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It's time to tell the government about the Yeerk invasion, so Marco, Tobias and Ax go to meet the governor. The problem is, they don't know the governor's name. Or her chromosomes.

You can watch in in two parts below the cut!

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The Yeerks are leaving secrecy behind and going more all out. Even with the Auxiliaries, the group decides it's time to bring in some bigger help. They need to get word out to adults. They decide to go see the governor of their state, hoping he/she isn't a controller. But this being Animorphs, the trip isn't completely smooth.

This is another one with a cross-gender morph, Marco and the governor.

Why the heck didn't they acquire ducks a lot sooner? They could have saved a lot of trouble back in the Joe-Bob Brentwood book (The Warning?) if they'd had the duck morphs then.

I definitely understand now the fictionalizing of the governor...no need to open any political worm cans along the way.

This is also the book that got us talking before about the specifics of controller morphing, like how it would work with Yeerks in the heads of the humans and all that stuff.

This is the book with the Yeerk falcon and...who was it that let the controller go? Only to have him die just afterward.

This is the first of the books with the new back cover blurb and the first of the 'countdown' books. 'three books left'.

Wiki says this is the first intentional taking of a human life, but I think it's more accurate maybe to say it's the first use of a weapon to take a human life. because haven't they killed controllers before? Or not intentionally, just accidentally?
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The Yeerks aren't playing around anymore. They are no longer hiding behind a 'silent' invasion. And one of the first steps they've initiated is to take over the National Guard to prepare for an all out war against humanity. An all out war against Earth.
Marco, the other Animorphs and Ax, couldn't be less prepared for the news. Because they know the Yeerks are onto them and now they're in hiding. Things are falling apart, and for once, Jake may not be able to make the decision that will save them.

The first countdown book, with the changed back cover blurb.

Do you have a preference for which dynamic you like better, morphing Yeerks or non-morphing? Secrecy or all out war?

Why did the Yeerks still want to take over anyway if they could morph now? I've never gotten that.

The beginning is kinda fun, with Marco and Tobias in the tank.

I wish this had been written a couple years later, it would have been soooo fun.



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