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What happens when you cut an Animorphs book in half and put into a short story about the Civil War? Not much, actually.

You can watch the review in two pieces under the cut!

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The Yeerks have captured a free Hork-Bajir and are coming to attack the valley. The Animorphs decide to flood them out, but there's a problem: A group of campers is in the way, and conventional techniques of getting them to leave aren't working. So drastic action must be taken...

I find this one kind of fun, if a bit depressing in regards to having to leave the valley.

I remember someone saying they thought it might have gone better without the flashbacks in between parts. But I forget who it was.

I asked this before, but what do we think of the action taken with the campers? I'm not sure about my feelings about that part...I'm curious to hear thoughts on the whole storyline.
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The Animorphs and Ax have to make the most important decision they've ever had to make. Do they continue to fight the Yeerks in secret or is it time to let everyone know there is a resistance? That the Animorphs exist. And that Earth does stand a small chance against the invasion.
Jake knows that either choice is a major one. Not one that some kid should be responisble for. But he's getting tired of the pressure. So, even though he realizes the other Animorphs need him to be strong, he doesnt' feel that way. In fact, he feels just the opposite. And Jake knows if he starts to lose it, the Animorphs are done.

This is the book where Tobias thought speaks in his human morph I realize now. Also where we learn they're finally able to morph decent clothes.

I do like the parallel of the Civil War thing...you have the two wars being fought, and the two scenerios of different groups trying to work together to fight a longshot battle.

Do you agree with the decision to morph in front of the campers? I really want to know what would have happened had they not been Trekkies. Of course they still didn't grasp the gravity of the situation until it was too late to turn back.

There are parts of the Prime Directive that remind me of Seerow's Kindness btw.

SHould they have recruited more help sooner? I don't want to go into future books, but just curious. I know David made them wary.

hmm prompt...beating the odds

Next week someone from the past comes back. Even though they said he didn't.


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