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Sub-Visser Seven strutted to meet the alien. He laughed cynically. “It wants to trade,” he said. “This strange creature wants to trade. So. What do you have to trade, alien?”
Neither Sub-Visser Seven nor Chapman had understood a word the other had said. And yet, they understood each other perfectly. Chapman kept his hands raised and made a human smile. Then, very slowly, he stepped back into the shadowed interior of the ship. And when he reappeared, he was shoving someone before him. It was Loren. She was bound with wire. Chapman pushed her viciously. She fell to the ground before Sub-Visser Seven.
“That's what I have to trade,” Chapman said. “A whole planet full of. . . that.”

We've had a few discussions about events from The Andalite Chronicles recently. One thing I'm interested in is the difference between Chapman in this book versus #2/the rest of the series. What do you think caused the change from the guy we see here, who's willing to give up his entire species/planet to be on what he thinks will be the winning side, to the guy we see in #2, who fights to save his daughter? Is it just personal (his daughter vs. billions of strangers) or is there more to it? Or do you think the Ellimist or the Time Matrix had a hand in the change, since there's a lot of tangled threads resulting from that interference?

Is it really Elfangor's fault that Alloran became the Abomination--and what do you think of his choice not to kill thousands of Yeerks versus Jake's opposite decision in the final book, and the consequences related to both?

Most importantly, if you found a yellow Mustang on an alien ship, would you give it a whirl?

Of course, there's a lot more to unpack from this particular book; if you want to talk about something not brought up here, feel free.

For an in-depth look at the book, check out That Other Animorphs Review Blog. It's got a good refresher for those of you who haven't had time to crack open the book.

Next Time: #14 The Unknown
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So, what happened in the timeline Elfangor created by breaking time accidentally? There is no Aximili. Why not? Why wouldn't their parents have been more inclined to produce more offspring, rather than less? Were they no longer allowed because Elfangor had gone missing and the Andalite government thought he was somehow defective? Did Elfangor's parents give up after losing their first son?

What is the actual sequence of events? Elfangor is born; Elfangor is the equivalent a young teen when his parents decide to make like Sims and Try For Baby; Elfangor shows up out of nowhere shortly thereafter, full-grown?

What is the sequence of events in the fixed timeline? The fixed version of the timeline makes much less sense than the so-called broken one. We know that fixed-timeline!Elfangor sired a child in human morph, and wrote a will under the name Alan Fangor. And yet the person copulating with the child's mother is not Elfangor. I... don't understand this bit at all. Did Loren never actually have an alternate husband? And when was Elfangor an aristh? Did he visit the Taxxon Homeworld with Arbron? Was he the same age as he was when it happened in The Andalite Chronicles? Judging by the Yeerk records of events, my current theory is that the sequence of events is thus: first, Elfangor is born, grows up, and becomes an aristh as a young teen; second, time dissolves into a fuzzy-wuzzy timey-wimey ball; third, Arbron is trapped in morph, Tobias exists, and Elfangor is an adult. I doubt any cause and effect links these events at all.

What would have happened in a timeline that was never fixed because it wasn't broken? What if there had been no Time Matrix, or what if it had not been uncovered by the Skrit Na? Would Elfangor and Loren have died in space? What about Esplin and Alloran? Presumably, Tobias would not exist; would the Animorphs have come together? Would Aximili have been born? Would he have been on the ship and found himself on Earth? Would Earth have simply been lost?

I would love to read AU fanfiction about this.
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So I've been trying to piece together Loren's timeline for a fic I'm working on, and I've realized it's ridiculously complicated and self-contradictory. I've done my level best to string it together, and I've decided to share it with all of you so you can comment with any corrections, or use it for your own Loren fics (because there is never enough Loren fic.)

Loren's Objective Timeline (as it actually happened):

1969: The Andalite-Yeerk war begins (according to dates in The Hork-Bajir Chronicles)

1974: Loren is abducted by Skrit Na and has adventures with Elfangor (5 years after the beginning of the war according to Elfangor in the Andalite Chronicles)

1979: Through the handwavium of the Time Matrix, Elfangor and Loren appear on Earth. Loren appears eighteen as she should be, because of weird aging effects of the Time Matrix mini-universe, but no one remembers she was gone. (The Andalite Chronicles)*

1982: Tobias is conceived. Elfangor is whisked away from Earth and Loren's memories and timeline are altered.

1985: Loren gets in a car accident and loses her vision and her memory. Tobias goes to live with his aunt and uncle. (Estimated based on Loren's memory of Tobias: "They brought a little boy to me after the accident. A baby really." To be described that way - first as a little boy, then corrected to baby - indicates developmentally that Tobias was somewhere between 2 and a half and 3. This fits Tobias having no memory of her, as most people remember nothing before age 4.)

2000: Tobias gives Loren the morphing power and whisks her away to the Hork-Bajir valley (year estimated in this Wiki article)

Loren's Subjective Timeline (as she knows it):

1979 - 1982: Loren marries Tobias' fake dad, who Tobias believes to be his dad until #23, though on second thought they may not have been married (Tobias' fake dad is discussed at the end of the Andalite Chronicles and in #23 by DeGroot)

1982: Tobias is conceived. Presumably according to Loren's memory and everyone else's, fake dad is the father, but via Ellimist timey-wimeyness and laser-guided amnesia, Elfangor is the father.

1982 - 1985: Tobias' fake dad dies. No indication of whether this was in the same accident that disabled Loren or if it happened earlier than that. (Tobias says his fake dad is dead in #23 The Pretender, and Loren's story in #49 indicates that Tobias' dad was dead by the time she was recovered enough from the accident to form memories)

1985: Car accident

2000: Loren meets Tobias

*Thanks to everyone in this comment thread for clarifying this point
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I'm trying to find a large / hi resolution image of the cover of The Andalite Chronicles, but so far everything I've been able to find is either really small or low quality. Does anyone have a link to a large hi-res version? Failing that, would anyone with a copy of the book be able to scan one for me? (Sadly my copy's still in another state, which makes scanning it somewhat difficult...)
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And now, my epic five-part, nearly fifty minute look at The Andalite Chronicles. It's like "The Phantom Menace," only it doesn't suck.
Read more... )
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Ok now we're up to TAC, instead of last week like i originally thought lol.

I don't have time to transcribe the back cover blurb, but it's the story of what came before the Animorphs. The story of Elfangor's Hirac Delest, his final statement.  It also tells us about Alloran's background to a point, and a little more about Visser Three.

What were the things people were discussing about the timeline in this one in relation to other books?

Are we still debating whether we're dealing with the same Chapman here?

I'm anxious to hear everyone's thoughts on this one in general.

Next week is The Unknown
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Was anyone else aware that The Andalite Chronicles was also released as three seperate books? I came accross it in the computer catalog, or the second one anyway. Alloran's choice. Amazon has only Elfangor's Journey available, Alloran's Choice is unavailable I think and An Alien Dies isn't listed.

Bigger question: What were the covers like? Anyone got scans? And were any other Chronicles books released that way?
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We're discussing the first of the four chronicles books this week, The Andalite Chronicles. It tells some of the backstory that happened before the Yeerks came to Earth Animorphs got their power. We meet Elfangor as a young Aristh, and another Aristh named Arbon who we'll meet again later. We also meet War-Prince Alloran and the future Visser Three.

A couple good prompts might be Arbron's thoughts after getting trapped in morph (how exactly did it happen? I can't find it in the book) or Elfangor's thoughts after he saw what happened to Alloran. Anyone got any more?

I can't come up with any good questions...anyone else have any? Oh yeah...someone said they didnt think the Chronicles books were as good as they could have been. Want to elaborate on that? I forget who it was though.

Hopefully our regular poster will return next week, as he said he'd be gone two weeks. (she?) And we'll be discussing The Unknown, book 14
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Since I'm home for the summer and have access to the books again (yay!), I decided to reread The Andalite Chronicles. I don't know if it was because it's been months since I last read it, or if my emotions were lying in wait, but at the end of the book I lost it and ended up crying like a baby. Maybe it's just a testament to how great these books are, that they can still have that effect.

So, I was thinking: what moments in the series sort of "snuck up" and impacted you more than you had expected? What scenes have always stuck with you over time?
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Okay, so in the Andalite Chronicles, why did the end of the second part not fit into the third part? At the end of the second, they're being attacked by one of the energy eating asteroids, but in the start of the third, they're falling into a black hole that wasn't there before.

Was that just a mistake, or did I miss something?

Also, were all three books in the Andalite Chronicles published separately, or just the first two? I've heard of people being unable to find An Alien Dies, buy being unwilling to buy the whole thing because they already had the first two. I also found the first two at a second hand bookshop, but not the third.
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Okay, i just noticed this last night, and its seriously bothering me. After the prologue of the Andalite Chronicles, which is set when Elfangor is dying, it says "Twenty one years earlier". Okay. The whole adventure lasts, like, a week, then elfangor and loren go back to earth, and it says "3 years later" and at the point elfangor is taken away, and loren has just become pregnant with tobias. That makes 18 years before elfangor dies. Tobias is 13 when elfangor dies. hmm. loren had one looong pregnancy. when the time matrix thing caused loren to age, it didnt mean that those years were actually going by did it? if it did, then the years would match up, but i thought that only loren and elfangor aged, not time itself. Any opinions?


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