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Title: Like Autumn Leaves
By: [ profile] ladysugarquill
For: [ profile] rideinthelimo
Medium: Digital art
Rating/Warnings: PG
Summary: They're enjoying a moment of peace, back when they still could...
Creator's Notes: ohi, I'm late, what else is new. I'm so sorry for the delay, for once it wasn't all my fault! My country had a dumb, and it messed up my schedule XD

Looks like the ansgtier the canon, the fluffier the fanworks I make. Your prompts were sacrifice, laughter, fall. Then Marco hijacked my brain and it all went down from there. A huge thank you to the mods - I know it mustn't been easy to fit someone who hasn't finished the series. You rock!

autumn leaves soon fall... )
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Did the Yeerks ever know that Ax was Elfangor's brother? I could have sworn Ax announced it to either Visser One or Visser Three at some point, and the Visser (I think it was Visser One/Eva) muttering about how "I might have known Beast Elfangor's wretched family continues to be a thorn in my side" or some such.

It's a minor detail for a story, but I cannot for the life of me find the source/quote. (I know the guy from Book 8 overhears Ax's conversation with the Andalites, but I don't think he ever told anyone. The quote I'm thinking of was for a different Yeerk.)

Thanks in advance!

Edit: found it! It's from Book 30, and Ax told Visser One.
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It occurred to me that I haven't posted any of my recent(ish) Animorphs doodleys here. :o This first one is not-so-doodley, but I'm pretty pleased with it and the fact that most people would be all "oh look birds," but we know what's obvious. 8D

(Full view on deviantART / Tumblr)

Other sketches under cut )
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Sorry to keep spamming you guys but I guess I'm on an Animorphs kick right now and this one came from discussion I read in the "I try and forget. And after awhile, the nightmares don't happen as much" thread.

The post in question is:

I think you're probably right that Ax wouldn't have left Rachel to deal with David all alone -- with an exception. She shouldered much more of the guilt for what they did to him. If she'd managed to convince Ax that mercy-killing David was a way to regain her honor, then I think he would have understood. UGH I WANT TO WRITE SO MUCH FIC NOW

And the story is The Right Thing  featuring Rachel and Ax. It's my first time writing Rachel so we'll see how it went.
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Medium: Books
Fandom: Animorphs
Rating: PG-13
Genre: gen, with some focus on Jake/Cassie, Rachel/Tobias, and Rachel/Marco if you squint
Warning: one swear word (in "Darwin") 
Note: This mix chronicles the development of each of the Animorphs, from the start to the end of the series.


Nov. 1st, 2011 10:50 am
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I am not sure how relevant to people's interests this is, but (besides being a fan of Animorphs, of course) I am a HUGE fan of the webcomic Homestuck, which is about a bunch of thirteen year old kids, aliens, self-discovery, war and death and justice and heroism, time travel, and a giant complex chess game between the forces of creation and destruction that the kids are unwittingly drawn into.

So, basically, it was pretty much begging to get mixed up with Animorphs, and I drew a bunch of doodles to that effect. :P Mild spoilers for Homestuck behind the cut, in the "this is a thing that exists as a concept/game mechanic in Homestuck" sort of sense.

Thumbnails link to larger resolutions. )
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I spent 4th of July weekend visiting my siblings (not relevant) and I thought I'd tell you what I had for breakfast two days (relevant!).


So. Yes. And they were quite yummy! But no one understood why I was photographing cereal. THE THINGS I SUFFER FOR YOU PEOPLE.
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I think this is the last one for Jake for the moment. Unless I do Jake/auxiliaries later. Jake and Erek maybe.

Anyway, this one is fun just because they're probably close to the same age if you could translate Andalite to human, but Ax looks to Jake as a superior. The morphing of Jake was funny...eating all the chili. I don't recall *too* much conflict with these two after The Alien until the rescue at Jake's house went wrong and Jake was conflicting with basically the whole group, understandably.

Fun recurring moment: "Ax, don't call me prince." Ax's best response "I will call you the Jake formerly known as prince"

Fic dump

Feb. 14th, 2011 10:42 pm
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My recent Animorphs fics . . . The links lead to my journal.

Title: Fix You
Characters: Jake, Cassie, Tobias
Setting: #54
Lyrics: Fix You by Coldplay
Words: ~400
Rating: PG
Summary: When you try your best but you don’t succeed / When you get what you want but not what you need / When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep / Stuck in reverse
She was my best friend, she tells the cameras through her sobs. She was brave and beautiful and good, and now she’s gone.

Title: Hotels
Characters: Tobias/Rachel
Setting: Mid-to-late series (somewhere in the 40's-ish)
Words: ~630
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Rachel spends the night in Tobias' meadow.

Rachel leaves, feeling no guilt for the lie. She's done it enough times that it's almost become a compuslive habit not to tell her mother where she's going when she leaves the house, even if it's for something as innocent as the mall or gymnastics. Not that she has much time for either of those things these days.

Title: To Move On
Characters: Cassie, Jake, the other Animorphs (briefly)
Setting: Near the beginning
Words: ~740
Rating: PG for some blood
Notes: I don't know who was the first one of the Animorphs to kill a human-Controller or whether it was shown in canon at all. So consider this slightly AU. Also Andrew Weber is not a canon character.
Summary: Cassie loses control.

I demorphed, my snout sucking back into my face and my fur disappearing into my skin, but the final scream of a dead man still rang in my ears as I stood.

Title: Please
Fandom: Animorphs/The Iliad
Character(s): Cassie, Cassandra
Rating: PG
Words: 100
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: No one listens. No one will ever listen.

“They’ll destroy you, they’ll destroy us all!”

Title: If They Never Came
Fandom: Animorphs
Characters/Pairings: All mains and a few minors; brief Jake/Cassie
Notes/Spoilers: No spoilers except one family's name. AU.
Words: 635
Rating: PG
Summary: This is how their lives were meant to go. It was the Yeerks that destroyed them.

When he dies he receives a hero's send-off.
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Hey guys!

Um, I'm not the greatest at introductions, but... hi. I'm Jae. Obviously I like Animorphs, they were my absolute favourite books in elementary school. I'd order through scholastic every month XD Still have almost all my books too. The recent fanart/fic contest really got the nostalgia going in me, and I have been churning out bits of fanart inbetween mountains of homework whenever possible. The way I figure, if I should share anywhere, it should be here.

I really, really like drawing Andalites.

More underneath )

Pretty simple stuff so far, since I'm still trying to find a style I like for these guys. There will always be weird things about the design I think, due to the general weird nature of their anatomy, but I like this look best so far. THE ANATOMY COULD PROBABLY WORK. KINDA. I'll try to get some dynamic stuff out soon.

LJ is really really foreign to me, so uh, hope I did everything alright. If the pictures are too big, let me know.
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This is what happens when I have finals stress. My brain makes an excess of lulz, mostly the ghey kind. This might be the lulziest/stupidest/most brilliant thing I've ever written. Maybe only the first two.

Pairing: Marco/Ax
Length: Under 500 words
Rating: PG-13 for suggestions, but only allusions. No swearing.
Warnings: Innuendo, and gratuitous SNL references.

"This is a serious human disease known as Blue-Tongue!" )
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I'm new to this comm, but not to Animorphs. You might remember me back when Yahoo chat still worked in 1998 and 1999--I used to RP my Andalite OC by the name of Semeir-Cooraf-Armaheen. LONG ago...I'm aging myself, aren't I?

Anyhow, I've found that when I read the books, I gave some of the main Andalite characters the voices of actors I'm familiar with. Do you do this, too? Here's my cast:

Elfangor - Christopher Reeve
Aximili - Elijah Wood
Aldrea - Willow Johnson (Kikyou in Inuyasha)
Alloran/Visser 3 - Christopher Lloyd
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I think Ax is my second fave, after Tobias. I love the total difference in human form vs his natural body. He's total warrior in his normal form, but so very funny as a human. He's also interesting because he presents a view of humanity from the outside, a non-human creature observing humans and giving some observations in some books. I really like that idea.


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