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So after 2 years of repeatedly suggesting and sweet-talking our collection managers and directors, our library system FINALLY (!!!) has the first 7 Animorphs books! They're the "new" editions w/the trippy covers, but *shrug*. Anyways, this is my display sign for it: )
Let me know what you think!
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In case you ever wondered what it must be like in bird morph, here's a glimpse!
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Couldn't see this without thinking of Tobias. Maybe that mouse was on a spy mission...

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Crocodile escaped from its cage on a plane bound for Melbourne, Qantas confirms.

(This is clearly what happens when Cassie's place in the Australia book is replaced by Collette the Auxiliary Animorph! Either that or Rachel had another allergic reaction.)
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...because this is either Rachel snarking at Marco or Marco snarking at Rachel. I can't decide which.

blue_rampion: Miranda Lotto laughs nervously while Lavi clutches at her in terror (Miranda and Lavi)
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"Alright Bird Boy, whoever loses this bet has to let the other ride on his back for an hour."

<We'll see about that.>

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Anifans, lend me your recommendations!

After many years of (not so) subtle hints, I've finally gotten my boyfriend slightly interested in reading Animorphs. However, he definitely doesn't have time to read the entire series all the way through (and I don't blame him, I'm not sure I would even recommend the entire series to someone our age).

So, I want to recommend to him a handful of specific books that he'd especially like. However, I already have a pretty good sense of which ones are really important to the story overall (the Chronicles, the non-filler books, the books with really central character development and plot points) so I wanted to ask something a little different.

The thing he's most interested in about this series is how the Animorphs handle the animal brain while in morph, and the conflicts that arise from that. So far his favorite character is Tobias, because he appreciates the struggle that Tobias has in reconciling his predatory animal instincts with his human side. I've already recommended #3 and #13 to him, and he was very interested in the way that Tobias finally accepted his existence as a hawk. Do you guys have any other recommendations of specific books that do this kind of thing a lot, especially with predatory animals? It doesn't have to just involve Tobias, but any really interesting human brain-animal brain conflict is what I'm looking for here.

Bonus points, of course, for books that have a lot of this AND are good and important to the plot for unrelated reasons.

Thanks in advance!
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Judging by the comments, some of you lovely Ani-fans have already seen this-- but as it's been mentioned before that not everyone follows [ profile] fandomsecrets, the Ani-love must be passed on back to the comm. ^_^

Image cut to not disturb anyone's feed... )
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I went to "Rise of the planet of the apes" last week (what a great movie!) and it made me wonder whether the Animorphs ever morphed into chimps? Does anybody remember?
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I'm just going to leave this here.
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I fail at bird identification, I know this is NOT a red-tailed hawk but IDK what is, but either way it reminded me of Tobias, so:

demotivational posters - OH YES I DI-ID.
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Someone linked to this in my Google Reader: Animal Face T-Shirts

It's really just animals, not anything to do with Animorphs, but the post that linked to them showcased the elephant, tiger, bear, and gorilla, so it caught my eye. =)
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Out of curiosity, how many of you guys have (or had) a pet named after an Animorphs character? I can't be the only one here who has a cat named Toby.
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You're supposed to try and blend in! You're gonna blow our cover!! *facepalm*

On a somewhat related note:

fashion fail - Kim Kardashian Trying To Look Like an Anime Character
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Their commentary was "cosplaying Animorphs?" Lol, it actually kind of works in that context...

And that got me to thinking...if you happened to look kinda like one of the kids, then partly-morphed WOULD be an awesome cosplay (instead of, you know, "some random kid from California that no one is going to get unless they're also a super-dedicated fan"). You could do darn near anything you wanted, since you wouldn't have to have a whole animal costume...

EDIT: Fixed the video code.
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...and go "so and so in morph!" or whatnot.

But this is the first time such a thing caught my eye. Marco in owl morph while everyone else is in bull morph, maybe? =)


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