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The beginning of the end.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut!

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...and how their homework was suffering as a result...when exactly did they write down their stories?

I think we've touched on this topic before, in one of the character discussions or something, but it's something that's irked me again as I'm rereading the ending arc and I thought perhaps we could go a bit deeper.

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The Animorphs make their final push, knowing they have to end the war as soon as possible. They get help from a surprising place-rebel Taxxons led by Arbron. The group is betrayed by Tom, but puts on a show to decieve the Yeerks, with Tobias morphing Taxxon and pretending to eat Erek's Cassie hologram. They then attack the Yeerk mothership, where we get the draining of the 17,000 Yeerks. All along, Erek disapproves of Jake's actions.

This is the one with the Jake proposal to Cassie. Wiki says it's also the one that kills all the auxilaries. And it's the one that was originally going to be a Chronicles book, and the first one since the mid-30s actually written by KAA.
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The subtle invasion is over. Hoards of Yeerk reinforcements are landing on Earth every day, and Visser One is constructing an enormous new Yeerk pool by blasting giant holes in the ground‹obliterating whatever gets in the way. The Animorphs¹ plan to enlist the help of the U.S. military has failed. Now, Jake and the others find themselves trapped in what will soon be the new Yeerk pool. There is no way out . . . unless help comes from the most unexpected form. The Taxxons.

Someone said they felt Jake made a bad choice in this one. Which choice did you mean? What would've been a better option?

This book was leftover plot material from a failed Taxxon Chronicles book. Do you think the plot could've been a bit better? Obviously some of you do lol

Did you ever think Taxxons had enough smarts to decide to rebel? And my big question,how come they never did it earlier? I guess Arbron could have inspired it in what's now his people.

This is basically the last book with a lot of war plot since 54 only has a little in the beginning before the whole aftermath thing.

Prompt: Last Stand

Waaaah, next week it's all over. Book 54.


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