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So after 2 years of repeatedly suggesting and sweet-talking our collection managers and directors, our library system FINALLY (!!!) has the first 7 Animorphs books! They're the "new" editions w/the trippy covers, but *shrug*. Anyways, this is my display sign for it: )
Let me know what you think!
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"The last time Rachel and her friends entered the giant Yeerk pool beneath their town things went very bad. This time they plan to be careful, and sneak in as roaches, just to spy. Once they’re inside, though, the team gets caught. But right as things are looking their most dire, everything stops. Everything. Then Rachel and the Animorphs hear a voice. It belongs to a very old, very powerful being, and it says it can save them. But if it does, the Earth will be defenseless."

Sorry this is so late guys, real life has been kinda seriously insane. But better late than never, so here's the re-read! No discussion questions this time, as I have run out. (Unless Scholastic has put up more and I just haven't noticed. Which is entirely possible.)
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Okay, Rachel and the other Animorphs have finally found a new enterance to the Yeerk Pool. They've even figured out a way to sneak in. The infamous roach morph. But they didn't count on roaches being a Taxxon delicacy. This time escape doesn't look so good.
...And then everything stops. Everything. The feasting Taxxons, the human-controllers, the hork-bajir. Time. Now Rachel, Cassie, Marco, Jake, Tobias and Ax are in for their wildest trip ever. They're going to decide whether to stay on Earth and fight the Yeerks. Or go to another planet. And the guy giving them the choice says he can save them. Now they all they have to do is make the choice...

I think The Choice would have been a better ititle for this one.

At first it was hard to figure out why the Ellimist offered them the escape  but he never intended to actually remove them, did he? It would have ruined his game with Crayak.  We do know that both times he used the time-stoppages to show them what he wanted them to see, the drop shaft and the building.

Of course, the alternate future isn't the same one from The Familiar for obvious reasons.  Rachel and Cassie weren't controllers there, only Marco, and Tobias was still alive. They thought Jake was a controller but he wasn't.

Not entirely relayed, but I have to wonder, how would the Yeerks use a morph-capable hawk anyway?

I just now noticed that the two books with future visions have opposing names...The Stranger and The Familiar. Is there a link there?

Rachel refers to the damage being known later...that's The Underground, I think.

I do notice we never do hear about Rachel's dad again after his visit in The Reaction. Or at least during the later stuff, I don't know if we do earlier. (is he in The Seperation? I think so.)

What do you think about Rachel's choice to stay  and fight rather than go with her dad and what it says about her? And what does it say about everyone that they wanted to go to the sanctuary and all said yes?

Of course there could have been an interesting subplot if she had gone with and found Yeerks where she moved to, and then somehow got pushed into coming back to fight...

Next week we do Megamorphs #1, judging by the promo in back of this book.
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Wikipedia Entry

Make a Choice


No questions today, but with this one does anyone really need it?

Note: I’m posting this from the airport. Sorry for it being late, although how many of these have been on time? X| Next week we will be reading MM1: The Andalite’s Gift, not #8 The Alien. Don’t forget!

- Common sense: be nice, be literate, be mature. If you can’t handle that, we’ll ask you to leave.

- Start on topic. If your conversation takes you into the land of ferrets and their evil quest to take over the world, run with it. But please at least start off talking about the book or subjects at hand.

- The questions and prompts are optional. Do not feel obliged to keep your comments only to what we have posted. They are a guide, a starting point, not a limitation.

- There is no time limit.

- Don’t delete your comments, unless it’s for the purpose of fixing typos.

- Keep your discussion to the current or previous books.


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