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Time is up for the Animorphs, but before they can do anything, a figure from Tobias' past returns. Also: Ax the Juvenile Delinquent.

You can watch it in two parts below the cut:

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So I've been trying to piece together Loren's timeline for a fic I'm working on, and I've realized it's ridiculously complicated and self-contradictory. I've done my level best to string it together, and I've decided to share it with all of you so you can comment with any corrections, or use it for your own Loren fics (because there is never enough Loren fic.)

Loren's Objective Timeline (as it actually happened):

1969: The Andalite-Yeerk war begins (according to dates in The Hork-Bajir Chronicles)

1974: Loren is abducted by Skrit Na and has adventures with Elfangor (5 years after the beginning of the war according to Elfangor in the Andalite Chronicles)

1979: Through the handwavium of the Time Matrix, Elfangor and Loren appear on Earth. Loren appears eighteen as she should be, because of weird aging effects of the Time Matrix mini-universe, but no one remembers she was gone. (The Andalite Chronicles)*

1982: Tobias is conceived. Elfangor is whisked away from Earth and Loren's memories and timeline are altered.

1985: Loren gets in a car accident and loses her vision and her memory. Tobias goes to live with his aunt and uncle. (Estimated based on Loren's memory of Tobias: "They brought a little boy to me after the accident. A baby really." To be described that way - first as a little boy, then corrected to baby - indicates developmentally that Tobias was somewhere between 2 and a half and 3. This fits Tobias having no memory of her, as most people remember nothing before age 4.)

2000: Tobias gives Loren the morphing power and whisks her away to the Hork-Bajir valley (year estimated in this Wiki article)

Loren's Subjective Timeline (as she knows it):

1979 - 1982: Loren marries Tobias' fake dad, who Tobias believes to be his dad until #23, though on second thought they may not have been married (Tobias' fake dad is discussed at the end of the Andalite Chronicles and in #23 by DeGroot)

1982: Tobias is conceived. Presumably according to Loren's memory and everyone else's, fake dad is the father, but via Ellimist timey-wimeyness and laser-guided amnesia, Elfangor is the father.

1982 - 1985: Tobias' fake dad dies. No indication of whether this was in the same accident that disabled Loren or if it happened earlier than that. (Tobias says his fake dad is dead in #23 The Pretender, and Loren's story in #49 indicates that Tobias' dad was dead by the time she was recovered enough from the accident to form memories)

1985: Car accident

2000: Loren meets Tobias

*Thanks to everyone in this comment thread for clarifying this point
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The Animorphs have their biggest problem yet. The Yeerks know they're human. They decide together that it's time to tell their parents and get them to safety. They manage with Cassie and Rachel, but it's too late for Jake's family. Tobias, meanwhile, has found his mother and is intent on helping her.

This one came too late. I agree with whoever said that the Yeerks should have found out the secret a lot earlier than they did.

What do you think about Jake's parents getting infested? I hated that they couldn't at least get Tom out. I do think that there was an intent to show more of the progress of how hard being leader is getting for Jake...which sorta comes to more of a head next book.

Any thoughts about Loren?

This book has the aforementioned Wheel of Fortune flub, buying a vowel at the wrong time. And why the heck is Mr. King thought-speaking at the end of the scene at the table? I think that's another screw up.

One thing to like is the famous quote when Cassie tells her mom to stop playing with Ax's butt lol I also like the stuff with Rachel's mom and the Hork-Bajir.
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The Yeerks are finally starting to realise that the "Andalite bandits" are probably not aliens at all. They're finally starting to realiaez that maybe they've been dealing with humans all along. And no one, especially the newly appointed Visser One is happy with this knowledge. Not happy at all.

When Tobias, the other Animorphs and Ax realize that the Yeerks are about to find them, it's by accident. But that doesn't make the discovery any less serious. Because in a war, one side wins and one side loses...

I like parts of this one. Cassie telling her mom not to touch Ax's butt. Rachel's sister thinking Ax is a Pokemon. Rachel's mom getting conscripted by the Hork Bajir to help with their constitution.

Should the Yeerks have noticed something wierd a long time before now or no? I mean since they only ever saw one Andalite among the Earth animal morphs. The same Andalite. (We know they'd use earth animals either way because they're better to fight with)

Thoughts about Tobias and his mother? I thought the Ellimist only removed the memory of Elfangor, not TObias. Was that part from the accident? I can kinda see why Tobias defied Jake and went after her despite feeling abandoned by her.

Jake's beginning to doubt himself and crack is definately realistic...even adults in a war do it at times. I still wish he'd have gotten Tom out if not his parents but I don't want to elaborate until later, so as not to go anymore into the future than need be.

Was Jake's decision to morph in full view of his parents smart?

I wonder how it would have been if the reactions of the parents had been different...they're lucky they took it as well as they did despite being freaked to a point.

Prompt...how about 'Secrets revealed'?

I'm excited about next week, I have lots of good questions to ask and a little tidbit I picked up that I'm not sure how many people know about. It's Time for the Auxiliary Animorphs.
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"Amazing." Cassie's mom reached out and ran her hand across the blue fur on Ax's rump.

"Mom!" Cassie snatched her mother's hand away. "Would you play with Jake's butt?"

"Of course not!"

"Then quit playing with Ax's!"

-page 83 of The Diversion

Little girl giggles erupted from the living room.

< I have already made sure, Prince Jake. They think I am a "pokey man." I have told them I am an Andalite and am actually quite swift, but they insist they need to train me. >

-page 90 of The Diversion


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