was growing whiter. And bigger. Much, much bigger.

"It's some kind of voodoo trick!" Davis wailed.

Tobias was back on his feet, arms crossed over his chest, looking on calmly. "You two guys may want to step back out of the way because I don't think Davis here is going to be having a very good day."

I loomed larger and larger. Davis began to back away, pressing against one alley wall. But sheer amazement and disbelief kept him from running until it was too late. Finally, he broke and ran. I slammed a pile-driver front leg into the wall and blocked his way.
[Don't you like me?] I asked.

In conclusion: Cassie kicks it all over town.

This post was brought to you by numbers 22 and 25 and the letters character bashing sucks.
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okay I forgot something in my comment about MM4 and I need you all to know what it is

Okay so remember how I said that it was stupid and arrogant of Cassie not to tell Tobias that he'd become a "voluntary Controller" because he didn't really become a voluntary controller and I was pretty sure he'd be okay with what actually DID happen to him? I mean, maybe not okay, but at least not disappointed in himself anymore than he already was, enough to impact his performance in the war, etc.

Here is the unabridged version if you are interested.



we've already established that Tobias was never actually a "voluntary controller"

and we sort of (not really but I'm doing it now) decided that a "voluntary controller" was someone who actually, lucidly gave themselves over to a Yeerk. COLLABORATED with a Yeerk. Allowed a Yeerk in their head to infest them and then did not resist when said Yeerk had entered said head.

did any of the Animorphs, at any given time, commit some action that could get them labeled as "voluntary controller?"





hate this bitch
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So I dunno what the weather is like for you (and if you live on/near/south of the Equator, I don't want to know. D<) but around here, we're even as I type this getting pummelled by our second blizzard in less than a week. Our last one, before Friday, was in 1996. So everything's shut down and I'm bored out of my mind. Which, for me, involves playing Pokemon, arting around, and then staring blankly at Photoshop for, like, an hour, contemplating productivity.

Have some icons. As with my last icon dump, any/all of these are free for whoever likes 'em.

There're only, like, five of these, but I'm cutting this anywho. )
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In book 23’s reread there was a little tangent on Cassie books being isolated, unincorporated into canon, and/or basically being worthless. So I went investigating. Disclaimer: I named my cat Cassi when I was 10 because my name is Rachel and this was a logical idea (and I didn’t like the spelling with the ‘e’). I don’t hate Cassie, but I do roll my eyes at her a lot. I’m trying to be unbiased here, to use a reader’s and a writer’s perspective, and generally try not to let my fangirl/history major/bio minor selves take over. I did not read all of these books; I skimmed them, and I will try not to let my rambling turn into stuff that should be saved for the rereads.

cut for spoilers, length, language, capslock, and more spoilers )

Aaaand... discuss.
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I haven't posted to this community before, but like many of you, I loved Animorphs while growing up and still love the books, reread them, etc.  Lately my boyfriend has been reading them for the first time, at my urging, and we sometimes read them out loud together.  My boyfriend knows other series quite well (Buffy, Harry Potter, comic books, and some others) and he writes and draws comic books, so he tends to look at things from the standpoint of what does and does not make a good story.  Anyway, we just finished 19 today, which he said was creatively the best Animorphs book he's read yet.  But he also suggested something interesting which I'd never thought of before.  He thought that the loophole which allowed Cassie to demorph was pretty contrived, which I guess it is.  But he also said that he thought the book would have been ever greater and more powerful had she stayed in the butterfly form.  He said that given her character arc, it would have been a fitting (if highly disturbing) conclusion for her, and a truly beautiful sacrifice.  He even suggested that the last chapter could have just been Rachel meeting Karen at the mall.  Of course those of us who've read the entire series know how much that would have changed things, and he did say he knows why no one would actually do that in a "YA" series.  But I thought that was a really interesting idea.  I know I would have been very unsettled by one of the main characters living out her life as a butterfly, but at the same time it would have been really powerful.  Any thoughts on this idea?


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