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The Yeerks have declared open war and have begun herding people into the Yeerk Pool by the hundreds. The Animorphs are fighting and falling apart. Ax is given secret orders from his people. There's no joke in the description this time, this is some serious shit!

You can watch it in two parts below the cut!

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The Yeerks are undertaking a big underground construction project involving the subways,and they're scaring people into them. The Animorphs know they're trying to enable a much bigger scale of infestation. They decide they have to do what they have avoided until now: blow up the Yeerk pool.

Meanwhile, Ax is nursing a hatred of Cassie after learning of her actions with the cube. And, his superiors have told him that the Andalite fleet isn't coming. They want Earth to be taken over so they can concentrate the Yeerks there and then quarantine the planet. Ax is ordered not to allow the pool blow-up,and he must decide where his loyalties truly lie.
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The war between the Yeerks and Animorphs is still raging. There are no more secrets-but there are plenty of lies. The kids are fighting harder than they ever thought they could. And they're about to make the biggest decision they've ever had to. A decision that may eventually break them all.
Ax and the Animorphs have known that the ultimate destruction of the Yeerk Pool will give them a huge chance to take back Earth. And they've figured out a way to do it. But there's no way to destroy the Yeerk pool without destroying the everyone else that may be there. And there's no time to think about it. There's only yes or no.

I'm not sure about questions for this one but I have a feeling it's going to generate a lot of talk about Cassie and Ax. What do you think about the Andalite high command's orders to him? What do you think about the hatred he feels for Cassie and how it dies away in the end?

We see again the compromise that had to be made to blow up the pool. I always am fascinated by how that stuff progressed from the early books.

I noticed the comment about the governor being taken away. That had to be a bit demoralizing for them.

if I can think of more tomorrow when I'm not tired, I'll drop in and post it.

Prompt: Test of loyalities

Next week: The Answer and Arbron
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Not sure if this has been raised before, but, seeing as I've finally, finally completed my Animorphs collection (#52 was the last one), I can talk about these books.

Anyhoo, in the beginning of The Sacrifice, Ax lets a Yeerk-falcon go while him, Rachel and James were fighting in the subway. The Yeerk pleads at him to let him go, so he can be a nothlit and free from the Kandrona and the war.

However, I think Ax's actions were morally questionable. Yes, he sacrifices causing a certain death of another soldier against them, and the Yeerk could have possibly been lying, and just morphed out in those last five minutes.

But, I'm presuming that this Yeerk had morphed to falcon from human? By Ax letting the Yeerk go, he had doomed this human to be controlled by this Yeerk 'til the end of the falcon's life. Imprisoned with no way out.

So, why did Ax let the Yeerk go? Did he not think of the human controller?

If the Yeerk had morphed to falcon from it's natural form, then, yes, Ax's actions were justified and merciful. If not, they could be considered thoughtless and cruel.

Does anyone agree whether Ax did the right thing? Or not?


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