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Universal is developing an Animorphs movie and is looking for a director, apparently.

I have so many mixed feelings, but mostly I'm keeping expectations extremely low... I feel like it'd be extremely difficult to get things right and extremely easy to mess things up, but maybe we'll get some nice special effects at least... I dunno! It's interesting that someone involved with the TV series is on board, but I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, haha. XD

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There's a very nice article on Tor today about Animorphs. :3
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i was scrolling through the animorphs tag on tumblr and saw someone pasted an excerpt from an article someone posted only five days ago here. i was excited at first to see it mentioned in something so recently but i disagreed with most of the article - i personally didn't think what the kids were going through was a metaphor for anything - it was just a straight telling of the effects of war, if not in a larger than life, sci-fi setting. also i really didn't like how the article ended - these books have enough of a reputation as being stupid (granted yes there ARE a lot of questionable installments in the series but..!) without someone re-affirming that belief in an article. what do you guys make of it?


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