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Well guys, it's been a hell of a ride.

You can watch the FINALE of the Opinionated Animorphs Book Guide in three (long) parts below the cut!

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I recently stumbled across that open letter that Katherine Applegate wrote to the Ani-fans after #54. In that letter she explained why she ended the series that way and that life isn't full of happy endings either. And I totally get that. But I gotta say I STILL don't like the ending. And it's not the fact that Jake got serious PTSD that bothers me. Or that Rachel died. Or that Jake and Cassie broke up. Or that Tobias turned away from humanity completely. I was more or less okay with all those things. I liked that the aftermath of the war was palpable through the different ways the characters dealt with what had happened. It was painful but it was... real.

But what I have a serious problem with, is the whole "The One" business and the open ending. A completely new and unknown villain and a sucicidal mission? Was that really necessary? And what exactly had happened to Ax? That was so bizarre. If I remember correctly he got swallowed by something?

Another thing that didn't make sense to me was the total lack of Loren. Why didn't they at least mention her? That seemed odd to me. First they make a big deal out of her reunion with Tobias and then she isn't even mentioned in the last book? That's sad. And it's not like she was only Tobias's mother. She was also Elfangor's One True Love. She shouldn't have just disappeared. Or at least they should have given us an explanation for her disappearance.

Anyways, I'd much rather the last book ended after we found out how everyone was doing, several years after the war. That would have been enough for me. This whole "The One" stuff kinda ruined the ending for me.
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Whew. I just finished reading the last of the 62 Animorphs books in less than 2 months! I'd never read beyond possibly book 35 or 36. Now that I am finished, I can ask a question about The One. )

Anyways, I'm glad you guys have seemed to enjoy my posts in the last couple of days. I doubt I will post much after this, but thanks for welcoming me and participating in these discussion and keeping this fandom alive!
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I'm new here, so I apologize in advance if I make any mistakes. If I do then please just let me know and I will fix anything that requires it. Thank you in advance. ^_^

Spoilers for books 26 and 54 follow.

Spoilers for book 26 and the end of the series )

So, now I've rambled long enough and probably bored you all to tears, but I'd love to hear your guys thoughts on the matter, if anyone would be willing to share them. I'm probably totally off base, but I've been rereading the series recently and this has been bugging me, so I wanted to get my thoughts out.

Thank you for your patience! ^_^
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So I finally finished Mockingjay the other day...I remember reading a F!S a while back (when I still read them, lol) that claimed The Hunger Games trilogy was just like Animorphs--which is still kind of a ridiculous claim, but I admit that with this comparison on the mind as I finished this last book, I did see several parallels between both series in terms of events, themes, moral quandaries, gritty realism, etc--all of which just show why both series are memorable and a cut above the average YA series...I wrote a short meta about the parallels (especially between Katniss and Jake) if anyone is interested. MAJOR spoilers for Mockingjay and the last Animorphs book, #54, ensue:

Follow the Fake Cut...

I definitely think that I was not quite as outraged as some other THG fans over the end, lol, since controversial and sad series endings are old hat for Animorphs fans...;)
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...and how their homework was suffering as a result...when exactly did they write down their stories?

I think we've touched on this topic before, in one of the character discussions or something, but it's something that's irked me again as I'm rereading the ending arc and I thought perhaps we could go a bit deeper.

So let's get all Inception up in here.... )
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So here we are, the very last book in the series. It picks up from where 53 left off and covers the death f Rachel, the Yeerk surrender, and the aftermath of the war. I know we were just talking about it a few posts ago. The aftermath, that is.

I know KAA's reasoning, but I still don't like the decision for them to go out with a cliffhanger. I didn't like it on Angel and I don't like it here lol

I'm kinda sad the re-read part is over, but I will put up character discussions in this slot each week.
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i can't find book 54 and the internet isn't helping so can someone please answer this for me?

in 54 jake ended up buying a house, right? was it a mansion? was it located by marco? were they on the beach? thanks!
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This of course is the final book in the series. The Animorphs make their final stand, force the Yeerks into surrender, and we learn of their lives after the war ends.One of the team pays with her life and the others become world famous. Then we're left with a cliffhanger ending.  I don't know if anyone actually liked this book but a lot of fans didn't like it.

I'll skip over the question about Jake dumping the pool ship because I asked it already. Although if anyone wants to talk, feel free. Does anyone have any remarks about the Chee reaction to the incident? Was it right to leave them alone and not reveal them to everyone?

Was Rachel the right choice to die? Or should it have been someone else? I had an idea about Jake dying while saving Tom, but I don't know *shrug*

How about the way things went in the aftermath? Was it written well enough? Obviously you don't come out of a war unscathed but was this the right path for Applegate to take?

If you could rewrite the final arc, how would you have the series wind down? Or even if you could just rewite this book what would you have happen? Or if you could pick up from this ending and write more?

What are your feelings on Visser Three's attempt to attack Jake's credibility during the trial?

Would the Yeerks have tried to come back again? I somehow don't think they'd just nicely stay away from Earth.

The Yeerks with morphing power were forced to become nothlits. Do we know the fate of the morph capable human ex-controllers?

I can imagine the boom in the psychiatry and psychology buisness with all the ex-controllers and maybe yeerks too who'd need therapy lol.

Not to mention the Hork-Bajir. I wonder if people would be okay with them or start poaching them like someone did Arbron. Any Andalites out of morph would need to watch too. You would certainly have some anti-alien freaks who'd want them all gone.

I suspect the Andalites thought we were too dangerous to share military technology with.  I wonder what the eventual implications of the zspace technology would be.

The cliffhanger,right or wrong?

A couple post series things:

What did you like least and most about the series?

Favorite and least fave books? (did we do that already?)

Anything that didn't happen that you wish would have?

I guess next week we go back to when it all began, to the night when five kids' lives changed forever.  We start over with The Invasion.
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I just posted a rather rambling reaction to the last Animorphs book at my journal. Feel free to read or not. What I'm most interested in, at this point, is what theories people have about the cliffhanger ending. Also, if anyone has read any particular good fanfic about that, I'd love some links.

Discuss away, people.
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I first read Book 54 years back when I was... a lot younger. At the time, while I didn't understand why so many fans hated it, I was left a little unsatisfied. I still liked it overall, though.

Well, I just re-read it for the first time several days back and I gotta say... I frickin' adored it this time around. Absolutely loved it. Read more... )
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I just finished re-reading the whole Animorphs series again. #54 spoilers )
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It has been a while since I've read book # 54, but does anyone know why Jake commanded his ship to ram the other ship? I know he said something to Marco about making a crazy and possibly deadly decision, but does anyone know what his logic was behind it? Also, do you think they could've survived ramming it or did K.A. sort of go on a "Just kill them all and get it over with" thing and they would've all probably ended up dead (I know it's a cliff-hanger, but do you think they could've survived the collision)?
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Okay, so here's a question. This is just something I never really understood-maybe I'm just a little bit slow ;).
But what exactly happened to Ax at the end? I mean, I know when Jake and Marco and those other people found him at the end, and he had been warped somehow...something with a mouth...I don't get it, exactly. I can't figure out what happened to him, and it's really been niggling at me.
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I know that #54 is kind of a touchy book for some people, but one thing bugged me. I mean, even more than the obvious stuff. )


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